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Prof. Victor Peretomode to commission the New Delta state University Library.

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Prof. Victor Peretomode to commission the New Delta state University Library.

The SUG Director of information of our prestigious Delta state University, Mr Emetenjor Friday Maduabuchi has announced the commission of the new Delta state University.

This event is slated to take place on the 28th of November 2019, the Vice Chancellor Professor Victor Peretomode will be joined by the Director of Tetfund and members of the university community to commission the new Delta State University Library.

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According to the SUG director of information, the new Ultra Modern Library has a capacity of four thousand and five hundred (4,500) sitting capacity.

The new Library is located in campus three (site III) Abraka campus, it has been said to be a very rare setting in Nigeria.

The Ultra Modern Library consist of an elevator, an E-library section with more than 100 computers.

It also has a place to make calls, a relaxation Centre and a Canteen.

The Library will be available till late evenings from Mondays to Fridays.

While On Saturdays, students will be allowed till 4pm. Students can also visit the new Delsu Library on Sundays but only till about 2pm.

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During the period of Delta State University’s examination, the Library will be available for 24hrs, to enable DELSU students better prepare themselves for their exams in a comfortable atmosphere.

The Director of Information, Mr Emetenjor Friday Maduabuchi also added that the Student Union Government cannot thank the Vice-Chancellor enough for this and also encouraged students to make good use of the Library in increasing their reading culture.

He pleaded that students should not just visit the library to use the elevator and the other facilities we have earlier mentioned above, but students should utilize this comfortable reading environment for reading and improving their CGPA.

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