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How to upload a Product on Abraka mall

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How to upload a Product on Abraka mall

Uploading your Product/Service is an opportunity to showcase your product/service to your potential customers and also provide buyers with all the informations they need to help them decide to do business with you.

In few minutes, you will learn how to upload a Product or service on AbrakaMall. We’ll start from the very beginning of opening AbrakaMall on the application or on the website.

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You can make use of our platform using our mobile application or by simply using a browsing application .

Since mobile application is the new order of the day, we have already gone through the stress of developing one for you.

You can download our mobile application from the Google play store, simply log on to your Android play store and search for AbrakaMall and click on download.

Peradventure you find it difficult to download from play store, you can also click on the button below to download.

download abrakamall application
Using a Browsing application

Simply type in the web address www.abrakamall.com on any browsing software such as chrome, Phxbrowser, safari etc.

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Our platform is highly responsive, no matter the device or screen resolution you may wish to visit our platform it has been designed to fit perfectly on any screen.

You will be welcomed with an engaging homepage that consist of a banner advertisement, products and service display, category page, your own personalized dashboard etc

abrakamall homepage

  • Click on Account, the icon with a profile image.
  • Click on “Post New Product“.
  • You will be taking to a page to fill your product/Service details.

Tips on uploading your product/Service on AbrakaMall

You might be wondering, do i need tips on how to upload a Product or service on AbrakaMall.

Believe us you do, there are certain little factors that are capable of distinguishing you from other vendors.

Just a little tweak and your product/service will stand out from the rest.

Stay with us as we share some tips on uploading your product/service on AbrakaMall.

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Product Name: First of all, this is the keyword a potential customer will input on AbrakaMall to search for your product.
We understand that there’s a particular name you know your product or service as, but you are not uploading your product/service for yourself.

You have to place yourself in the shoes of your potential customers, what keyword they may type, when in search of your product.

For example, you may want to sell a power bank and you type in “New Age Power Bank” as the product name.

Your potential customer may be in need of a “Blue 5000mah Power Bank with a type C usb Charging port”.

Your best guess is that someone who uploaded the same product with you using the keywords “Blue 5000mah Power Bank with a type C usb Charging port” will be placed above yours which truly we know is a NewAge Power Bank.

It’s simply a matter of perception, to summarize it all. Customers are always right. Upload with the mind of your potential customers.

Product/Service Description: This is another special and important part of your product/Service upload, this is the section where you highlight the key features of your product or service. Feel free to write to your hearts content but the truth is that, if it’s too long no one will read it. Try to summarize the key features of your products or Services in few but compelling words. Your potential customer should be able to see what distinguishes your product/Service from other similar products/Service on AbrakaMall.

Product Fault or Service Limitation: This section is specifically for fairly used products, here you list out all the faults of your products.
Be honest about it, remember that this platform is built in integrity and honesty. We do not take likely any report of scam or faults that were not settled upon. We will ban your account without notice!

Does your services have limitations? Please provide the necessary information in this section. Believe me there are customers out there that will do business with you even with the product fault and service limitations.

Remember the old saying, One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Kindly provide your potential customers will all the information there is, to your product/service. It will reduce the stress you might go through during your business transactions.

Product Price: This section is quite explanatory, remember you’re not the only one selling on AbrakaMall. It’s far better you make frequent sales of a meaningful profit than almost no sale at all due to the expensive price you may have listed.

Believe us, the competition on AbrakaMall is high. Your product price might just be the key in executing swift and frequent sales. So be considerate when typing in your product price.

Product/Service Location: Here, you simply fill in your location, we advise that you should not be too specific about your location. Just a landmark is enough, due to security reasons.

Product Category: Every Product on AbrakaMall is Sectioned under 7 broad categories. We are very sure your product must fall into one these categories, if not then you have an option of a category called “others

Product Type: There are basically 3 categories of product type on AbrakaMall, New, fairly used and UK products. This is self explanatory, simply select the category your product falls under and move on to the next section.

Product/Service Price Negotiable: is the price of your product/service negotiable? Let your customers know. The truth is that customers will always price, you can put this into consideration when filling out this section.

Camera Logo: Clicking on this, will open up your gallery to upload an image of your product or service as the case maybe. You can upload 3 images of the same product/service when you click here.

Simply click on the camera icon, when your gallery opens up. Select more than one image and upload. This will enable your customers to swipe through your product/service and get a better view.

Additional Tip

Speed matters alot in the online world. You will find out that when scrolling through products/services on AbrakaMall, some take a bit more time to display while others are faster to display.
This is due to their sizes, a smaller sized product image will load faster than other products with a larger size.

The key here is to upload small sized images, so while other product/service is trying to display; yours is already visible.
Hence your product/service will grab the customers attention and you will get the click and most especially, the sales!

There are two methods of getting a low sized image of your product to upload on AbrakaMall.

First method is to get your images from the internet. You can search for the image of your product that is already available on the internet.

Download and upload on AbrakaMall, the best size of an image to upload is an image less than 20kb (kilobyte).

Please Note: when downloading images from the web, make sure it is the exact image of the product/service you have, both in color, size and quality. We take this matter very serious, any bad report that may arise from this error will surely get your account suspended.

The above method may not be available for products/services that is not on the web or fairly used products, since your potential customers may want to see your product/service for what it really is.

You can follow the below steps to compress your image.

After you must have gotten the image (taking photos) of the product/service, goto www.tinypng.com they offer a free image compression service.

Upload your picture and wait for the website to compress your image, then click on download.

You will discover that your image has been drastically reduced in size, hopefully your picture will not lose quality.

You can now upload your products/Services on AbrakaMall.

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