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3 Reasons Why i Hate Awoko

Night time study sessions in Delta State University popularly known as ‘awoko‘ is a nice little way of getting some study time.

Most times, Awoko is done in preparation for exams or tests as the case maybe.

As the name implies, it takes place at night (LATE at night).

I’ve been to these Night study sessions a few times back in my day, but not for the reasons you might think.


For some, Studying late at night poses no threat, but it has an adverse effect on others.

It all comes down to your sleep cycle. With less distractions, peace and quiet, studying at night can improve a student’s concentration and focus.

But Most students who go for ‘awoko‘ don’t take advantage of this opportunity to actually study but rather engage in mindless unproductive conversations and this is not good at all.

Most might say it’s none of my concern, that I should do my own while they do theirs, the truth of the matter is that if they wanted to keep to themselves (and study) they’d stay at home.


I’m neither encouraging nor discouraging ‘awoko‘, I’m just stating a fact, you shouldn’t leave the comfort of your home at a time when ‘ghouls come out to play’ all in the name of gossiping disguised as studying.

All sorts of dark stuffs goes down during the time most students engage in their ‘awoko‘.

Molestation, intimidation, rape, breaking and entry, gossiping, vandalization and a hell of a lot more.

Some Students unfortunately are part of or get caught up in a few of them.


I would like to highlight a few things I hate about the night-time study session known as awoko.

Why I hate AWOKO


The fact that it takes place at night is something I hate.

Yes, I know during the day the hustle and bustle of school life gets to students but still, night time is a time for rest, for calm reflection, blissful relaxation, meticulous calculations and assignments amongst other things.

An average person needs a minimum of seven hours of sleep, in order to rest the brain and so on.

I know workaholics like me don’t get enough rest but still, students shouldn’t be subjected to such stress.

And most people wonder why students fall asleep during some lectures (boring lectures excluded).

Movement at night is something has always been an unsafe affair, regardless of being on the school premises or not.

Most students don’t live on the school campus and may have to leave their hostels late at night to attend their said ‘awoko‘.

Cult activities, Ritualistic killings, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping, to name a few are on the high side in communities that have tertiary institutions, whatever the hour of the day.

I was speaking with a friend of mine, Vivian is her name, about two months ago (I can’t really recall the time frame), during our conversation, one thing led to the other and She narrated an ordeal she had while in school.

According to her story, they (my friend and her roommate) had just left their hostel at about 9;00 pm heading for their night time study session.

Immediately they came out of the compound, a car pulled up by them and two armed men forcefully shoved them into it.

In the vehicle, they begged and pleaded for their lives that they were only going out to study.

Their phones were collected and every other item of valve on them.

Still on the road, probably heading to ‘rape avenue’ before dropping them off at ‘ritual vile’.

Two Sienna vehicles were seen speeding up to them trying to catch up to them.

The Siennas caught up with them and were able to stop the car through various rough maneuvering techniques.

After the goons were apprehended and the girls were successfully returned to their hostel, it was revealed that these vigilante guys noticed when the girls were picked up and swung into action almost immediately.

That was how she stopped her awoko, Heaven knows where the girls would have been taken and/or what might have happened to them.

My friend didn’t give me the nitty gritty details of what may or may not have transpired during their capture but I could tell from the tone in her voice that she (and possibly her friend) had gotten emotional, psychological and probably physical scars from the encounter.

Moving out late out night, whether for knowledge or not is never a ‘safe’ idea.


Then there’s the issue of reading with poor lighting.

Don’t get me wrong, poor lighting doesn’t cause a decline in one’s vision, it causes eye strain.

Like every other muscle in your body, your eyes also get tired when overworked (hence why some students drift off in class).

If you want to read in dim light you might as well do that at home and save yourself the stress.


There’s this Bluetooth speaker that people are carrying around these days (It’s always been there but it seems to be blowing up now); the device has the portable one and then there’s the big one that looks like…I’m not even sure what to compare it to.

Don’t get me wrong, the device improves your movie watching experience but that does not mean you should disturb the neighborhood with it or the study area in this case.

Someone might be trying to get caught up on ‘basic principles on running a business’ and some random dude would be playing songs like ‘totori me one time tor totori me two time tortor’ ON FULL VOLUME!!!

The damn song got stuck in my head.

I mean, that guy seriously left his dwelling to study? come on.

The system is so bad now that ‘awoko‘ no longer holds a high place in student-bonding and study session, it has always had a few bad eggs but at least then they had the decency to hide it.

Now It’s very visibly drenched with boys and girls hopped up on hormones they can’t explain, dressing almost naked and being hooligans, wasting precious study hours on relationships, indolent discussion, YAHOO

Apart from studying, ‘Awoko’ gives students the ability to socialize, interact with peers having similar interests.

Getting ideas for assignments, projects and so on, even benefiting from the enlightened ones regardless of the department.

I don’t completely hate awoko but I only hate what it has become.

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