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Education is one of the key factors that bring growth and progress into society. But what does education ideally look like in the 21st century? What motivates people to engage in learning? And what is the possible impact of technology on learning and personal development?

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International and Regional Standards for Usability and User Experience

These courses allow your company to bring the basic knowledge of usability and UX design to a wide audience within…

Science & Technology

Use Your Own words And Pictures to Reinforce What You’re Learning

In texts, picture books, and movies as external image-based tools that support reading comprehension. Re is worth a thousand words:…

Science & Technology

Hour of Code 2022 on Academy: Four Ways to Learn to Code, in Five Languages!

We were thrilled to participate in the Hour of Code campaign and we had over 1 million students come to…

Science & Technology

Academy Introduces Something Big for Young People

Today we’re announcing something entirely new: an education program for designed to inspire lifelong learning. Academy is available now in…

Science & Technology

Exploring The Visual, Auditory and Physical Styles of Learning

Simply put, learning styles are the different ways in which a person intakes information. While there are multiple ways to…

Science & Technology

Highlights from our 2022 Academy Language Advocate Convention

David Barnett Analytics at Khan Academy Providing a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere is a lofty goal and one…

Science & Technology