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Department of Fine & Applied Arts in Delta State University (Student Guide)


Brief History of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts The department started in 1976 as a certificate awarding institution which metamorphosised twenty-nine years ago into the department of Fine and Applied Arts after the creation of Delta State in Nigeria.

Located in Site two and distributed into three distinctive areas on campus, it houses the following units: Ceramics, Graphics, Painting, Sculpture and Textile sections.

Art History and Art Education are conveniently domiciled within the Department. In addition over 70% of staff have doctorate degrees. Besides, staff development are the availability of infra structural facilities such as the Departmental Library, Bruce Onobrakpeya Art Gallery, Studios and Classrooms for Students.

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Other working equipments of international standards are contained within the studios. Offices are also available for staff. In terms of human resources, the department is known for scholars of national and international reputation. In deed, the taste of the pudding is in it’s eating.


Therefore, on behalf of all members of the departmental board of studies prospective students are welcome to our outstanding deparment. Thank you. Ag. HOD Ese Odokuma-Aboderin( PhD).

This programme is a professionally oriented one, which aims at producing middle level manpower for educational institutions, employers of labour and such institutions as cultural centres, vocational workshops and professional visual artists without design training.

The Delta State University’s academic policy provides for higher educational attainments where those who obtain excellent grades such as distinction or credit passes at the end of the one year course are eligible to be considered for admission into the degree programme of Fine Arts and Design, provided they fulfil the University’s admission requirements, i.e., five credits at the GCE, NECO, NABTEB or School Certificate Examinations.

In order to accommodate for this demands, the department decided to;

  • Review the programme in order to maintain its 4-year degree programme, instead of an extension into five{5}years.
  • Redistribute the courses arising from the implications of implementing the IT demands to maintain a total minimum of 30 credits for an academic year.

Review to meet with adequate preparation of student in their studio specializations providing for new introductory courses for the specialized fields.

The revision provides for new opportunities. First, inadequate course descriptions were updated in each studio specialization as new course codes were introduced to make for expansion of courses where the need arises. Above all, the courses are now repositioned to be in harmony with the graduate programme the department is currently running.


The programme is designed to cater for the interest of students offering a full four year BA Honours degree in Fine Arts and Design as both a single honours or double major in Education.

It is, however, concerned with the critical disciplines of the Fine Arts and design as it relates to aesthetics and functionality in all environments where it is practiced.



The Department of Fine Arts and Design was established to provide talented and highly motivated students with the theoretical, conceptual and technical skills needed to excel as professional artists and designers.

The aim is to produce graduates who are well positioned to meet the demands of a dynamic and changing society. The Department comprises a core of highly trained academics and professionals for the actualization of these goals.


  • To instil in the student a sound knowledge of the language of Fine Arts and Design in a changing society.
  • To reveal to the students through theoretical and practical methods the aesthetic values of art in a given society.
  • To promote graduates who are well positioned to meet the demands of a dynamic and changing society.


The Delta State University’s mission is to contribute to national development, self reliance and unity through the advancement and propagation of knowledge and to use such knowledge for service to the community and to humanity.

To this end, the Department of Fine Arts and Design shall be one of the leading departments in art and design education; in teaching and generating new knowledge through research and reinvestment of research to uplift humanity.

It aspires to achieve this by attracting a core of highly trained and motivated academics and students in order to provide creative solutions to demands of society.


The Department shall endeavour to attain a leading position in the University, the Niger Delta, Nigeria and in global contexts by developing creative solutions towards ideals for which creative impulses have always been instigated in human consciousness for the growth of cultures

The Department is committed to promote a well-rounded art and design education, which includes studio supplementary disciplines of art criticism/appreciation and art history to facilitate a hike in visual literacy among students and staff and the immediate locus of the university and beyond.

The Department’s commitment to art education includes providing talented and highly motivated students and staff with theoretical, conceptual and technical skills needed to excel as professional artists and designers who are able to cope with the demands of a dynamic and changing society.

The department is poised to compete with other disciplinary focuses in the University, relevant Government and non governmental agencies to bring about the integration of the town and gown for the purpose of uplifting the Department and the University as it persuades and offers alternative ways of appreciating cultural progress and advancements in human societies.


To be admitted into the degree programme, a candidate requires at least FIVE Ordinary Level (O/L) credit passes at the SSCE, GCE, NECO, NABTEB, or its equivalent examinations plus a pass in the JAMB examination.

Two of the five credits shall include English Language and Fine Arts/Visual Arts, Building Technology, Technical Drawing, Woodwork, Metal Construction, Fabrication and Design, Painting and Decoration and Art and Crafts.

A candidate may also be admitted with credit pass in the pre-degree programme (PFAD) in place of a credit in Fine art. In like manner, special consideration may be given to students seeking admission through intra university transfer to the department without O/L in Fine Art.


B.A. (Hons) FINE ARTS & DESIGN is structured into six (6) areas of specialization which are regarded as options. They include;

  • Art History
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics Design
  • Graphics and Communication Design
  • Textiles and Fashion Design

It is to be noted that at the end of the second year, and in consultation with the various staff advisers, a student shall be encouraged to specialize in one of the above mentioned disciplines.


The Pre-degree course in Fine Arts and Design is one of the programmes that is being run by the Department of Fine Arts and Design.

The programme is theory and practice-oriented. It is aimed at producing artists with appropriate skills for self reliance and whose services may be required in such areas of culture industry and resident artists and designers for the media industry, skills acquisition centres, States Council for Arts and Culture, professional and semi-professional bodies.

