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Relationships: Dos And Don’ts.

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Relationships: Dos And Don’ts.


Love is a wonderful thing, particularly when it is achieved with the appropriate person and for the appropriate reasons. Regardless, there are dos and don’ts in any romantic relationship (all relationships have likewise). Dating someone who loves you just as much as you love them is very important because it ensures that you will be loved in the manner in which you are deserving of being loved.

You don’t want to ruin this sweetness you’ve got going on by doing anything wrong, just as you’d like to keep and grow the lovingness by doing the things that are appropriate.

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On this note, we’ll go over a few dos and don’ts in no particular order.

DO express your love for them alway. Validation is essential for someone who struggles with low self-esteem, and this is especially true when it comes from a loved one. It will go a long way if you always make sure to add that regardless of their body insecurities and any other personal thing they may be sensitive about, you love them and would rather have them in your life than anyone else.

The fact that you constantly remind your partner that you love him or her will go a long way, especially if you always make sure to add this.

DO Leave the past alone and DON’T compare. Everyone has baggage. Whether you’ve only dated one person for a few months or three long-term relationships, there’s no denying that your previous experiences can influence anything from how easily you trust your new boo to whether you’re hesitant to say “I love you.”

But here’s the deal, it is critical to make an attempt to leave the past behind. Every person, and hence every relationship, is distinct. So, while it may be tempting to compare your current relationship to your ex, it is detrimental to both of you.

Furthermore, it’s tempting to start making assumptions based on an ex’s actions, but this isn’t fair to them. They’re a new person, and they deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt.

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DO the right things at the right time. Hesitating to do what has to be done to make the relationship work is not going to assist the relationship. If you need to apologize in order to make the relationship work, then you should apologize.

DO be sincere and be willing to make compromises; effort counts in a relationship; making significant sacrifices for someone who cares about you is important; be willing to give in to whoever deserves it. Although we all live by certain guidelines and standards, there should still be some room for flexibility and adaptability  in the relationship.

DO believe in love. Do not allow yourself to get disappointed with love, no matter how many negative experiences you have had. Keep in mind that folks who have faith in love are naturally more endearing to others. Adding this practice to the list of things you should do when dating someone is something that just must be done.

DON’T try to dictate how your partner behaves. The majority of us, when we were growing up, were exposed to a variety of different forms of control in an effort to attain affection and avoid experiencing pain. Any activity that has an agenda attached to it is considered controlling behavior.

Controlling behavior is any behavior that is an attempt to influence your partner to change and to see things from your perspective. Some controlling behaviors are overt, like anger or threats, while other controlling behaviors are more covert, like giving up your own need to try to get a certain response from your partner.

You need to quit attempting to be responsible for your partner’s behavior and feelings in order to stay in the relationship and make it work for you. Instead, you should focus on taking responsibility for your own feelings. This will allow you to stay in the relationship and make it work for you. That requires you to cultivate a mature, loving part of yourself that is resilient and assertive, and who defends you rather than betrays you.

DON’T ignore warning signs. Get out of the relationship if it is riddled with more warning signs of trouble than a bullfight in Spain. Avoid talking yourself into staying here by all means. People that genuinely respect and honor one another, for instance, will maintain their word and not lie.

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You should spend your time with someone who is considerate, reliable, compassionate, honest, and self-assured, someone who values you and is delighted to have you in their life.

DON’T be arrogant. A person who comes into a relationship with a large amount of ego creates many challenges for the connection. When your date starts talking about themselves, pay attention to the following: In what ways would they characterize themselves?

Do they boast that they are “the best” in all respects, or do they have an exaggerated view of themselves? Do they tell their achievements with a healthy amount of pride in themselves, or do they do it in a way that seems to drag on forever? The opposite of humility, pride, is a warning sign in a partner.

DON’T allow your relationship be centered solely on having fun. Having fun is nice, but there are other things that are more important. Build a strong relationship by making wonderful memories together, not for the sake of social media but for the two of you.

A relationship that is attractive, mature, and full of depth makes more sense than one that is mindless and solely about having fun. Make sure that your spouse is also your closest friend to make the situation even better.

DO make sure you’re dating for the appropriate reasons. Don’t do anything just to seem cool or because everyone else is doing it. Do not allow yourself to be coerced into dating due to the expectations of others, including your parents.

