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10 Things Your Man Secretly Desire But Won’t Tell You (Must Read For Ladies)

What are the specific things that men look for, desire, and seek in a relationship but won’t say?

This is a question that has been asked by women in the past, is being asked by women right now, and will continue to be asked in the future.

Because everything seems to be so confusing, women have a hard time determining what it is that their partners want.

It would appear that what they want today is a gorgeous lady with a large front and rear end; however, tomorrow everything may change.

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The search for an intelligent lady who can hold intellectual conversations with them turns into a quest. Nevertheless, what about the week after that?

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The narrative takes an unexpected turn once more. All of a sudden, achieving inner calm and equilibrium is the most important thing in the world.

Men, contrary to popular belief, do harbor hidden longings and fantasies.

It is impossible for someone’s goals in a dating relationship to be the same as their goals in a marriage.


They merely desire a greater quantity. The sooner you come to this realization, the more you will grasp and comprehend what it is that a man truly wants from his lady.

Therefore, here is a list of ten things that men secretly want in a committed relationship, and of course, they want the same things in marriage as well.


Men are drawn to closeness. There is no question that they are preoccupied with this topic. It’s just part of their biological make-up, and you can’t really hold it against them because of it.

Even if you, as a woman, tell them that you don’t want such things, they may act as though they have no problem with the concept, but the truth is that they crave connection and wouldn’t think twice about continuing a relationship with a woman who has the same desires.

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Intimacy can be defined as a closeness that encompasses companionship, feelings, connecting, and a mutual understanding of one another.

Genuine feelings of affection are a necessary component of an intimate relationship.


Another thing that men look for in romantic partnerships is companionship.

They could demonstrate and act towards you that they have no problem adjusting to life on their own, but if they genuinely adore and care for you, they will encourage the notion of you moving in with them.

Although there are some people who would not tell you this because they are afraid of losing their friendship with you.

They want their girlfriends to spend practically all of their time with them, engaging in meaningful discussion and taking advantage of the quality time together that they have together.


Another essential aspect that men look for in a partner is stability and reliability.

Any man who is interested in making a long-term commitment will search for a lady who he is confident will be there for him regardless of the circumstances.

someone who has his back just as much as he has hers, and vice versa.

They steer clear of women who have the capability of quickly moving on to another man when things go difficult.

They do not want a buddy that is only there for them when they need them, but rather a reliable and trustworthy partner.


A lot of men will try to argue that this isn’t true because they’re afraid of being called fragile and weak.

But, hey, these guys are still human beings; they have feelings, and they have blood pumping through their veins.

It’s possible that they will conceal this sensitive need from you, but as a lady, it is essential that you learn to be sensitive to the requirements of your guy.

Conduct thorough research on him, and be aware of his low points and times of weakness.

Lend him your support so that he can cry on your shoulder.

Be His peace and harmony, oh little baby girl!

They want to know that it is safe to open up to you, tell you about their beliefs and worries, their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, and that they will not be judged but rather understood by you.

For men, their woman must be capable of lifting and supporting them when life gets tough, as well as when things are going well.

They want to be reassured that you will never abandon them, no matter what challenges they face.


Men are drawn to the appearance of women. In order to be appealing or attractive, it is not necessary to have the best body form, to be the most beautiful lady in the world.

Take a bath and brush your hair properly; pay attention to the condition of your skin, clothes, and accessories; walk with majesty and elegance. 

But regardless of how far you go, please don’t forget to use proper etiquette.

Be gracious in both your speech and your actions.

If you take care of yourself, you will come across as more appealing.

It’s possible that some men have problems with cleanliness, but it doesn’t change the fact that they want neat and orderly women in their lives.

But oh! You shouldn’t just learn to be neat for the sake of some man out there; you should also learn to be clean and neat for the sake of your own safety.

Stay clean angels.


Men enjoy your presence, but they also appreciate it when you give them some room to themselves every once in a while.

Allowing a man his own space and some time alone allows him to relax and meditate more effectively.

While he is attempting to anticipate certain things, figure out certain things, create objective plans, think about the future, and reason appropriately, he also relaxes and calms down his nervous system.

When you give a man the space he needs, you also give him the freedom to do the things he enjoys.

Dear women, please be aware of the times when your man requires some private space and be willing to make it available to him.

Because of it, he will love you even more.


Just like any other human, men have an inherent need to be cherished.

Always projecting an image of strength is important to men. But hidden beyond that tough exterior is a tender heart that yearns for real love, authentic feelings, genuine care, and the chance to be spoiled.

If you have any doubts about this, try petting and pampering your partner, and then see the emotion that it produces on his face.

You might be startled to see the expression of excitement that is written all over his face, as well as the babyish attitude might possibly rear its head at the moment.


Everyone loves being appreciated.

Men are not different in this regard. The expression of gratitude can go a long way toward making a man’s heart happy.

They want you to acknowledge the things that they do for you and express gratitude in return for the assistance that they provide.

They want to be reassured that their genuine concern for their loved ones and the efforts they put into maintaining and strengthening their relationships are much valued by the ladies in their lives.

When your guy goes out of his way to make you happy, he secretly yearns to be praised, thanked, cherished, adored, and appreciated in all that he does.

He also wishes that you will go out of your way to do the same for him.

You shouldn’t be afraid to fulfill all of his deepest, most hidden wishes for him.

He is undeniably deserving of it!


Men by default are the heads of households.

They can’t get enough of being in command.

Albeit, they still enjoy it when their wives take the initiative, despite the fact that they enjoy taking the lead.

They want to feel needed, wanted, and desired just as much as everyone else does.

Babe, you need to bring some fresh concepts to the table.

Even if they don’t say it out loud, they don’t necessarily want to be the one to make the move all the time.

As the women, you should try to “shock” your boyfriend every once in a while.

You must not wait to be asked before you carry out particular responsibilities.

You can’t always just wait around for him to initiate something before you get started on it yourself.

When a woman takes the initiative to start stuffs (You know what we mean) with her partner, things are guaranteed to better and much easier.

Take the initiative in stuffs (you know what we mean) and demonstrate to him how much you crave having him by showing how much you want him.

Take charge of the situation at home and demonstrate to him how much you want him, how much you need him, and how much you value his efforts.


They have an exceptionally high opinion of it.

Respect is something that men crave more than they crave love.

They require that their wives and girlfriends regard them with reverence and esteem, as well as respect and cherish them.

Ladies, pay close attention to how you speak to your boyfriends or husbands, especially when you are in public.

Respect his person, as well as his decisions, beliefs, ideas, values, and morals, in the same measure that you respect his body.

He needs you to calm his nerves.

Men despise it when their ego is hurt or when they are challenged, whether it is at home or in public, and they despise it much more when their partner is the one who is doing the challenging.

In these kinds of situations, they report feeling extremely exploited.

For them, respect is similar to consuming food.

There is no room for negotiation at all. Learn to appreciate and respect your guys to the core and they will do the same for you.

Respect is a two-way street. Aside from that, when we love, appreciate, and place value on someone, we owe that person our respect, right? Obviously, we ought to do that.

Great! So that settles it.

Therefore, at this point, we are aware of the fundamental elements that our cherished guys covertly want from each and every relationship.

Therefore, we ladies ought to be very sensitive to these requirements and provide our darlings with what it is that they covet.

There is no such thing as genuine love if there is no act of selfless giving.

We are confident that if we gave them what they secretly want and desire in return, they would give it to us as well.

That is what we call love in action!

Remember, do well to share this article as we appreciate such acts of kindness.

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