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7 Understandable Reasons Why you will NOT GAIN Admission into DELSU

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7 Understandable Reasons Why you will NOT GAIN Admission into DELSU

There are so many reasons that can stop you from gaining admission into Delta State University, some of which are so minor that many students are currently overlooking.

Fortunately, you have found yourself a piece of gem that will not only expose you to the reasons why you will not gain admission into Delta State University but also how you can overcome them.

We know most of you have heard this already, but not from us. It’s that time of year again where special and exceptional candidates will be given a shot at admission into the prestigious Delta State University (Delsu) through their Delsu post utme exams.

Below is an article that will certainly guide you on how you can pass DELSU post UTME easily and also how you can easily gain Admission into Delta State University.

Despite the pandemic, there is still a glimmer of hope that schools, most especially tertiary institutions will resume later this year.

Forms are currently on sale and everyone is scampering to get them as soon as possible, but there is one obvious and certain fact.

What other Delsuites are currently reading:

Just because you got the form and beat the jamb cut off doesn’t hundred percent guarantee you of DELSU ADMISSION, that’s just a step in the stairway to admission into Delta State University.

If you know what we mean. Believe it or not, there are certain factors, conditions or whatever you’d like to call them, that can make an almost picture perfect admission sleep away from your grasp.

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Read closely and do not take for granted; below we will be discussing on a few reasons why most DELSU aspirants will not be admitted into Delta State University.

Reasons why Delsu will not Admit you

1. Low Results/Wrong o’level combination

This is the oldest reason in the book why any student will not gain admission into DELSU.

Delta State University is a very competitive school, we are sure you know that, by now. Even though it is a state owned school, it is still a widely chosen university by students in Nigeria due to their low school fees and academical excellence.

Hence, the great competition of more brilliant, intelligent and very well prepared Aspirants.

Delsu releases an annual Jamb Utme cut off mark that never goes below 170, and a post utme cut off mark for different course of study that is calculated using your already established Jamb Utme score.

It seems to be an obvious reason right? But here’s the tip we are sharing with you. Since you have now discovered that your delsu post utme score is calculated using your already established Jamb Utme score.

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Now you will be better prepared for Delsu Post utme exams, especially if your Jamb Utme result is low.

A higher Jamb utme score is sure to boost your delsu post utme result.

Here’s an article to teach you how you can calculate your delsu post utme result.

2. Wrong O’level Subject combination

It is very vital that all necessary enquires should be carried out about your course of study before you even apply for admission into DELSU in the first place.

You need to know how many credits you need, jamb subject combination/jamb cut off mark, if the course of study has been accredited by National Universities Commission and everything else about the course.

You will require a minimum of five o’level credits or sometimes three or four credits and a pass.
For any field of study, some of the possible jamb combinations are as follows:

  • English, Government, and two other social science subjects for Mass communication.
  • English, maths, accounting, economics for Business Administration.
  • English, maths, physics and one other science subject computer science.

Note that after passing your JAMB exam and WAEC you also need a high aggregate score, if it is below the required minimum score, you won’t gain admission into Delta State University.

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Do a thorough research on both the Jamb and O’level Subject combinations needed for your particular course of study before you begin your application process.

An updated list of all the courses, offered in Delsu can be found in the below article.

3. Misinformation

Information is power, but the wrong information is very disastrous. Powerful enough to stop you from getting admitted into Delta State University.

Take it from us that have burdened ourselves with the responsibility of sharing informations with the public.

There are so many groups on Facebook that are disbursing Delsu information to the general public, it’s very commendable but at the same time; very dangerous.

Admission into delta State University Many of these Facebook group administrators are not students of Delsu neither are they within Delta State. They just rebroadcast any news they can find online about delsu, which shouldn’t be the case.

If you are still in doubt of how dangerous this is, allow us sight an example for you.

Take for instance, Delsu Post utme Exam has been slated for the 5th of October but there was an old broadcast which says 15th.

Maybe a delsu Aspirant is in a group where this wrong information was shared, you and I know that, this is an automatic failure since delsu will not set another exam just for your sake.

We commend you for taking time to read this, now when trying to get admitted into a school, you need to get your hands on every but correct information possible because just one forgotten date, one wrong detail or missed appointment can destroy your chances of getting admitted in to Delta State University.

We once had a colleague, she told us about one of her neighbor’s child who wanted to attend a “non specified tertiary institution”.

According to our friend, the student was an exceptional student but what made him write his entry exam twice, you might ask ? wrong information.

The student was well prepared for the exam, his paper was stipulated for 10:00am. The day came he got to the school at 9:00am, upon entering the school gates he saw other students coming and going, he was hearing things like; 7:00am people just wrote at 9.30:am, this school and their disregard of time, slow system, failure to submit on time and so on.