In high school, many students do not go on many dates or go on any dates at all, and that is perfectly acceptable. When people start dating at a later age, they typically have more mature and self-assured relationships than they had when they were younger. This is because they have had more time to develop their maturity and confidence.


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DON’T put your pals in the background because of your relationship. It is crucial to make time to get out with your pals, regardless of how long you have been in a relationship. Do not make the mistake of devoting every waking moment to the person you are interested in romantically just to find out a month later that you cannot be together. You won’t feel as though something is lacking from your life if you make an effort to create a balance between the two things.

DON’T go out on dates with their friends.   Maintain your integrity.  If your significant other’s profession requires them to be out of town for a month, you shouldn’t meet up with their buddies for drinks or coffee during that time. Perhaps they have struck a pact with your significant other to keep an eye on you both.

Do not hang out with them and especially do not go out with them unless they are in significant problem. First of all, those are their buddies; unless they are in major trouble, do not hang out with them. It’s impossible to tell which of their other pals are green with envy over your relationship.

DON’T hold a grudge against them or keep score One more behavior that is similar to the practice of talking about the past is harboring resentment toward one another. If one partner in a pair has a history of bad behaviour, the other person in the relationship might feel as though they have permission to do the same. Either that, or they won’t do anything particularly memorable to celebrate their birthday merely because their significant other didn’t make the effort.

When it comes to a relationship, there is no such thing as keeping score. You cannot base your actions and decisions on past events. It is detrimental to the relationship.

DO make them a priority. When you love someone, that person is usually (and should be) a priority in your life. Just as you become an important priority in theirs. It is normal to expect the significance of one another to be reciprocated.

But it can be hard for them to watch you put other things in front of them. When you hear of something exciting, don’t call your best friend first. When you find a cool place to go out, don’t tell your friend before telling your partner. When a crazy story happens to you, don’t text it in the group chat first.

You are responsible for giving them the feeling that they are important, just as you would want to be aware that you are important.

DON’T get overly attached. On the other end of the spectrum from being too ready to judge is becoming overly attached. You might find them attractive or enjoy their demeanor, but you should be sure that you are not getting too attached to them despite these feelings.

Find out where they are at and  meet them them. In the event of a breakup, the one who is emotionally attached in the relationship the most would experience the most amount of pain. They will go to great lengths to monitor their exes’ lives in order to find out who they are dating and what activities they are participating in and such like. 

You do not want it to happen to you, so be careful how you express your affection. This is where the need of ensuring that you do not ignore your other relationships, such as those with your friends, comes into play. Get a life, honestly. Live.

DON’T Begin Planning Your Future Together Right Away. When you care deeply about another person, it stands to reason that you would desire them to have a role in your future. In point of fact, dating someone makes little sense if you aren’t interested in keeping them in your life for an extended period of time.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t hang out with your lover’s other friends because you’re trying to find out how the two of you can be “together forever.” Despite how much you may enjoy being with your partner, you shouldn’t rush into making long-term commitments to them right away. Not only will it prevent you from enjoying your relationship in the here and now, but it will also put an incredible amount of pressure on your partner, which has the potential to easily make them feel anxious.

Instead of immediately attempting to plan out the entirety of your lives together, you should give yourselves some time to develop as a pair and sort things out together. Instead of trying to force your partner to fit into a set of plans that you have established for their entire lives, the two of you can work through the challenges together. Just try to not set unrealistic goals in your relationship.

DON’T share your problems on social media. You should avoid posting obnoxious status updates on Facebook or WhatsApp. Instead of trying to project a certain image on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, you should focus on being responsible and authentic in your interactions.

For example, if there is something you need to address with your significant other, you should either give them a call or invite them over to your place. Do not post status updates that contain passive aggressive language for them to find and ruminate about. This will simply serve to widen the existing communication gap and produce a significant amount of animosity, much to the delight of the people you know through social media. The same is true if you try to make them jealous by uploading images of yourself with friends of the other sex or by online flirting with your pals of the opposite sex.

Also worthy of being added is that you be a Caring and Romantic Lover. I don’t believe I need to spend much time discussing this topic because I believe you already understand what it means to be caring and romantic.

Additionally, don’t talk about how better (or worse) your previous relationship was. You don’t want to make it seem like you are not over your past (you shouldn’t be in a relationship if you aren’t) and your partner may not appreciate always hearing about your past. At no point should they feel like they are in a competition with  your ex. 

So folks, there we have it. With these few ideas, we are ending our article. To your relationship success.


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