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What does TRUE LOVE really Mean? Must Read for Women Only!

What matters most in true love is not how much money you receive from your partner.

When we talk about true love, we are referring to how much your partner values you and the sacrifices they are willing to make for you.

Stop Making the Mistake of Conflicting “True Lust” with “True Love” because the difference between the two words is not similar.

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Key Takeaways

  • Money isn’t the genuine definition of affection.
  • It is possible for someone to Give you money and not love you.
  • True Love is VALUE
  • True Love is Sacrifice

It is possible for someone to be Giving you money and yet, not loving you in the manner you believe he should, and he may be doing all of this merely to have S with you, much like a free ticket to your V.

I’m going to offer you a brief explanation of what I mean by “value” and “sacrifices” based on my own life experiences and knowledge.

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True Love is VALUE

talking couples signs of true loveA measure of the importance attached to anything is called its value.

The term “value” refers to the level of importance placed on something or someone, which is another term for true love.

The question you should ask yourself before jumping to the conclusion that your partner values you so much just because he or she has given you money for upkeep is

“How much does he value me?”

My dear, there is a world of difference between a partner who gives you money and a partner who values you and still gives you the little he or she can afford.

Money is not the same as true love.

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True Love is Sacrifice

true love couplesIn order to obtain something more valuable, one must sacrifice something of greater value.

So also, in order to obtain something of lesser value; one must sacrifice something of lesser value.

This is another way of demonstrating one’s appreciation for something or someone we truly love, and it is exactly what we mean when we say true love,

Stop Assuming and Begin Asking yourself Questions.

  • Does my Partner Value Me?
  • Does my Partner Sacrifice for Me?

Quick Recap of What TRUE LOVE Mean

compliment partnerIn order to keep what you value most, true love requires you to value it and make sacrifices in order to keep what you have.

Remember, Value is the degree to which something is regarded as important. We always use the term “value” to describe the importance given to someone or something, and it is the best synonym for true love.

Money isn’t the genuine definition of affection.

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What does it mean to make a sacrifice? You can show your love for someone or something by exchanging something of greater value for something of lesser value, which is exactly what we mean when we say “genuine love,”

So, I’m hoping this has some impact on your relationship experience.

If you have a question, please put it in the comments section below.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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