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Easiest way to check your DELSU Matriculation Number (Student Guide)

Are you seeking for guidance on how to check your DELSU matriculation number? In this Guide you will learn the easiest way to check your DELSU Matriculation Number.

Over the years, DELSU undergraduate students, newly accepted students, freshers, and graduates have frequently asked questions such as How To Check DELSU Matriculation Number.

What Should You Do If Your Name Doesn’t Appear On The DELSU JAMB Matriculation List?

Where can I find the DELSU Matriculation List Portal?


Who is this Matric Publication for?

This Delsu Matriculation article is made for everyone that is interested in knowing about their Delsu Matric Number and many more Delta state University related news.

As a result, you will find out that this post will cut across the below topics:

  • DELSU Matriculation List For All Undergraduate
  • What is the Meaning of DELSU Matriculation List?
  • how do I find out if my name is on the Matriculation List?
  • Why is my name not on DELSU Matriculation List?
  • What is DELSU Matriculation list all about?
  • What to do if your name is not on DELSU Matriculation List.

Delsu Matriculation Number

If you are one of these students, your search has come to an end since we will present you with all the information you need to know about your DELSU Matriculation number.


Including why it is significant, as well as instructions on how to check your DELSU Matriculation Number.

Graduates of various universities, including Delta State University (DELSU), can now check whether their admissions have been acknowledged by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board through a new web-based platform, which was launched by the board.

Before we go any further, let’s take a short look at what the DELSU matriculation list is all about.

What exactly is Matriculation

Delsu Matriculation dateMatriculation is the formal process of entering or being eligible to enter a university by meeting certain academic requirements, such as passing a matriculation examination.


For you to be reading this, simply means you must have passed your Delsu post-utme examinations quite well

Therefore, accept our congrats on your acceptance into Delta state University.

What is DELSU Matriculation List?

Delsu Matriculation list is a list that contains all the names of students that were given admission into Delta state University.

The DELSU Matriculation List is useful in confirming your admission. It is one of the ways to determine whether your admission is genuine or fake.

Therefore, It is very important that you verify that your name appears on the DELSU matriculation list.

Only those candidates whose names appear on this list are considered to be legitimate Delta State University students.

It is worth knowing that your application to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) plan for the one-year National service would be rejected if your name does not appear on the DELSU Matriculation list.

How To Check DELSU Matriculation Number

Here’s how to check your Delta State University matriculation Number, also known as the Matric Number, through the Jamb Checker Portal.

What happens if you can not find your Delsu Matriculation Number? Well, keep reading…

We took our time to answer a list of all frequently asked questions with regards to the Delsu Matriculation Number.

Frequently Asked Questions on Delsu Matriculation

new Delta State UniversityWhy Is My Name Not On DELSU Matriculation List?

The following are the most common reasons why your name does not appear on the DELSU Matriculation List:

  • Admission has not been granted to you at this time.
  • You are yet to print out your Original JAMB result.
  • You are yet to print your JAMB Admission Letter.
  • Maybe Your Original JAMB Result was modified and payment was never made.

What You can Do If Your Name Is Not On DELSU School Matriculation List

The following are ways you can solve the issue of your name not appearing on the Delsu Matriculation List.

  • Walk into the nearest JAMB-accredited computer-based testing center.
  • Print your Admission Letter from the e-Facility Platform by logging into your account.
  • Additionally, you should print your original JAMB Result Slip online from the e-Facility Platform to avoid being modified later.

Does DELSU or JAMB Give Admission

When it comes to Delsu admissions, DELSU as an institution has the authority to admit any candidate who requests for admission, as long as the individual fits the entrance requirements of the university.

DELSU is also responsible for gathering the names of qualified candidates for admission, following which the names will be forwarded to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board for upload.

Without DELSU’s approval, JAMB will be unable to provide admission to any candidates.

This means that JAMB will not be able to provide any candidates admission unless the school has given their approval.

Is delsu admission list out?

Yes, Delsu admission list for the 2022/2023 Academic session is out.

Click here to check your admission status.

When is Delsu Matriculation ?

Delsu Matriculation ceremony date has been schedule already, click here to find out.

What is Delsu Matric Number?

Delsu Matriculation Number is simply your student identity number that is issued to you by the Delta state University academical administration board.

Your Delsu Matric number is unique to only you as no two Delsu student can have the same matriculation number.

How can I know my Matriculation Number in Delsu?

Delta State University’s matriculation Number can be checked via the Student Portal. You can check your matriculation status by visiting

Choose the year of your exam. If prompted, provide your JAMB Registration Number and proceed.

How to Check Delsu Admission

Simply visit, Click DELSU admission list for your current year. Enter your JAMB registration number, then click on “check admission status” to get check your results.

When is delsu matriculation coming up

Click here to find out when Delsu Matriculation is coming up.

How to check delsu matriculation number

The Student Portal allows you to check up your Delta State University matriculation number. Visit to check your matriculation status.

Identify the year of your examination. Provide your JAMB Registration Number when asked and continue.

Quick Recap on how to check your Matric Number

Go to, Choose Your Exam Year. Fill in your JAMB Registration Number. then click on Fetch My Details.

Whenever any changes are made to the How to check your DELSU matriculation number, we will make sure to post and update the new information here on this page.

If for some certain reasons, you are not able to find what you hoped you will find. Kindly drop a comment in the comment section below and we will immediately point you in the right direction.

We wish you a happy learning phase!

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