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Top Secret: How Being His Peace Helps You Keep Him (For Ladies Only)



Have you ever heard the saying “Be his peace, not his headache,” or seen it somewhere else? I’m going to guess that you have.

The internet and various social media platforms are rife with quotes and sayings similar to this one.

It is a phrase frequently used by relationship and love experts in their films, blogs, picture quotations, and a variety of other contexts.

Today, we are going to discuss the best ways to “be his peace” so that you can continue to have a relationship with him.

Not only are you able to keep him, but you are also able to keep him hooked and in love to the point that he is “oblivious” to the presence of other women.

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What is the meaning of being a man’s peace?

It would appear that people’s focus is currently on the proverb “Be his peace,” which dates back many years.

You, as the woman in a committed relationship, are expected to “be his peace,” which means that you should be a reassuring presence in your partner’s life and offer him an escape from the harsh truths of this world.

It means being there for him even when it seems like the whole world is against him, being a pillar of support and a confidant he can confide to without fear of being judged, and being there for him even when it seems like the whole world is against him. Be his breath of fresh air. Be the reason he looks forward to coming home daily.

be his peace
Men have been educated by popular culture in the modern era how to avoid opening up to women for a variety of reasons, some of which include the following:


1. That men are more logical than women and that women are more emotional.
2. The belief that women are unable to empathize with the challenges that males experience.
3. That women’s reactions to the problem would be influenced more by its setting than its substance.

To this aim, you can likely come to the conclusion that it is of utmost significance to your relationship for you to win your man’s love to the point where he can relax in your company.
We will assist you in the form of advice that will assist you in becoming his peace.

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How Being His Peace Helps You Keep Him

Here are a few tips to help in becoming his peace.

♥  Be deeply in love with him and never stop showing it. We repeat, never stop showing him. Even the coldest of men appreciate being loved even if they may not be good at showing it.

♥  Show him and all that is associated with him respect. Men by default value respect. So if he sees that you respect him and all of him, he sees you as human equivalent to a billion dollar gold reserve.

♥  Acknowledge his efforts, regardless of how insignificant they may appear to be. As the saying goes, It is just the little things that matter. Appreciate the few times he went out of his way to try and cook you your favourite dish (even though it came out a mere parody of your best dish). Just be appreciative. Remember the best way to ask for more of the same is to show appreciation.


♥  Never look down on him. Never Ever! There are stories men leaving their parents and siblings behind just because they didn’t see and believe in the dreams of the men. It goes to show no man is at peace with being looked down upon. No man worth his salt wants to be looked down on. Make him get this feeling of being looked up to.

♥  Fight the temptation to respond to him by talking back, especially when he’s upset. Truthfully, there are times you just want to be heard, but he doesn’t get it. It sucks, we know. Men aren’t build to understand subtle cues women give and even the men that take the time to pay attention and observe might not do anything about it. Make your points known when he is relaxed and be sure to use finesse when approaching issues that trigger him. It is counter-productive to try to make your point when he is angry or when he is talking to you. It hardly works. Sure, you might get away with it a few times but in the long run, it is disastrous.

♥  When you are talking things over with him, make sure to address him in a respectful and calm manner. Almost the same point as addressed in the previous point. Be calm, feminine and almost seductive Ladies. Give it a try.

♥  Pay close attention to what he has to say. Pay attention to both the language of love and his body language. Queens, it can’t be stated enough that you all are the masters of body language and non-verbal communication. Use this ingrained primal knowledge to get to know and understand your man better. For example, you could know what scratching his hair means at different times; If it is just an itch or if it is a sign he is uneasy. Observe and Understand.

♥  Treat him like a king. A man’s home is the closest thing to a palace he has. Making him feel like a King in his house automatically raises you to a Queen. And every woman wants to be treated  like a queen by her man. So, there you have it. Make him feel like a King to experience the Queenly state.

♥  When he is in need of it, make passionate love to him that is both sweet and sensual. Sex is like glue to the relationship. Forget what you might have heard or read. If he is doing a good job, make him know. If he needs to improve, let him know and help him without bruising his ego.

♥  Reduce the amount of times you nag, make demands, and whine. If it were possible, fight against the instinct to nag and make demands. Bring them down to the barest minimum. Most men left family homes just because of their mothers’ “nagging”. As much as he appreciates the concern and care, if it appears to him like nagging, it loses its tough. Alway remember that Queens. Another cheat code for making demands is telling him you saved a little money for something you want to purchase and you would appreciate if he helps you fill it up. It goes a long way. Try it out.

♥  Instead of trying to hurt his ego, try to feed it. It is now general knowledge that men and ego are like mothers and their babies. Bruise or antagonize it, you become an enemy. Stroke and caress it, you are loved. Lets do this ladies.

♥  Awaken him with a passionate peck on the cheek each morning, and when he returns home at the end of the day, always greet him with a bear hug. Furthermore, you already know the “bedroom” moves that make him tick.  Let him wake up to them daily and let them be the last thing he sees or experiences before sleeping. Send us your thanks later.

♥  Whenever there is a need, make sure to give him some room. We couldn’t finish this article without telling all you queens out there that there should be a balance between being there for him and knowing when he needs space. You don’t want to come off as the clingy wife or girlfriend he loves but wishes she gives him a little space to breathe. Men love cars, games, sports, hanging out with the guys, etc. Allow him do these things as he uses them to take a break from life. You could also pick up interest in these activities and offer to do it with him. You got this, Ladies.

♥  As a final piece of advice, make sure you never stop praying for that one special man in your life. Pray for his plans, his endeavours, his businesses, his journeys, you name it. Just pray for him.

That’s it ladies.

Ladies, in everything that you do, don’t forget to be the type of woman that every man dreams of being with; the kind of woman that men would consider it a blessing and be overjoyed to have. To the point where, when he turns around and stares at you, he’ll say something along the lines of “Good Heavens! I’m happy  that I was able to meet you.
Baby Girl, answer the prayers that your man has been saying for you. Become His Peace, Right This Very Minute!

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