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How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy Through Text.

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How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy Through Text.

Girls aren’t the only ones that require happiness in a relationship. Of course, your partner requires the extraordinary joy you can provide him. In a relationship, it is critical to make your partner happy. In reality, this is one of the key factors in building a healthy and long-lasting relationship. 

Today, we will discuss how to achieve it via text. It may be through WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or your default SMS app. 

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How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy Through Text.

1. Send him a simple yet heartfelt good morning text. The most basic and obvious way to make your guy happy via text is to send him a beautiful good morning message.

It may appear stupid, but it is the ideal place to begin. The goal here is to keep things brief, straightforward, and to the point. You may do this on a daily basis; you’re up before he is, so why not send him a good morning text?
Here’s an illustration:
“I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you!” Have a wonderful day!”

2. List all of the adorable and amusing things your guy does that you find endearing. It will reassure him that you know how to make him happy both through text and in person. If he performs some adorable things on a regular basis, point them out in messages as you would in person.

Tell your boyfriend that thinking about those activities makes you happy, and show them off whenever they happen again in front of him.

3. Remind your boyfriend how important he is to you. It’s easy to become accustomed to messaging your lover and taking him for granted. Sending text messages with love quotes or words expressing how much he means to you as a person and a partner is a terrific way to remind him that you still care.

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You can also tell your lover that he makes you happy through text. This will show him that, despite his flaws in other areas, he is doing a fantastic job of making you feel loved and secure.
for example “You mean so lot to me,”  or  “I enjoy being with you!”

4. Congratulate him on his achievements or remind him of the things that make him happy. If you’ve been together for any amount of time, you’re bound to have things you’ve accomplished or love doing that the other doesn’t mind.

Send him a text congratulating him on his accomplishments. Or to congratulate him on his persistence and determination.

Here’s an illustration: “I’m proud of you for putting in so much effort in what you do. I understand how important that is to you.”

5. Choose a favorite song and perform it for him. Singing a pleasant little melody over text is a simple method to cheer up your partner, and it also gets him in the mood to hear you perform his favorite music. Of course, if this activity makes him pleased, it can become a regular event for both of you, and that’s fine.

Maybe he’s having a rough day, but when you tell him about this, it instantly lifts his spirits. If done correctly, it can be cute.


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6. Tell him what it is about him that you miss. Even if it sounds stupid, he’ll appreciate the reminder of how much you like spending time together and that you make the most of every opportunity to do so. Here’s an illustration: “I’m looking forward to the weekend!” I long for the opportunity to cuddle with you.”

7. Share a quote from a movie or book that you both enjoy. What are some joyful movie or book quotes? This is a fun, simple way to remind your lover that, even if he isn’t physically present, this moment is just as important to you as if he were.

8. Remind him of times when you both did funny things together. This will make your guy giggle and remind him of how much fun you used to have together. Here’s an illustration:
“Do you recall how we got lost in the woods? That was a lot of fun!”

9. Tell him something interesting about yourself or your day, but only if it’s good. Perhaps you have completed a project at work or have plans to do something interesting next weekend. For example “I did a fantastic job on my presentation today,”  “I had a great time tonight; or “I’ve planned something nice for next week”

10. Simply say, “I Love You.” This is one of the simplest and most straightforward methods to express your admiration for someone. Simply letting them know how important they are to you will undoubtedly brighten their day!

Here’s an illustration: “I haven’t told you this yet today, I Love You!”

11. Just be open and honest about how you’re feeling. Even if your boyfriend should already know or have some idea of what’s going on in your mind and heart most of the time, being honest with each other about emotions is a great approach to show that connection even when you’re not in the same room.

12. Don’t text excessively or become agitated if he doesn’t respond right away. Respect that other people may be present or that he may be preoccupied. Wait patiently for his response as he will try to contact you as soon as possible.


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