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JAMB CBT Centres for UTME & DE Candidates in Nigeria 2024


JAMB CBT Centres for UTME & DE Candidates in Nigeria 2024

Did you know that over 2 million students sit for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams annually in Nigeria, which include a registration exercise, questions, university, and course?

With such a staggering number of test-takers, finding reliable and accredited JAMB Computer-Based Test (CBT) centres is crucial for both UTME and Direct Entry (DE) candidates.

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These designated centres provide a conducive environment for candidates to take their exams digitally, ensuring a smooth and efficient testing experience.

Whether you are preparing for the UTME or DE examinations, knowing the approved JAMB CBT centres across Nigeria is essential to avoid any last-minute hitches on exam day.

Table of Content

Overview of JAMB CBT Centres


JAMB CBT centres play a crucial role in facilitating a smooth and regulated registration process for UTME and DE candidates. These centres are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to ensure a seamless registration experience.

The primary purpose of these jamb registration centres is to provide candidates with a standardized environment for registering for their exams. By centralizing the registration process, JAMB can maintain consistency and accuracy in candidate information, reducing errors and discrepancies.


One key benefit of utilizing JAMB CBT Centres is the avoidance of registration irregularities. These accredited centres adhere to strict guidelines set by JAMB, minimizing the risk of fraudulent activities during the registration process.

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By registering at authorized JAMB CBT centres, candidates can have peace of mind knowing that their information is secure and that they are following the official procedures outlined by JAMB. This not only ensures fairness but also helps in maintaining the integrity of the examination system.

Essential Services

Apart from UTME/DE registration, JAMB CBT Centres offer various essential services to candidates. These services include practice sessions on computer-based testing (CBT) platforms, enabling students to familiarize themselves with the exam format beforehand.

Some jamb registration centres provide technical support to candidates during the registration process, helping them navigate any issues or challenges they may encounter. This personalized assistance can be invaluable in ensuring a smooth and stress-free registration experience for all applicants.

Full List of Approved CBT Centres in Nigeria

To find JAMB CBT centres for UTME & DE exams in Nigeria, access the comprehensive list online.

Click on your state link to view accredited centres available near you.

  1. Jamb CBT centres in Abia
  2. Jamb CBT centres in Adamawa
  3. Jamb CBT centres in Akwa Ibom
  4. Jamb CBT centres in Anambra
  5. Jamb CBT centres in Bauchi
  6. Jamb CBT centres in Bayelsa
  7. Jamb CBT centres in Benue
  8. Jamb CBT centres in Borno
  9. Jamb CBT centres in Cross River
  10. Jamb CBT centres in Delta
  11. Jamb CBT centres in Ebonyi
  12. Jamb CBT centres in Edo
  13. Jamb CBT centres in Ekiti
  14. Jamb CBT centres in Enugu
  15. Jamb CBT centres in Gombe
  16. Jamb CBT centres in Imo
  17. Jamb CBT centres in Jigawa
  18. Jamb CBT centres in Kaduna
  19. Jamb CBT centres in Kano
  20. Jamb CBT centres in Katsina
  21. Jamb CBT centres in Kebbi
  22. Jamb CBT centres in Kogi
  23. Jamb CBT centres in Kwara
  24. Jamb CBT centres in Lagos
  25. Jamb CBT centres in Nasarawa
  26. Jamb CBT centres in Niger
  27. Jamb CBT centres in Ogun
  28. Jamb CBT centres in Ondo
  29. Jamb CBT centres in Osun
  30. Jamb CBT centres in Oyo
  31. Jamb CBT centres in Plateau
  32. Jamb CBT centres in Rivers
  33. Jamb CBT centres in Sokoto
  34. Jamb CBT centres in Taraba
  35. Jamb CBT centres in Yobe
  36. Jamb CBT centres in Zamfara

Choosing a Centre

Candidates can easily locate and select a suitable CBT centre for their registration needs.

