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20 Signs You’re Truly Into Someone


Being into someone is just a phrase for expressing you love someone. When you’re interested in someone, it can make you nervous because of everything it could mean.

However, despite this fact, you are far too enthusiastic to let it prevent you from getting to know them, and the experience is comparable to that of opening a present.

You can find yourself wondering on occasion whether you have a genuine attraction to a certain person or whether you are only considering the possibility of developing a friendship with them.

This article will help you learn the telltale indicators that will tell you if you are actually into someone and will help you recognize the signs.


The following is a list of twenty straightforward methods that can help you determine whether or not you are really into a certain person:

1. Whenever you are not with them, you find yourself thinking about them constantly.

2. You just miss them like crazy, despite the fact that you only saw them a few hours ago.

3. Each and every little thing brings up memories of them.


4. They present you with challenges, but in constructive ways that give you the impression that you can do anything.

5. Everything seems to be happening like it’s the first time, and you find yourself questioning whether or not you’ve ever truly been in love with someone else.

6. Because of them, you are uncovering aspects of yourself that you were previously unaware even existed.

7. You want your friends to respect and cherish them, and you have no doubt that they would if given the chance.


8. You might want to wait a little while to truly appreciate your newly discovered love and let it grow before sharing it with anyone else; because at that moment, it kind of feels like a special little secret club. 

9. It does not bother you at all to miss out on crucial weekends in order to hang out with them or be with them.

10. Time spent with them infuses you with an endless supply of energy, causing you to become bubblier and more lively.


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11. Every other romantic possibility seems a little less exciting to you now, and certain aspects of other people appear a little less interesting to you now.

12. You have an overwhelming want to learn absolutely everything there is to know about them, even down to the details of their childhoods, and doing so feels like unwrapping a present.

13. You are afforded the opportunity to learn something new about them each day.

14. You can’t stop thinking about the most insignificant details of their appearance, such as the way they walk, eat, talk, or laugh.

15. You find that you have an unexpected fondness for those pastimes of theirs that, as an individual, you may  have always disapproved of.

16. When you haven’t seen them in a while, you find yourself compiling mental to-do lists of things you want to do when you next see them. You could even want to write them down in order to ensure that you don’t forget them.

17. You might even keep a file of interesting pictures and other random souvenirs that you can’t wait to present to them or share with them.

18. The instant you lay eyes on them, a smile breaks out on your face, and your eyes become bright.

19. You genuinely adore them not for who you imagine or wish they were, but for who they now are in the world.

20. When you’re falling in love, you get the sensation that you’re on a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows all at once.

Taking the risk of falling in love with someone can be terrifying in a way; the only saving grace is that they have this strange quality that makes you feel like you’re coming home, and you don’t want to miss it.

And oh! If everything works out for you, the person you have a crush on might feel the same way about you as you do about them. That is the secret ingredient that makes the whole affair so enchanted.


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