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Why you can't move on

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Find It Hard to Move On from Your Last Relationship

In this post, we will discuss some of the reasons why it is difficult to move on after a breakup. Nobody likes to be heartbroken, yet life does not always provide us with what we want. It is understandable to be down and sad after a breakup.

In this post, we will discuss some of the reasons why it is difficult to move on after a breakup.

Nobody likes to be heartbroken, yet life does not always provide us with what we want. It is understandable to be down and sad after a breakup.

However, if it prevents you from living your life for an extended period of time, it is not a nice place to be.

If one or more of the reasons apply to you, it is best to make gradual efforts to overcome them.


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Reasons Why You Can’t Move On from Your Last Relationship

Here are 10 Reasons Why Getting Over Your Ex Is So Difficult.

1. He or she was your very first love.

It’s difficult to move on after a breakup, especially if it’s your first time falling in love.


Because the pain of losing someone you care about is new to you, it’s difficult to move on.

2. You Haven’t Allowed Yourself Enough Time For Grief.

In a world where pretending to be happy and ignoring other people’s problems is the norm, the idea that “you should be over with him/her already” is easy to internalize, even if you only broke up a few months ago.

Time cures all wounds, but grief has no time limit. You don’t have to hide your anguish; just let it out. Cry, chat to your family or closest friend, or do whatever “healthy” things you can to grieve.


When you cut your grieving short, it becomes locked in your body, making you feel even worse and preventing you from being cheerful and positive.

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3. You Continue to Stalk Them.

You won’t be able to get over them by looking at their social media pages.

When you see that he or she has already found someone new, you will simply feel jealous.

Keeping yourself from tracking him/her might be really beneficial to your moving on process.

4. You haven’t found closure.

Closure means you’ve both acknowledged the truth that it’s over and made the decision to part ways.

However, getting over that person would be extremely difficult if your relationship terminated without a resolution.

When a relationship ends, closure indicates finality, which is crucial.

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5. Your self-esteem is low.

“Not finding the appropriate person for us” is one of our constant fears. We become afraid of going back out there, believing that you will never be good enough and that they will all abandon you.

Or sometimes we become too accustomed to the familiar, and it becomes increasingly difficult to let go of that individual.

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6. You’re thinking about all of the “What Ifs.”

“What if he/she reappears?” “What if they still have feelings for me?” — Those are the questions you keep asking yourself, even after you’ve been separated for years. If they haven’t done anything to make amends, it’s time to quit reminiscing about the past and asking those questions since you’re the only one who will be upset and broken-hearted. Stop tormenting yourself; you are deserving of better.

7. You resent yourself or feel guilty.

Breakups provide you with an opportunity to learn more about yourself while also allowing you to progress and grow. Unfortunately, because most people have a hard time bearing emotional pain, ego takes over and creates a scenario in which you blame yourself or your partner for the breakup.

While playing the blame game keeps you from feeling hurt and heartbroken, it doesn’t help you grieve or grow into a better version of yourself.  

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8. You’d been in a long-term relationship.

It’s difficult to deal with the loss of someone with whom you’ve been in a long-term relationship. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to be single and alone since you’ve become accustomed to the feeling that he/she was always there for you through ups and downs.

9. You’re Still Waiting.

Of course, waiting isn’t bad, especially if you still care for this individual. However, if you’ve been waiting for that individual for months going into years and nothing has happened, it’s time to give up. You keep missing out on open doors or possibilities that could help you grow.

10. You believed he or she was the one.

The greatest feeling in the world is discovering the proper person for you. And getting into a relationship implies that you are not simply wasting your time with that person, but that you see a future with him or her and, of course, that you want to spend the rest of your life with him or her. However, when it leads to a breakup, it can be traumatic and difficult to recover from.

You have to try all in your power to get over them. You still have the rest of your life to live and a lot of wonderful things to do and see. Don’t let a sone heartbreak get you down.

There is a good chance that it ended so that you may find someone more suitable, someone who would adore you and never let go of you. Look on the bright side.

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