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15 Tips to Help You Be a Better Wife.

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15 Tips to Help You Be a Better Wife.

How to become a better wife in marriage. How can you bring joy to not only your husband but also your children and yourself, as well as the rest of your family? The following are some suggestions to think about if you want to be the best possible wife for your husband.

1. Be exceptional.

Create an exceptional treasure for your husband in the form of yourself. Being physically attractive isn’t the only factor to consider. Just embody personal qualities that are rare in women, if not in all of humanity, which include honesty, compassion, humility, loyalty, and consistency. These traits are desirable in a partner because they demonstrate a strong sense of integrity. You will not only be a better wife if you possess these key attributes, but you will also be the best wife for your husband if you marry someone who has these characteristics.

2. Make it easier for him to trust you.


It’s possible that your husband loves and cares for you deeply, and that he puts his trust in you each and every day. However, if he finds out on a continuous basis that you are lying to him and breaking commitments, he will have a tough time trusting you. Honesty will make you a better wife, therefore make it a habit to act truthfully at all times. Show your husband that you can be relied on by demonstrating your honesty to him. You can win back the affection of your husband by making it easy for him to have trust in you.

3. Have faith in him.

Allow some breathing room for your husband, and put your faith in him. Give him the impression not only that he is loved, but also that he is trusted. Both of these things are important to him.

4. Let go of the nagging.


According to Proverbs 25:24, even the Bible advises that “It is better to live on a corner of the roof than to share a house with a quarrelsome wife.” In other words, men would prefer to  to live in an isolated location than be with a nagging woman.  If you want to be a better wife, you need to refrain from being a nagging and grumpy spouse. Be a peacemaker instead, and give your husband and your children a feeling of safety by being there for them.

5. You should make an attempt to win your husband’s approval.

If you want to be a good wife, you should always explore ways in which you may make your spouse happy. On the other hand, if you want to be a better wife, you should try to do something that will make your husband very happy. Thoughts are significant, but what we do with those thoughts is of much more significance.

Put out your best effort to win over the approval of your hubby. Make sure you serve him his go-to food. Give him a present as a pleasant shock. Massage him to make him feel better. Also, in the bedroom, do everything you can to fulfill your husband’s wildest wishes.


6. Make an active effort to enjoy your time with him.

You may see your husband happy, but if he discovers you are unhappy, his happiness would be crushed, more especially as he loves you. As a result of this, you should take action to satisfy both yourself and your husband. But what are the choices you have?

Be open-minded and initiate some new experiences by trying out things you have never done before. Try to take an interest in things that he enjoys, such as action movies, fast vehicles, sports, and so on.

It will be a morale booster for him to know that you share his interests, which will in turn make him happier.

7. Exercise self-control.

Self-control is the foundation for a number of other admirable virtues. It helps you break bad habits that you’ve developed over time. It makes it easier for you to realize your ambitions in terms of your professional life, your business, and your life in general. It prevents you from acting in an impolite manner. It serves as a defense mechanism against disease. It protects you from falling into sin. It makes your heart more tender. It safeguards you against causing harm to your husband, your children, or even yourself.

8. Strive to be a gracious and generous spouse. 

Put an end to playing the game of keeping score to see who is coming out on top in your relationship. Put an end to your whining simply because you make a greater contribution than your husband does. You certainly have the right to raise an objection, but isn’t love supposed to be about giving without expecting anything in return from your partner?

You need to be generous and gracious, which means giving with a happy heart even when not fully deserved, if you want to be a better wife. And there is a clear difference between grace and blessing.  Something that comes your way after you’ve put forth a lot of effort to earn it and deserve it is a blessing. On the other hand, grace is something that is bestowed upon a person regardless of whether or not they deserve it.

9. Strive to be a more responsible daughter-in-law. 

You should show honor and respect for your husband’s family. Pay a visit to them and have a conversation with them. Establish friendly relations with them. Enjoy yourself with them to the fullest. Keep in mind that you are already regarded as their daughter and an essential member of their family because you are married to their son.

10. In addition to that, strive to be a better sibling-in-law.

Obviously, you should also take into consideration the responsibility of looking after your husband’s siblings. They have joined your family and are now considered your brothers and sisters. Treat them with courtesy and friendliness at all times. Take part in a conversation with them. Do not be afraid to solicit their assistance or to provide it for them if they find themselves in need of it. Take into consideration the fact that your family is already expanding.


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11. Make responsible choices with money.

Because you are the person who will most likely be in charge of the finances, you should educate yourself on how to construct a budget, be aware of the costs associated with running your household, look for additional ways to earn money, and start an emergency fund. Spending your money on unnecessary things is a waste of money. In order to protect your family from the hazardous conditions, you should exercise financial restraint.

12. Always strive to be a helpful wife.

Find out what your husband’s ultimate goals are, and do everything you can to help him achieve them. This is especially important if those goals will improve the future for your family. Maintain awareness of activities that pertain to the family and offer assistance whenever it is required. If he has the misfortune of missing a target, you should be there to bolster his confidence.

13. Make an effort not to embarrass your hubby.

Maintain the respect and honor of your husband at all costs. Be a woman of whom she can feel proud, rather than one of whom she is ashamed. Exhibit some modesty and decent behavior. Stay away from anything that could get you in trouble. Remember that you and your spouse now share the same reputation as a result of your marriage.

14. Show him the proper amount of respect.

Pay attention to the values and beliefs he upholds. It is important that you, as a woman, respect your husband. Honor the promises you made at your wedding. To men, respect is golden. Never show him disrespect, whether it be in public or in private, and do everything in your power to avoid doing so.

15. Be dependable.

Keep your commitment at the forefront at all times. He must be aware that you will always be there for him. Even though he is aware of it, you should still make it a point to bring it to his attention by reminding him frequently.

While you focus on becoming a better wife, don’t forget to make improvements in other areas of your life as well. Gain new skills and put effort into improving your appearance. While you’re working on improving in other areas, you should remind him of the physical characteristics that drew him to you in the first place. You owe a lot to your husband, but the truth is that you owe much more to yourself.

To being a better wife, cheers!

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