Consider factors like proximity, facilities, and past candidates’ experiences when choosing a centre.

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Compliance with Guidelines

Compliance with JAMB guidelines is crucial for a seamless registration experience. Candidates must ensure they meet all specified requirements to avoid any issues during the registration process.

JAMB CBT Centres Abroad

The availability of JAMB CBT Centres Abroad offers unparalleled convenience to foreign candidates by providing them with accessible registration options closer to their home countries. This not only reduces the need for extensive travel but also streamlines the registration process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Foreign candidates can now easily complete their JAMB registration at designated centers abroad without having to navigate complex procedures or face logistical challenges associated with registering from a different country. This initiative underscores JAMB’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and accessibility for all prospective students, regardless of their geographical location.

Full List of JAMB CBT Centres Abroad

Foreign candidates seeking to register for JAMB have the option of utilizing JAMB CBT Centres Abroad. These centers are established in eight foreign missions to cater specifically to non-Nigerian candidates.

The nine foreign missions where overseas candidates can register for JAMB include locations such as the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Ghana. This initiative aims to provide a seamless registration process for international students interested in pursuing higher education opportunities in Nigeria.

  1. Nigerian Embassy in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
  2. Nigerian High Commission Accra, Ghana
  3. Nigerian Embassy/permanent mission, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  4. Nigerian Consulate, Beau, Cameroun
  5. Nigerian Consulate, Cotonou, Benin Republic
  6. Nigerian Consulate Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  7. Nigerian Consulate, Johannesburg, South Africa
  8. Nigerian High Commission, London, United Kingdom
  9. Nigeria Embassy Berlin, Germany

Requirements for UTME and DE Registration

Mandatory Documents

To register for UTME or DE exams at JAMB CBT Centres in Nigeria, candidates must present valid identification, such as a national ID card, driver’s license, or international passport. They need to provide their O’Level result.

Registration Process

During the registration process at JAMB CBT Centres, candidates are required to pay the registration fee set by JAMB. The fee varies each year but typically falls within an affordable range for all students.

Requirements for UTME and DE Registration

Mandatory Documents

To register for UTME or DE exams at JAMB CBT Centres in Nigeria, candidates must present valid identification, such as a national ID card, driver’s license, or international passport. They need to provide their O’Level result.

Registration Process

During the registration process at JAMB CBT Centres, candidates are required to pay the registration fee set by JAMB. The fee varies each year but typically falls within an affordable range for all students.

Compliance with Guidelines

Compliance with JAMB guidelines is crucial for a seamless registration experience. Candidates must ensure they meet all specified requirements to avoid any issues during the registration process.

Steps to Register at Approved CBT Centres

Registration Process

To begin the registration process at approved JAMB CBT centres, candidates must first ensure they meet all the necessary requirements outlined in the previous section. Once confirmed, candidates can proceed as follows:

  1. Arrival: Candidates should arrive at their designated CBT centre on time with all required documents, including their unique profile code and payment evidence.

  2. Verification: Upon arrival, candidates will undergo a verification process to confirm their identity and eligibility for registration.

  3. Biometric Verification: Next, candidates will complete biometric verification to authenticate their identity using fingerprint scans.

  4. Data Capture: Candidates will then provide personal details such as name, date of birth, address, and other relevant information during the data capture stage.

  5. Subject Selection: After providing personal details, candidates will select the subjects they intend to sit for in the UTME or DE exams.

  6. Payment Confirmation: Candidates are required to make payment for registration either online or at designated bank branches before proceeding further.

  7. Printing of Slip: Upon successful completion of registration and payment confirmation, candidates can print out their examination slip containing vital details such as exam date, time, and venue.

Protocols and Instructions

During the registration process at JAMB-approved CBT centres, it is crucial for candidates to adhere to specific protocols:

  • Follow instructions provided by officials regarding document submission and data entry accurately.

