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5 Things To Never Say To Your Boyfriend.

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5 Things To Never Say To Your Boyfriend.

If you want your relationship to last, there are five things you should not tell your lover. (Quick Read)

Between two lovers, there should be no secrets. However, there is one little exception to this rule. Being in love with someone implies that you can share some important information with them, but this does not have to include every detail of your life.

Here are some things you should never tell your lover.

1. Never tell him you loathe or despise your ex: If your past partner upset you and you still hold grudges against him, don’t tell your boyfriend how much you dislike him. Put yourself in his place; you wouldn’t want to hear him talk so much about his ex. Also, if you keep bringing up issues about how your ex treated you, your current boyfriend might be afraid that if things get tense between you two, he’ll end up on your “hate list.”


2. Never talk about your attractive girlfriends to your boyfriend: Some of your friends may be hot, attractive, and gorgeous, and some girls do enjoy bragging about it to their partners, which is not nice. Even if it may not seem like a huge deal, don’t do it. If you want to use it to build your ego by letting him know you have attractive friends, keep in mind that some guys are receiving a secret message to check out your friends every now and again.

3. Don’t inform him about your troubled life before he approached you: It would be awful to tell a man how chaotic your life was before he came into it. You may get into a minor quarrel, which he may decide to use against you. This may cause him to harbor unpleasant feelings about you. If you tell him you’ve had several abortions, he might conclude that you won’t be able to have children. If he’s a jerk or a irresponsible guy, he can try to manipulate, use and leave you, leaving you even more heartbroken.

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4. Don’t tell him he’s not a complete man: Nothing you do or say in your relationship should make your lover feel any less of a man. Even if you feel compelled to inform him that he is underachieving or failing in particular areas, use suitable language. He wouldn’t like being approached in a confrontational manner. Encourage him to improve instead. Make a mental note of the areas where he has to improve and gently remind him of them.


5. Never tell him how romantic or unromantic your ex was while you’re having fun: Never tell him how horrible your ex was while you’re having fun with him since he might fear you’re going to leave him for another guy if he doesn’t live up to your standards. He may believe he isn’t contributing enough. No man wants to be in a competition with your ex. Another reason you shouldn’t tell him is that he can misinterpret you as someone who simply dates for pleasure and assumes you want to do the same with him.

You want to reaffirm him vocally that you love him, that you value him, and that you are grateful to have him in your life.
Pray for him and express your gratitude for his efforts.


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