Now instead of asking and getting the right information, he quickly adopted the notion that before he could write his, it would be like two hours or so after his scheduled time. So he hung back, doing some mental revision.

At about an hour plus after his scheduled time, he approached his hall and was greeted with the dumbfounding news that he was late.

It would seem the invigilator on ground was very cold, because the student pleaded for all he was worth but didn’t get a second chance.

After striking out he went home and we all know how it played out from there on.

Once bitten, twice shy; The following year he did not make the same mistake again.

My dear aspirants, If you are unsure or do not know something, please ask someone who does.

Do not miss out on a unique opportunity that most students can only dream about because you couldn’t ask questions.

Here are recommended Facebook groups to get the right information and also on time.

3. Misplaced Trust in back channels

By back channels, I am referring to foul play, bribery, greasing the palms – catch our drift?

When most candidates have hope that after failing or putting minimal efforts into their Delsu Post UTME exams, they will be able to buy their way into Delta State University.

We are not trying to climb a high horse or anything but any form of back doors is highly prohibited in Delta State University.

You could be spending the most part of your life in the four corners of a prison cell, we are yet to see anyone who can boast of gaining admission into Delsu with a back channel.

Dear potential delsuites, do not put your hopes on whatever connection you think you may have that will help you get admitted into Delsu.

Infact, you will likely be scammed by these hope givers first hand, before the Delta State University post utme exam day.

The only person who you can trust to get you admitted into Delta State University is your yourself and the God you serve.

So read like you have never prayed, and pray like you have never read.

4. Lack of preparation

You will most certainly find out, that most Delsu Aspirants are waiting for a week to delsu post utme exam date before they can start reading.

There’s a popular English proverb that says,

he who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Your planning here, lies in your preparation. Get as much Delsu Past Questions you can lay your hands on.

You can visit www.abrakamall.com to get a soft copy delsu past post utme exam questions at a very affordable price.

Please do not get scammed by all these online Facebook users that advertise Delsu past post utme for sale.

The below link will take you to the Delsu past post utme soft copy product on AbrakaMall.

We are currently working on creating a forum where we will be posting Delsu post utme questions and answers for absolutely free.

Kindly provide your email address in the subscription box immediately after this post. You will be the first to know as soon as we make a post on Delsu Past Post utme Past Questions and Answers.

5. University preference

Do you know that, not choosing Delsu as your first choice of university will not get you admitted?

Well, this is not a fact but we are yet to see any student who chose delsu as their second choice of university and got admitted.

There are rumors of numerous Universities that do not entertain second choice, we strongly believe Delta State University is one of them.

Although, it’s still not a proven fact.

Therefore, we advise you to always choose Delta State University as your first choice of University.

6. Student Rigidity

There are those who are hell bent on getting admitted into a particular field of study and do not care how many times they have to write to get it.

They decline their admission offers into Delta State University simply because they were not given their desired course.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the ‘can do’ attitude as much as you do but still you are not always going to have that opportunity to try again, there are people who wish for only just one opportunity and they will grab it with both hands and legs too; if possible.

The country is already too far gone and we try our best to succeed where we can, “if the door closes my friend, then get out through the window”.

Please note, we are not advising you to not follow your dreams, we are only asking you to keep an open mind; be flexible if you will.

If you had plans for medicine, law, anatomy or some other competitive course, you did not meet the aggregate and you are offered a course in something similar, then by all means go for it.

Everything happens for a reason.

7. False state of origin claim

You should already know by now that Delta State University is a state owned university and as a result, they offer indigenous students of Delta state a relatively low school tuition fee.

There are so many important informations that we are sure you have no idea about, therefore we made a particular article just for this purpose.

Read through the links below to have a better knowledge about Delta State University.

Let’s get back to the reasons why you may not be admitted into DELSU.

Falsifying your state of origin has always been an issue in state universities where indigenes get bursary and subsidised tuition.

Tertiary institutions like Lagos State University (LASU), Delta State University etc take this very seriously.

But come to think of it, why shouldn’t they?

Why should they accept a beginner fraudster into their system, Delsu is a very strict and uptight university.

Breaking of any laws can get you expelled even before you gain admission into the school. One special advice anyone can give to you about Delsu is that.

Do not break their laws, they are not a respecter of any student no matter who you think you are. Delta state University is sure to humble you.

with that said, your examinations are around the corner. Get your past questions, make research, put your phones away earlier than usual – unless you’re reaching out to us.

keep your head high, be daring! You will surely come out with flying colors.

Best of luck, you’ll need it. If we have some how added some form of value, kindly drop us a comment in the comment box below.

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