How to Prepare a Personal Reading Time Table

How to prepare a personal Reading Time table is one of the many discussions, Students often have with themselves.

Your personal reading timetable is a cute little system of letting you know what to do and when to do it.

When to pick up a book and obviously when to drop your phone.

Unless you’re reading from your phone then you’re good to go.

There’s no perfect way of how you can prepare a personal reading timetable, you simply need to make it more organized than your current day to day routines are.

Allow me highlight some ways or rather, steps to prepare a personal Reading timetable for yourself.

Just take this as a helpful guide, something to help you get on track.

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How to Prepare a Personal Reading Timetable.

1. Timing:

Optimize time delsu

Consider an excellent time of day for your reading or studying.

Try to spend some time pondering about what is your current best time of the day for reading and other times when you will most likely do your best studying.

Ask yourself a few questions like;
Are you a morning kind of person or a night kind of person?

Thinking about all these, will help you do your best to schedule important time of the day or night to study.

Try not think about other responsibilities such as jobs, sports, chores exercise and so on at this point in time.

Just write down your best times as if you have nothing else to do or have plans for the day.


Questions what how when whereAfter you must have finished the first phase of preparing your personal reading timetable.

It’s now time to include your responsibilities, you must consider and record all responsibilities so that they will all be taken into account.

By pondering on all of this ahead of time, it will help you create a better, efficient and well working personal reading time table.

At this point, you should think about all of your responsibilities, your job, your chores, sports and exercise, in fact everything you do on a daily basis.

Also include other factors such as friend’s birthday parties (if you quite the social type ), major holidays, like perhaps the Independence, Valentine (that’s if this sort of thing really matters to you).

You will probably not be able to think of everything at a go, but that’s okay because you can add it in due time.


Night Reading Awoko

Under this phase you will need to aim for periods of study time that are fairly long, such as two to four hours in a day, or longer.

This depends on how long you can stay glued to your book and your attention span in general.

This will go a long way to help you get into the groove of studying and also help you to be more productive with your time.

Some students may claim not to have enough amount of time in a day to study.

But i think just because you don’t have a large chunk of time during the day to study doesn’t mean you can’t schedule one at night.

However, if you feel it will be better to schedule a period of 30 minutes here or two hours there, by all means, please do.

But remember that you will need to schedule more time for longer and more difficult courses.

You can also schedule some amount of time for particular courses and also some periods which you will need to tackle assignments.

Please keep in mind that a lot of things might change over time and some things you may have planned for, some weeks back may no longer apply the next week.


Personal Time Table

You may choose to create one timetable which you will observe for every week.

Or you may choose to do what I do and that is to create a different one for every week, that changes depending on the events of that week.

You can create all of your custom timetables at a go while looking at a calendar or choose to draft one weekly as the new week unfolds.

The choice is up to you to decide.

For a customized weekly timetable, you can start by inputting big assignments or tests and exams and make your way slowly backwards.

Your study schedule will need to change depending on what big assignments you may be up to.

Also, do not forget to take into consideration everything you thought about earlier in our step 2.

This includes all your regular commitments which you may need to pen down first, so that you can know where you can insert your study times.

If you are making a custom timetable, do not forget to also include some exceptions which we talked about earlier on such as periods for when you get all sappy for birthdays and so on.

5.Allow BREAKS

See breaks as more of reward to bounce back even better and refreshed.

Breaks are essential to every one’s success, be you a male or a female.

You’re not a mechanism, therefore you can’t work nonstop for hours on end.

Even robots get to break down once in a while if used up their max.

Anyway, you will probably do a lot better if you provide yourself with regular breaks from studying..

After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jane a boring girl.

Some study experts researched that if you work for 45 minutes every hour non stop, you should at most take a break of 10 to 15 minutes.

Then again there’s an aspect of individual difference, so experiment on yourself to find out what works best
for you.

6. Beautify your Personal reading time table.

Beautiful color markersTry to personalize your Personal reading time as much as you can.

Even it takes you to color and make few sketches on it, please do.

You’re going to be looking at this little genie of a program director a whole lot, so you might as well own it!

Applying Color codes to events and days will go a long way in helping to make your timetable easier to use and also easier on the eyes.

7. The GRID and TABLES

Personal Time Table

Why does this sounds to me like movie Tron (smiles), well back to the point, your timetable should be a chart consisting of the variables “date” and “time”.

If you are creating a timetable by hand on a paper, you have got to produce the grid yourself.

You can use your regular notebook paper or a blank paper such as the A4, A3 or A1. The choice is all yours.

Make sure to draw your lines with a ruler for a neat and classy look.

8. Make your Personal Reading Timetable Flexible.

You don’t have to focus on just one course for a reading session.

Studying completely different courses during a reading session can prolong your attention span.
Compared to just one course for a study session which may drain you of your energy.

However, you may need to modify your personal reading timetable as your tests or exam approaches, so you can devote your energy to that particular course that comes first.

Now everything I’ve been going on about might seem a little bit complicated but trust me it’s not .

If you follow these laid down guidelines, you will eventually come up with an excellent Reading timetable.

Kindly do me a favor and;

  • Abide by it: It will surely take some time of getting used to but keep abiding by it.
    Once it becomes part of your daily routine, you will adapt automatically and trust me, it’s going to be a huge help.
  • Do not over STRESS ABOUT IT: Remember it’s a system that tells you what you need to do at a particular point in time. Don’t get so worked up if you do not follow your personal reading time table down to the exact minute.
  • Revisit it: Understand what works for you and what doesn’t work. See how you can fix what doesn’t work out well for you and how to improve what is working for you..

You have already put in so much effort into preparing a personal reading timetable, so there’s no reason to give up just yet.

When a few simple amendments can make it a whole lot better.

Now its your turn, what is your view on how to prepare a personal reading timetable, is there something you think i may have missed, let me know in the comment box below.


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