Students are required to do all courses as required to lay the foundation in the practice of art. Thus, they graduate as general practitioners with rudimentary knowledge in:

  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Graphic Design
  • Textile Design
  • Ceramics Design
  • Drawing
  • History of Art and Art Appreciation

A certificate course in Fine Arts and Design (FAD- with Distinction or Credit level) obtained by a candidate qualifies him/her for admission into the degree programme leading to the award of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and Design.

For this category of students the O/Level in Fine Art is not compulsory as the programme is made to compensate for the deficiency in Fine Art.

Everything you need to Know about Delta state University

Delsu update

Delta State University which is popularly known as DELSU, is one of the most prestigious state owned university in Nigeria.

Delsu currently operates a multiple campus system with three distinct campuses, which are about 200 km apart.

The University has its main Campus located at Abraka, Delta State and other campuses in Anwai-Asaba and Oleh which are still in the same state, Delta.

Delta State University is one of the 25 federal universities that is been controlled, overseen and accredited by the National Universities Commission.

As of the time of this post, the University offers a wide range of educational programs, ranging from full time certificate, degree and diploma programs to part time weekend and evening degree programs.

Delsu also offers post graduate studies up to doctorate level.

The University possesses a student/staff counselling centre, an e-learning centre, students and lecturers accommodation facilities, sporting complex and host of other amenities.indoor sport Delta state university

This unique university boasted of about 36,000 student population as at the 2007/2008 academical session.

Frequently Asked Questions about Delsu

We took our time to research about the frequently asked questions about Delsu and came up with a bunch of them.

What is the full meaning of Delsu?

Delsu is an abbreviation for Delta State university.

When was Delsu founded?

Delta state university was established in the year 1992.

What is the motto of Delta State University (Delsu)?

Delsu mottoKnowledge Character and Service.

What is the official website of Delta state university (Delsu)?

The university has two official websites which it uses to disperse information to the public. and offers every thing you need to know about the school such as weekly bulletins, library information, gallery, students admission status, etc.

While offers portal services such as, students and admin logins, printing of school fees receipt, replacement of Lost identity cards, result checking, printing of departmental courses, etc.

Does Delsu offer Scholarships?

Delta state university offers scholarships, bursary, grants and different awards. The University has a special scholarship plan and grants to various categories of students.

Is Delsu a federal or state University?

Delta state university is a state owned university, which is overseen and accredited by the National University Commission

Where is Delsu Located?

Delsu is located in Delta state, Nigeria. It has it’s main campus in Abraka and other campuses in Anwai-Asaba and Oleh.

The History of Delsu

delsu Delta state universityDelta State University(Delsu) was generally recorded as a center of Education.

It began as a Government Teacher’s Training college during the colonial period and a few years into the post colonial times.

Delsu became an educational college that awarded the Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE) from the year 1971 to 1985.

The University got affiliated with the University of Benin in the year 1981, and started offering degree programmes from 1981 till 1985.

Before it became the faculty of Education of the then Bendel State University with its main campus in Ekpoma.

The creation of Edo and Delta states in the year August 1991 and the conversion of the formerly known Bendel University Ekpoma, in December 1991 triggered the establishment of the independent Delta State University Abraka.

This move was carried out by the then Executive Governor of the state, Olorogun Felix Ibru on the 30th of April 1992.

Delta State University began with Five faculties at its early stage:Delsu Faculty of Art Complex

  •  Faculty of Education.
  • Faculty of Agriculture.
  • Faculty of Arts.
  • Faculty of Science.
  • Faculty of Social science.

In the year 1995, the State government enacted a policy which enabled the University to posses 3 campuses.Delsu Biology lab

These campuses were distributed within the 3 senatorial districts of Delta state.

As a result of this enacted policy, the main Campus was established in Abraka, and the other campuses were established in Anwai-Asaba and Oleh.

Delsu Campuses and Their Faculties.

Delta State University’s academical programmes/faculties are currently distributed among the Campuses below.

Delsu Abraka Campus

delsu faculty of scienceAbraka is an urhobo kingdom in Delta state, which has been made popular due to the fact that the main Campus of Delta state university (Delsu) is located there.

Faculties in Delsu Abraka Campus.

  • Faculty of Education
  •  Faculty of Art
  • Faculty of Social science
  •  Faculty of Pharmacy
  •  Faculty of Science

Delsu Anwai- Asaba Campus.

delta state university asaba anwaiAsaba is a city found in Delta state, which is located at the western edge of the Niger River.

It is a fast growing urban area which possesses one of the Delta state university’s campuses.

Faculties in Anwai-Asaba campus

  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Accountancy
  • Faculty of Environmental state university

Oleh Campus

Oleh, the headquarters of the Isoko south local government area is home to one of the Delta State University Campuses.

It was established as a result of the amended Edict in the year 1995

Facilities in Oleh Campus

  •  Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of EngineeringPhysics Lab Delta state university

Delsu Hostel Accommodation (Halls of Residence)

The state owned university offers a wide range of accommodation for both post graduate and undergraduate students.

These Halls of residence are distributed through out the various campuses.

Abraka Halls of Residence (hostel)

Male Accommodation

  • Abraka hall for males
  •  Canon Mason Hall for males
  •  Medical hostel

Female Accommodationdelta state university hostels accommodation

  • Council Hall .
  • Eco hall
  • Ethiope hall
  • Medical Hostel
  • NDDC Hall
  • Executive Hostel

Anwai halls of residence (hostel)

Male Accommodation

  • Council Hall

Female Accommodation

  • Asaba Hall
  • Niger Hall
  • NEEDS assessment hall

Delsu Oleh Halls of Residence (hostel)

Male accommodation

  •  Two government hostel
  • Brooklyn hall

Female Accommodation

  • Two Government Hostels
  • Isoko Development Venture hostel
  • Women Affairs Hall

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