Latest update from Delsu Director of Information

It’s the hope of the Student Union Government that our dear students are having a Merry Christmas Holiday at the various locations they’ve chosen to do so.

We however like to remind you all that school resumes on Sunday 5th of January 2020 and academic activities starts the following day. Course registration is still on till 17th of January.

For the 100L students, Matriculation Ceremony is slated for Saturday 11th of January 2020. Information about the collection of matriculation gowns and other logistics will be communicated when school resumes.

Validation of ID card for the old students will start immediately school resumes. They are all expected to go to the school cafe to do so, in preparation for the first semester examination.

There have been rumours on the postponement of the First Semester Examination originally slated to start from 20th of January. We urge our dear students to debunk the rumour and start preparing for exam. Any changes to that effect will be duly communicated.

Compliment of the season to you all and Happy New Year in advance. Please do make sure you bring our Christmas package while returning to campus.

Emetenjor Friday Maduabuchi
Director of Information, SUG

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