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How to Shop Safely on AbrakaMall

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How to Shop Safely on AbrakaMall

Here are some tips to help you shop safely on AbrakaMall.

AbrakaMall offers a really large database of people willing to sell their products/services.

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Unfortunately the world we live in, is corrupted with individuals willing to take advantage of other individuals who are not enlightened.

First and foremost, you will notice that only a few account on AbrakaMall has a blue tick and quite a number of star ratings.

This is done in an attempt to curb the wrong use of the AbrakaMall.

Feel free to contact accounts with the blue tick, because such account has gone through a degree of scrutiny by our support team.

However, being cautious won’t cause you a thing.

How to be Safe on AbrakaMall

Accounts on AbrakaMall are rated with stars

Accounts with 3 to 5 stars are generally renowned Abraka Vendors who will not stoop so low as to ruin their reputation.

This does not mean that other Vendors with lower stars are not worth contacting for their services.

Remember, it’s just our own way of rating.

The more positive reviews a Vendor gets, the higher ratings they achieve and in due time such accounts gets verified.

Protect your privacy

Don’t share your financial information (example: Internet banking login and password, bank account info, or exact location) with Vendors or Users as the case may be.

If you’re selling an electronic device capable of storing data, make sure you’ve cleared any personal information from the device before putting it up for sale.

Meet in a Safe/Public location

If you’re meeting up with someone from AbrakaMall to buy or sell a product/service, we recommend meeting up in a public location. Soon we shall be announcing pick up centers on AbrakaMall.

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Verify Products/Services in person

If you’re buying an item, make sure it’s what you want before you pay for it. For high-value items (example: watches, luxury bags), you can request a certificate of authenticity or proof of purchase.

If you’re not satisfied with an item’s condition or have doubts about its authenticity, you can decline to complete the purchase.

If the Vendor offers to send the item rather than meeting in person, keep in mind that you won’t have the chance to verify such products.

Use cash or person-to-person payment methods that you can physically verify.

Keep in mind that there are fake transfers, always verify and acknowledge your payment before you complete any Transaction.

Transactions are between the buyer and Vendors, you may decide to invite the presence of an AbrakaMall admin to act as an escrow.

Watch out for counterfeit items

It’s illegal to sell counterfeit items and counterfeits aren’t allowed on AbrakaMall.

We recommend you review any item you buy to make sure that they’re genuine.

Double-check deals that seem too good to be true. Scammers may try to use underpriced items to lure buyers into a scam.

We do not take likely any little glimpse or attempt on scam.

We will suspend or ban your account without warning!

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