  • Maintain decorum while waiting in line or during interactions with staff members.

  • Avoid any form of examination malpractice or fraudulent activities that may lead to disqualification.

Seamless Navigation Tips

To navigate through the registration process seamlessly:

  • Familiarize yourself with the steps beforehand by reviewing JAMB’s official guidelines.

  • Seek assistance from designated support staff if you encounter any challenges during registration.

  • Double-check all information provided before final submission to avoid errors that could impact your exam participation.

2024 Updates for JAMB CBT Registration

Enhanced Registration Process

JAMB has introduced new updates for the 2024 UTME/DE registration to enhance the experience for candidates. The registration process now features streamlined procedures aimed at reducing complexities and ensuring a smoother registration journey.

The modifications implemented by JAMB focus on simplifying the registration steps, making it more user-friendly. Candidates can expect a more intuitive interface when registering for the UTME/DE exams in 2024. These changes aim to improve efficiency and reduce potential errors during the registration process.

Important Deadlines and Key Dates

For the upcoming 2024 UTME/DE cycle, candidates need to be aware of key dates and deadlines set by JAMB. It is crucial to stay updated on these timelines to avoid missing out on essential registration activities.

  • Registration Commencement: Candidates should mark their calendars as JAMB will announce the official start date for registrations.

  • Deadline for Registration: To ensure a smooth process, candidates must complete their registrations before the specified deadline.

  • Examination Dates: Knowing when the examinations will take place allows candidates to plan their preparation effectively.

Simplified Document Submission

To further improve efficiency, JAMB has simplified the document submission process for UTME/DE registrations in 2024. Candidates are required to provide specific documents such as identification cards, academic records, and other relevant materials during registration.

The documentation requirements have been clearly outlined by JAMB to assist candidates in preparing all necessary paperwork beforehand. By ensuring that all required documents are readily available, candidates can expedite their registration process without any last-minute hassles.

Accreditation Process for JAMB CBT Centres

Criteria and Requirements

JAMB CBT centres in Nigeria must undergo a rigorous accreditation process to ensure adherence to set standards. To obtain accreditation, these centres must meet specific criteria and requirements outlined by JAMB. These include having adequate infrastructure, secure facilities, reliable power supply, and qualified personnel.

Centres seeking accreditation must demonstrate compliance with technical specifications provided by JAMB. This involves having up-to-date computer systems, internet connectivity, uninterrupted power backup systems like generators or inverters, and secure networking protocols to safeguard exam data. Centres are required to have CCTV surveillance for monitoring exam sessions.

Inspection and Evaluation

Before accrediting a centre, JAMB conducts thorough inspections and evaluations to assess the facility’s readiness to conduct examinations. Inspectors review the physical layout of the centre, including seating arrangements that prevent candidates from cheating or communicating during exams. They also verify the availability of necessary amenities such as restrooms and waiting areas.

During evaluations, inspectors test the functionality of computer systems used for exams. They check for software compatibility issues, internet speed reliability, system security measures against hacking or tampering attempts during exams. Any shortcomings identified during inspections must be rectified before accreditation is granted.

Significance of Accreditation

Accreditation plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and quality of examination administration at JAMB CBT centres. It serves as a quality assurance mechanism that ensures all centres adhere to standardized procedures and regulations set by JAMB. By accrediting only compliant centres, JAMB can guarantee fairness in exam processes and results.

The significance of accreditation extends beyond mere compliance; it instills trust among candidates in the examination system’s credibility. Knowing that accredited centres meet stringent requirements gives candidates confidence in the fairness and transparency of their assessments. Moreover, accredited centres are more likely to attract candidates seeking reputable venues for taking their exams.

Key Updates and Information for Candidates

Registration Guidelines

Candidates preparing for the UTME/DE registration in 2024 should ensure they have all necessary information before proceeding. Registration exercise typically opens on a specified date, and candidates must adhere to the timeline. It’s crucial to double-check personal details during the registration process to avoid any discrepancies.

