Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI Fellowship 2022

Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI Fellowship 2022

Are you seeking a scholarship to assist you recruit an international doctorate student? The EDUFI Fellowship is meant specifically to provide beginning funding for PhD dissertation research in Finland.

The fellowship has brought outstanding young researchers to Finland, the majority of whom have also been successful in obtaining further financing for their studies.

Brief Description

  • Type: Fellowship
  • Organisation: Finnish National Agency for Education
  • Country to study: Finland
  • Course to study: Not specified
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: Not Specified

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About the Finnish National Agency for Education

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The national administration of education and training in Finland is divided into two levels. The top authority in Finland is the Ministry of Education and Culture, which is in charge of all publicly funded education. The Ministry is in charge of crafting educational legislation, making the essential choices, and allocating the Government’s part of the state budget.

The National Education Agency of Finland The national development organization in charge of adult education and training, pre-primary, elementary, general, and vocational upper secondary education is known as EDUFI. The Ministry of Education and Culture is in charge of higher education.

EDUFI oversees the implementation of the Nordplus, Erasmus+, and European Solidarity Corps programs in Finland as the country’s national agency. Additionally, EDUFI runs a number of government programs that support and finance internationalization.


Scholarship Benefit

EDUFI Fellowship will grant the following:

  • For starting work on a doctoral research project if the entire dissertation will be completed at a university in Finland. You cannot submit a funding application at the conclusion of a research project or for post-doctoral research.
  • For obtaining two degrees in Finland.
  • For a study tour by post-graduate students working on their doctoral dissertations at an institution outside Finland, if there are strong reasons for the partnership.

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Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI Fellowship, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

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  • International Students are required to apply.
  • Applicants must hold a teaching or research position in a Finnish university department.
  • The applicant will host the research fellow.
  • Applicants will agree to share goals with the research fellow.
  • Research fellows will use facilities and equipment provided by applicants.
  • The research will be supervised by applicants.
  • You may apply for a fellowship on behalf of a non-Finnish postgraduate (post-degree) Master’s student or young researcher whom you will bring to Finland or who has been in Finland for no more than one year prior to applying for the fellowship.
  • The EDUFI Fellowship is open to all foreign nationals and all academic disciplines.

How to apply

The EDUFI Fellowship application form is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English. The application form includes filling instructions and a list of required attachments. Please email the signed application and all attachments to Kirjaamo(at)oph.fi with the subject line “EDUFI Fellowship.”

NB: EDUFI will not process applications where the applicant is not a representative of a Finnish university.

EDUFI Fellowships_Application_form_and_instructions_22062022.doc


Application Deadline

Still Ongoing.

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