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Type of students you will find in Delsu, Abraka

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Type of students you will find in Delsu, Abraka

There are different types of student you will most probably find in the University today, but i am going to be specifically talking about Delsu, Abraka.

Abraka, the home to the prestigious Delta State University’s main campus or DELSU as it
is popularly known.

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Abraka has it’s dark sides as well it’s bright sides, its ups and downs, it’s
narrow and wide streets.

It’s cloudy, clear and hot days – oh wait, I totally lost track.

Here in abraka, one is opportune to meet and ultimately get close  to all sorts of people, enlightened
and unenlightened alike.

In Abraka, they all come to dine, I think it’s mostly because the school is located here.

Truthfully, if the school wasn’t in Abraka, this place would be no different from the other Urhobo

After lots of careful observation, I’ve come to conclude that the following are the kind of
people or rather students in this context, that you can find in abraka.

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Delsu walk way lectures

Image Credit: Favy Ijomah

Types of Students in Abraka


The rich, the snubs, those whose parents have JOBS (hey I just needed a rhyme).

You can tell them apart by the way they carry themselves. Not the posers, there’s this essence or should I say Aura that rich people carry.

It’s unexplainable, it’s abstract, it’s just there.

Their apartments are richly furnished, fridges are fully stocked, bank accounts loaded.

Most times, these ones due to the extravagant lifestyle tend to loose focus of the task at hand, they
get too comfortable and timely loose track of the bigger picture.

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While others make the most out of their vast wealth and do something meaningful (or colourful, like I would say) during their stay in DELSU and Abraka as a whole.


These are the ones that are always the last to leave the library (dumb ones do this too, but there’s a level of commitment you just can’t fake).

Always asking questions in class, always engaging in fruitful and productive conversations, always loitering about places that will bring them more enlightenment.

The beauty of the serious ones cannot be overemphasized, it’s just so damn

I was walking home from work the other day when it started raining all of a sudden. So I
decided to seek shelter by the roadside.

In my place of shelter were two young ladies engaged in a serious conversation. I don’t usually eavesdrop but their conversation was something I could not help but listen to.

Typical young girls don’t usually have anything productive to talk about but these girls were busy conversing about CLIMATE CHANGE.

Climate change!!! Yeah I’m as shocked typing this down as you are at reading it..

One was like “all these noxious gases being emitted every hour of the day is destroying the ozone layer”

The other was like “The sun’s Ray is getting hotter by the minute due to lack of a proper shield”. I smiled, this is why we are encouraged to teach.

Their names were Christine and Trina, I got their cell numbers that day.

Come on, you don’t pass upon brilliance yo!.



If you shouted ‘hey!!’ then something needs to be done.

These ones are the ones who are in school because ‘people are going let me go too’ , they don’t know why they are here.

These are the ones that hang around after lectures to gossip, gist, tell stories, note that I’m not
condemning gossip, oh wait that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Mind your damn business. Engaging in mindless, indolent and possibly indecent conversations isn’t why you are in school.

So get off your a*s and do something meaningful.

Have you ever walked passed or into a sporting bet shop, and you see those four to five
extra guys who are just lazing around the shop? Yeah that’s them.



Ah yes, the players; the trend setters, the soul suckers, the gold diggers…

Soul suckers may have been a little too extreme but these people have an underhanded trait, a desire to lie, cheat and steal (metaphorically of course).

These are the ones corrupting the gullible, cheating on multiple girls (or guys as the case may be) , living the life all for the thrill of the game, not knowing the real reason why they are in DELSU Abraka.

moving on – They take fun in manipulating others, they are a special breed of delinquents.


Yeah these ones are very common, too common.

They are so common that they shouldn’t even be common anymore, they are so gullible, they tend to fall because they don’t know how stuff works.

The Unaware are easily deceived, easily confused and easily loose the right path because they don’t even know why they are there or rather, they know why they are there but they are not sure.

These ones are usually timid and unaware of how things work, so if blue is pointed out as
purple they tend to quickly believe.

If they come from a wealthy background, they tend to fall prey to the fraudsters (students, market women and sorts alike) and intimidation as well.


These ones can be rich, middle-class, serious, unserious and whatever the you can think of.

They are in school because of no reasons other than, they don’t want to stay at home and patiently wait for the perfect admission.

The will take whatever course of study that gets thrown at them all in the name of going to school.

Most times they don’t pay attention in class and/or miss class all together, other times they think they can bribe their way through the school.

There’s a lot of wiggle room in this criteria that i just can’t pick a lane.


And then there’s us. The guys (and girls) who just want to be left alone.

Introverted if you will, always alone in a crowded home. We’re the ones who always linger in the back of the crowd, alone in the library, rarely asking questions in class, adored by our secret admirers (wait what?).

Taking note of anything and everything but barely ever being noticed, We keep our heads down, get in get out.

The definition of a ‘closed book’.

Our words are only heard when absolutely necessary or when left with no other choice.

When a thought comes to us; we keep it, nurture it and weigh it on our scales whether or not it’s worth

We are not easily intimidated, rather we do the intimidating.

We are objective, options and possible scenarios are played over and over in our heads to find
the right outcome.

only a few get sappy.

Did I mention we are great at chess? We are great at chess. The smart ones anyway.

Abraka (or DELSU like every other school )is vast with all sorts of students, each with it’s own
unique defining trait. Hence why the usual analogy of Collectively calling them ”the good, the
bad and the ugly”, but I call them the good, the bad, the dark, the messed up and the f**ked up.
Never a dull moment.

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