How To Make Your Boyfriend Go Crazy Over You

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Go Crazy Over You

Do you have a lover and want him to fall head over heels in love with you? There is a good chance that your answer is a resounding yes.

You could also be reading this because you want to rekindle the flame and make him fall head over heels in love with you again, just like he did at the beginning of your relationship.

Ladies, look no further because you will be presented with a few pointers to assist you in achieving your objective in this article.

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Key Takeaways

  • A Man wants to feel needed by his partner.
  • Keep him interested yet make him want more.
  • Men are like fully-grown egotistical children.
  • Do not pretend to be someone else when you are with him

How To Make Your Boyfriend Go Crazy Over You

Here are a few suggestions for things you could do to rekindle the fire that you desire in your relationship.

1. Make him believe he is a hero.

fall in love with you If you create occasions and situations to make your man feel like a hero, he would miss you terribly whenever you are not together.

What exactly do I mean by a “hero”?

Right now, there’s a new concept in relationship psychology that’s creating a lot of excitement among experts.

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It’s referred to as the hero instinct.

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The hero instinct is a type of relationship psychology that was initially coined by James Bauer in his widely read book His Secret Obsession, and has since gained widespread acceptance.

Essentially, a man wants to feel needed by his partner.

The hero impulse dictates that a man must continually feel as if he is rescuing his damsel in distress or otherwise saving the day in some way or another.


In addition, it explains why men fall in love with women and which women, men are most likely to fall in love with.

Simply said, males want to be the hero of your story. It is ingrained in their genetics to have this desire.

Since the beginning of time, males have wished to provide for and protect the women they care about the most.

If you can arouse the hero instinct in your man, he will long for you and miss you terribly when you are absent. Because you’re offering him with something he’s been clamoring for.

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2. Be the first to put an end to the conversation.

conversation to fall in loveIf he genuinely likes you, he will contact you after you have made him wait a few days or weeks.

Always be the one to hang up the phone, and allow him to be the one to send the final text of the conversation.

The goal is to keep him interested in you and wanting more.

The fact that you ended the conversation will encourage him to contact you before anybody else since he will feel compelled to continue the conversation with you.

Know how to strike a balance between understanding how to hold a conversation and knowing how to finish a discussion in order to build intrigue and suspence.

Men can’t tolerate the thought of being the ones who usually start conversations and then manage to keep them going for an extended period of time.

Being prepared with effective communication techniques creates a sense of “missing you” feeling, when you are not present.

If you do this correctly, he will go insane.

3. Keep him wanting more.

wanting more make fall in love

In a nutshell, it is likeĀ one of our favorite foods. We crave more of a good thing once we’ve had a taste of it.

But here’s the problem: no matter how good it tastes, if you have it all the time, you’ll get bored.

Men crave the things they can’t have. So, give him a little bit, but not all of it.

Make it more difficult for him to achieve. He’ll be more appreciative of you if you do this.


4. Give Him Compliments.

compliment partnerEvery now and again, give him a compliment.

Make no mistake: you should not accept the notion of suppressing your affection and attraction for your boyfriend.

You must constantly be able to compliment your guy in some way.

You must constantly communicate to him that you still value him as a person and that your feelings for him are unwavering.

It activates his “Hero Instinct,” which has already been discussed above.

It also conveys to him the message that you do not take him for granted.

Men are like fully-grown egotistical children.

Attune yourself to his ego as well as his tender side (which you should be aware of already), and watch him demonstrate his “manly baby nature.”

5. Simply be yourself.

be yourself fall in love

Last but not least, simply be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else when you are with him.

It goes without saying that no man wants to feel like he is dating a multi-faced lady.

Do not try exhibiting an outgoing and social personality when deep down, you are more of an introvert that prefers her inner space.

And the reason for this isn’t far-fetched.

There are days your inner self will manifest itself with its full power and you might leave him wondering what triggered that part of you.

To this end, create a unique version of yourself that he will adore and find difficult to resist, and that embodies the personality of a strong, kind, and self-sufficient woman.

Let your hair down with him, be spontaneous, and have a good time.

What kind of man, in his right mind, can resistĀ these personalities?

He will know how distinctive and wonderful you are while you are separated from one another.

He will also realize how gorgeous you are when you are together.

And he will miss you because he knows you are one of a kind and will miss you if you are separated from him.

Quick Recap on How to Make Your Boyfriend Go Crazy Over You

In conclusion on how to make your boyfriend go crazy over you and keep him head over heels in love with you, we have stated the 5 most easy ways which are:

  1. Persuade him to believe that he is a hero in your eyes.
  2. Be the first to put an end to the conversation.
  3. Keep him charmed by you.
  4. Compliments are a great way to show him how much you care
  5. Embrace Who You Are

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