How to Cope With a Career Woman

Have you ever wondered why some men don’t really fancy the idea of dating a career woman, talk more of marrying a career woman?

This has been going on for a very long time now, believe me.
Right from the days of our great grand folks, career women has always been seen as a threat to the male folks.

First of all,

Who are Career Women?

Career women are women who are seen to be more interested in their career than being a house wife and having children.

They are mostly regarded as women who take pride in their job and chooses to work. They are often successful women who prefer to be independent.

Some people who use this word always seem to think that being a career women is a bad thing.

Some of the reasons i got, after series of questions and answers from reputable men are listed below:

1. Career women are hard headed

if you are a female you will agree with me that stubbornness has nothing to do with career.

Anyone can be stubborn if he/she chooses to be, so i think this is just a silly excuse.

2. Career women are expensive.

This reason got me choking, although i never argued with the fellow who said this.

A career woman to my own understanding is someone who pays are bills herself, she’s not depending on any man to take care of her personal bills.

I simply think career women are more exposed and as a result they fancy better things.

3. Career women are more likely to be unfaithful.

Do i need to write about this? Well, i think i should.

This factor is greatly dependent on the kind of person this career woman is. If she chooses to be unfaithful, it’s her decision.

Do not go about blaming it on the fact that she’s a career woman.

4. Career women are more likely to file for a divorce.

To some point, this is true. One feature possessed by career women is that, they know what they want and go for it.

Due to this fact, they have a very low endurance limit.

While many women would pray and hope for a change in their relationship, career women are sometimes impatient and will easily pull the plug on their supposed spouse.

There are so many other reasons that i was able to get from my research like Career women always want fewer kids, they are always busy and so on.

But instead of you just getting discouraged over all these reasons, why not focus on what will make for a better and happier relationship.

career women woman
Image Credit Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

How to cope with a Career Woman

1. Encouraging her to shine brighter.

Everyone of us have a dream and a goal we really want to achieve. For career women, this goal is their career.

These women are one of a kind, if you find one; endeavor to encourage her. The truth is the more you encourage her, the more she will remain loyal to you.

Make her understand that you will always be there even in difficult times.

2. Support her.

One fact remains that no matter how independent these women claim to be, they are not. They need support.

If there’s any little way you can offer her your support, please do it joyfully. It will please you to know that you’re playing an irreplaceable role in her success story.

3. Always be there for her.

No one is an island, there are certain times we get emotionally broken due to one reason or the other.

Try as much as possible to always provide a shoulder she can lean on and be there during her down times. Let her know she’s safe with you.

4. Home made food is not guaranteed.

This is one aspect, many men can’t cope with.
If you truly love and cherish her, try to be considerate. She’s not a super woman.

Be prepared to deal with many times when you won’t meet home made dinner.

It takes two to tangle, have a heart to heart talk on the best way to deal with this issue.
I’m sure there will always be a way out.

5. Be ready for criticism

You should know by now that the world we live in, is full of side talks and different opinions. Be ready to face criticism from family members, friends, colleagues and people you don’t even know.

If you can handle all these, you will certainly not encounter much problems in your relationship.
I believe love itself is tolerance and patience.

In summary, i think the value of any successful relationship is to have a satisfied partner. A bored woman always at home is likely to cause you more trouble.
Please guys, comment let’s know your say on this topic. And also for the ladies, you are not left out.

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  1. Eddy says

    That’s nice

  2. Jhenziejay says

    Big ups love coach..this is definitely gonna save so many relationships

    1. Grace says

      I agree with you.

  3. Anonymous says

    So true

  4. Ashley says

    I guess you didn’t address this particular scnerio I’m dealing with, She always find a way to degrade what ever I do to her, either the helps, support, care or advices I dish out she will always find something to says against it, she’s never pleased…most times I go out of my way to Satisfy this woman but what I get in return are bunch of ungrateful word. She never listens to opinion as she believes she can give herself the best. She’s always focused on what she wants to do in terms of her business and all, it’s quite OK to be business oriented but I’m sure there are ways a lady can handle that without it having any sort of adverse effect on the relationship.
    There’s a lot more to it but let me stop here. To me I can’t see myself settling down with a woman like this. I want my kids to be happy and always appreciate the fact that I chose a caring loving mother for them rather than someone who prefer to divert all love affection to her career at the expense of her family’s joy.

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