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20 Ways To Know If Someone Loves You.

20 Ways To Know If Someone Loves You.

This question has been asked a lot of times. “How can you tell if someone really loves you?” People who care for us and treat us in certain loving and respectable ways can enter our lives at various moments throughout the course of our journeys.

Sometimes the manner in which we are treated uniquely can be rather perplexing, and we may find ourselves wondering whether the other person genuinely cares for us or whether they are simply trying to be nice to us. Nevertheless, there are still ways to determine whether it is merely politeness or something much more substantial than that.

It’s possible that the person is merely trying to be kind and polite to you, and some of these characteristics point to that possibility. It’s also possible that this is just the way they are by nature. However, hey! You are aware that there is a limit to all niceness.

Therefore, if you witness 50% or more of these signals, there is a good possibility that the individual in question loves you deeply.


The following is a list of 20 Unique ways with which you can find out:

1. They reach out to you because they are concerned about how you are doing and want to find out more. Listen! If someone tells you that they aren’t the calling or texting type, don’t be afraid to remove them from your contact list if they continue to make similar claims.
People make the effort to communicate with those they care about and love by setting aside time for it. Anyone who makes such an excuse most likely has at least one person who they are constantly calling or texting on their phone. When dealing with individuals of this nature, you shouldn’t even bother asking yourself if they like you or not.

2. They desire to be in your presence. They look forward to spending time with you so much that they make it a priority to be in close proximity to you at all times. The majority of the time, they simply cannot stand the idea of being separated from you for an extended period of time.

3. They are interested in listening to your voice and having a conversation with you about anything and everything. Because they are so excited to hear your voice, they want to stay on the phone with you for as long as possible and never let you go.


4. They want your life to be filled with joy at all times. They go out of their way to do things that will make you happy and steer clear of activities that are likely to make you unhappy because they place a high priority on ensuring that you are content in their company.

5. Because they value and cherish you, they put their time, energy, and sentiments into you, as well as their resources, their effort, and just about everything else. Despite the fact that they have a very full agenda, they always find time to spend with you.

6. They can’t wait to hang out with you, take you out, and have a good time with you. They do not consider it a waste of their time or resources to invest in you because they feel that you are worthy of their investment.

7. They raise questions about the future. They inquire about your long term objectives and strategies for the foreseeable future. They do not simply stop there; rather, they make an effort to inspire, encourage, and drive you to accomplish the extraordinary objectives and ambitions that you have.


8. They include you in their plans for the future. If someone loves you, they will always make room for you in their plans for the future because they want you to be there and because they consider you to be a part of them. Their emotions and their allegiance are not fleeting or short-lived in any way. That is the reason why they concentrate their efforts on you.

9. They take an active role in your life because they genuinely care about you and want the best for you. They are looking out for your best interests.

10. They gaze at you in a manner that is unique to them. They gaze at you with an expression that conveys an abundance of love, respect, admiration, and adoration. They are able to see reflections of themselves in your eyes when they look at you with affection.

11. They are looking just at you in their eyes. You are the only person who piques their interest quite as you do. They don’t recognize anyone else save you in the room. They don’t bother looking into other people because, in their eyes, you already fulfill all of their needs. You are just unquestionably the ultimate.

12. They go above and beyond the call of duty to perform favors and tasks for you, which is something that individuals who are merely trying to be nice to you cannot normally accomplish.

13. They talk to you about their interests, which may include their hobbies, their plans for the future, their likes and dislikes, their beliefs, thoughts, experiences, and preferences, among other things. They could even keep you apprised of their daily goings-on if they so desired.

14. They want to hear your recommendations and thoughts on a few different topics. They take into consideration what you have to say, honor the choices you make, and won’t ever pressure you to accept their viewpoint.

15. They are interested in meeting your family as well as your friends, and they would also like for you to meet theirs. They are interested in getting to know you better and introducing you to the people in your life who are important to you, as well as vice versa.

16. They adore, appreciate, and cherish you and have the highest regard for you. They love you. They never want to witness you being sad, hurt, or embarrassed for whatever reason.

17. If someone loves you, they will do anything they can to take care of you and make sure that all of your requirements are satisfied to the best of their abilities. They will do so out of genuine concern for you.

18. Because they consider you to be a component of themselves, they speak more in terms of “we” than “I”
or “you.” They see the two of you to be a unit, a kind of complement to one another.

19. They are constantly interested in doing things together with you. This is more about having fun with you while also working together.

20. Someone who loves you unconditionally will never abandon you, no matter what challenges life throws their way. They will always have your back in their minds. Even if there are a hundred reasons to give up, they will still find one reason to stay, cling to you, and not let you go no matter what.

Someone who is trying to be all wonderful and lovely to you or someone who simply likes you might not even bother to do half of the things that have been stated above for you. This is something that you should be aware of since it might be of interest to you. Someone who loves you deeply would not be content to only do half of those things for you; rather, they would go above and beyond for your benefit.

They would go to extraordinary lengths simply to demonstrate to you the authenticity of their love and the sincerity of their intentions toward you. Therefore, honey, if you see that someone does more than half of these things for you, it is undeniable evidence that this person loves you in an authentic and profound manner. It’s not as difficult as some might think.  It is love.

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