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Land a job as a Resume Writer at TopStack Resume in Canada

TopStack is a young but rapidly growing resume writing company that operates as a fully remote business to assist individuals from a variety of backgrounds and professions as they begin, elevate, and/or transition into their new or more prominent professional careers.

TopStack was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Our staff is rapidly expanding, and in order to accommodate our expansion, we are looking to hire experienced writers who specialize in resume writing.

Your level of experience will determine the number of opportunities available to you as a member of our resume writing team to write or improve resumes and cover letters, optimize LinkedIn profiles, and create other career-related documentation for clients located all over Canada.


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These opportunities will be based on your level of experience. In addition, if you are one of our more experienced writers, you will have the ability to offer personalized career counseling, preparation for interviews, and other support with job searches and applications.

Our mission is to provide possibilities for writers who are self-directed, attentive to detail, and dedicated to the production of high-quality work while maintaining the flexibility to do so remotely.


  • Receive your own personal email address from the company.
  • Be added to all of our internal systems so that you can work efficiently through orders from the beginning to the end (Trello), and quickly communicate with other TopStack authors and staff (Slack).
  • Communicate directly via email with customers you’ve selected to do the majority of your business with (some packages offer phone communication, but writers have full autonomy in only requesting the jobs that align with their experience, ability to meet preferred deadlines, and available resources to offer alternate contact methods).
  • You will have access to a range of materials that will assist you in achieving success, such as sample documents for your resume, cover letter, and emails; video tutorials; writers’ guides; and help from other TopStack writers and employees.


We are actively looking for writers who can make a commitment to completing 20 or more orders each month. At a bare minimum, authors should have the capacity to request and fulfill 10 or more orders per calendar month.

Because you run your business entirely from home, you are in complete control of your schedule and workload. These factors are determined by how quickly you can answer to customers’ inquiries and fulfill their purchases.

Writers have the opportunity to make work requests for available jobs depending on their availability, interest, and experience in order to complete an order to the required standard.


The amount of money that each TopStack writer receives is directly proportional to the number of orders that they successfully finish. Payments are made on a weekly basis, on Mondays, for all orders that have been finished and paid for by Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.


We are able to provide rates that are competitive, but we do not publish them at this time.

Prior to confirming employment, the selected candidates will be provided with an overview of the compensation rates as well as other frequently asked questions.

Our full-time writers make an average monthly salary that ranges anywhere from $4,000 to $6,500 CAD, on average.

In addition, the monthly salary for our part-time writers is normally between $2,000 and $3,250 Canadian Dollars.


  • the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, to manage one’s time effectively, and to use computers
  • 1 or more years of experience creating resumes OR 3 or more years of cumulative experience working in one or more of the following fields: professional writing, Human Resources (hiring), career services/consulting, or talent acquisition/recruiting.
  • Be familiar with the most recent resume formats, the capabilities of application tracking systems (ATS), and the best practices for generating quality resumes tailored to each client’s specific business or professional sector.
  • The capacity to do productive work while being afforded a significant amount of autonomy, flexibility, and accountability.


  • Previous success or experience working in an environment that is entirely without human interaction.
  • Accreditation from one of the most prestigious professional groups (e.g., NRWA, CDI, CPRW, CRS, etc.)


  • Experience in providing career advice and/or coaching, as well as hiring and/or recruiting services, as well as writing resumes. These qualifications can be obtained through a variety of professional experiences in a variety of settings. As a result, writers need to be familiar with the best practices for resume writing and the criteria that HR professionals look for in order to generate client papers that attract attention to the client’s resume and help them land more interviews.
  • Capability to operate with a high degree of accountability and flexibility in one’s work. Writers are not given work to complete; rather, they are given the opportunity to put in a request for work based on their level of interest in the project as well as their confidence in their ability to produce high-quality results based on the client’s career field and any other information that was provided when the order was placed.

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  • Capability to work with a high degree of independence. Guidelines and resources offered by TopStack come with a very high recommendation as a result of their track record of accomplishment in the industry. We do, however, also give a lot of discretion as well as to encourage writers to find a procedure that works best for their writing style, availability, etc., we do allow a lot of discretion as well.
  • Capability to work well in a remote environment and to quickly learn and implement new software systems. Each of the internal systems that we use (Gmail, Slack, Trello, and the Team Website) interfaces with the other so that we can finish orders in a smooth and seamless manner from start to finish. In order to be successful in this industry, writers need to be able to switch between several applications.
  • Capability to develop and sustain relationships with customers primarily through the use of email. Because the majority of interactions with the company will take place through email, writers need to have excellent communication skills to establish a certain level of trust with their clients. This will ensure that clients are confident in the process, the work that is being produced, and the achievement of career goals. The process of turning jobs into paid orders requires a high level of consistency in communication and follow-up, in addition to generating products of a high quality.
    A familiarity with and an understanding of work done on commission. Because of the one-of-a-kind nature of this company’s business model, it is essential that writers comprehend the significance of providing high-quality work, communication, and follow-up in the pursuit of not only securing the client’s satisfaction but also increasing the likelihood of acquiring new business.

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