Exam Preparation Tips

As the exam date approaches, candidates often seek advice on how to effectively prepare for the exam. Utilizing past questions is highly recommended as it familiarizes candidates with the exam format. Making use of reputable study materials can enhance one’s chances of success.

Change of Course or Institution

In some cases, candidates may contemplate a change in their selected course or institution after registration. It’s essential to understand the procedures involved in making such changes and ensure compliance with stipulated guidelines. Seeking guidance from approved sources can streamline this process.

Support and Assistance

Candidates facing challenges during the registration or examination process can seek assistance from designated support channels. These channels include dedicated helplines, email addresses, or even online forums where experienced individuals provide valuable insights and assistance. Engaging with these resources can alleviate stress and improve overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about JAMB CBT Centres

Frequently Asked Questions about JAMB

1. What are JAMB CBT Centres?

JAMB Computer-Based Test (CBT) Centres are authorized locations across Nigeria where candidates can take their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry (DE) exams. These centres are equipped with modern computers and are set up to ensure a smooth, standardized testing experience for all applicants.

2. How can I find a JAMB CBT Centre near me?

Candidates can find a list of accredited JAMB CBT Centres on the official JAMB website or through our comprehensive guide. These centres are spread across various states and local government areas in Nigeria, ensuring accessibility for all candidates.

3. What should I consider when choosing a JAMB CBT Centre?

When selecting a JAMB CBT Centre, consider factors such as proximity to your residence, the centre’s reputation for reliability and orderliness, and any reviews from past candidates. Choosing the right centre can significantly influence your exam experience.

4. Can I change my JAMB CBT Centre after registration?

Typically, changes to your JAMB CBT Centre are not allowed after the completion of your registration. It’s crucial to carefully select your preferred centre during the registration process to avoid any inconvenience.

5. What documents are required for registration at a JAMB CBT Centre?

Candidates must provide personal identification (such as a National ID, passport, or driver’s license), educational qualifications, and a printed copy of their JAMB registration form. Additionally, a recent passport-sized photograph may be required.

6. Are there special accommodations for candidates with disabilities?

Yes, JAMB provides special accommodations for candidates with disabilities. These include accessible testing locations, provision for extra time, and the availability of necessary aids. Candidates should indicate their needs during registration to ensure proper arrangements are made.

7. How early should I arrive at my JAMB CBT Centre on exam day?

It’s advisable to arrive at your designated JAMB CBT Centre at least an hour before your scheduled exam time. This allows ample time for check-in procedures, relaxation, and acclimatization with the testing environment, reducing pre-exam stress.

8. What items are prohibited inside JAMB CBT Centres?

Prohibited items include mobile phones, calculators (unless otherwise specified), smart watches, and any form of electronic device. Personal belongings should be left in designated areas outside the testing hall.

9. Can international candidates use JAMB CBT Centres abroad to register for exams?

Yes, international candidates can utilize approved JAMB CBT Centres located abroad to register for exams. These centres offer the same level of service and adherence to guidelines as those within Nigeria, ensuring a seamless registration process.

10. Are there any recent updates or changes regarding JAMB CBT registration in 2024?

For the latest updates on JAMB CBT registration in 2024, stay tuned to official announcements from JAMB. Changes may include new procedures, deadlines, or requirements that could impact how candidates register at approved CBT centres.

Wrapping up: JAMB CBT Centres in Nigeria

You’ve now learned all about JAMB CBT centres, their locations in Nigeria and abroad, registration requirements, steps to register, 2024 updates, accreditation processes, and key information.

Make sure to utilize this knowledge effectively when registering for your UTME or DE exams. Stay updated on the latest news and changes in the JAMB CBT registration process to ensure a smooth experience. Remember that thorough preparation is key to success in your exams. Good luck with your registration and may you excel in your academic endeavors!

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