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2023 PayPal Report: Did PayPal Block UBA Africard?

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2023 PayPal Report: Did PayPal Block UBA Africard?

Did PayPal actually block UBA Africard? Well, PayPal couldn’t have blocked UBA Africard but probably have linked it to similar activities that violate their terms of service.

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Did PayPal block UBA Africard?

UBA Africard RequirementsUBA Africard was the buzz news in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. it was a discovery that was both favorable to exchangers and internet marketers from PayPal-restricted countries especially Nigeria.

Many of our readers got this news early enough and enjoyed it while it lasted. The United Bank for Africa, as a major player in the banking sector in Africa, had gone ahead of other credit card service providers to offer its first-ever International Low and High Prepaid Card in the year 2011 which only became very popular in 2019, because it was able to make and receive payments internationally.

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Such characteristics are not so with many other cards we currently have. This card even acts like an electronic wallet that gives the user the privilege to load, send and receive payments globally.

Once you are issued this card, you are also given a wallet space where you can check and balance your transaction on the UBA app (if you so desire), otherwise, you could still use this card without having a UBA account.

Only that your wallet information won’t be so much accessible to you or easy as it should be if you decided to add it to the online UBA banking app.

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The card is accepted internationally and on every payment gateway and hence, the reason it could make and receive payment on PayPal.

It was indeed an easier option for Forex trading individuals living in PayPal-restricted countries.

The UBA Africard was used alongside the Lesotho PayPal account option and users withdrew their funds to their account in their local currency without having to deal with a currency exchanger.

And most of it was that it was usually the official rate, and that is not common with PayPal as it always comes last in the exchange rate of major payment gateways used by freelancers and internet marketers, especially in Nigeria.

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While other payment gateways like Payoneer exchanged for #340/$, PayPal would barely go for #310/$.

This is due to a lot of factors, including the dynamic nature of safely owning and operating a PayPal account in Nigeria, since it’s most likely going to be Blackhat.

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But things seem to be falling apart as it’s been a heated discussion in many groups, as to whether this service is no more available or not.

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Our simple guess:

At the first instance, using a Lesotho PayPal from a restricted country was already against PayPal TOS
Withdrawing from PayPal with Lesotho PayPal over time might have drawn the attention of PayPal robots to a similar pattern of activities mostly from restricted countries like Nigeria and Ghana.

Over time there might have been more than the necessary number of disabled PayPal accounts mostly operated from restricted countries like Nigeria.
And with the majority of them linking to UBA Africard, it’s likely they have put a halt to it with an IT personnel presently studying the pattern, which is likely to result in blacklisting the card.

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