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Experience with Fuel Stations in Abraka – Delsu Diary PT 4

Abraka, home to the prestigious Delta State University and some other note worthy sites.

Like every other place in Nigeria, Abraka has a lot of issues.

In fueling stations, one might find one of those said issues. Now I’m not referring to fuel scarcity or hoarding of petroleum products but to the clientele, their consumer relationship and my personal experiences.

Abraka has a lot of fueling stations, even as you read this more are being built and others nearing completion.


A few tightly crammed fueling stations in Abraka include: Oando, located along the
agbor/sapele Expressway; Tomas (something something) at NUT junction.

Then there’s one opposite Oando whose name I always seem to forget; Foste along police station road.

Sudoz also along the expressway, to state a few.

During my brief stay here, I have been to the
aforementioned locations and have a little to tell about my experiences there, both good and
bad alike.


Fuel Stations in Abraka


This fueling station is popular amongst residents along the NUT road, the expressway
and it’s environs.

Service here is okay, staffs aren’t always cheery but that doesn’t get in the way of rendering proper service.

The staff are always alert, smart and receptive even with terrible customers.


This Fueling Station is one stop for most transporters running the warri/eku/sapele route.

They can easily get change for large sums without hassle.

Did I mention they ‘occasionally’ use POS?

But like every fueling station before it, once the crowd starts to wail on the clientele, and the
stress is dialed up to eleven, only a few can take it.

I recall a day, it was about 7pm, I wanted to buy fuel and oil for my small generator to charge small gadgets.

If remember correctly, BEDC hasn’t graced us with their presence for close to a week at that time.

So I took advantage of the situation and started charging phones and other devices for a small fee.

When I got to the fueling station, the queue was something else due to the prolonged

The line of gallons outnumbered the cars by the hundreds (hundred may be a little over exaggerated but the gallons were more than the cars by comparison).

And like all kind hearted and God fearing citizens of our beautiful nation, they sold the fuel at a higher price.

So I gracefully took my place in line and patiently waited for my turn.

While on the line I noticed something unusual, a guy came and wanted to cut in front of the line claiming urgency (this is very common).

He didn’t plead but rather demanded that he should be sold to.

Unlucky for the dude, AREA was on the line patiently waiting.

AREA spoke up and the dude had the effrontery to hush him up.

It seemed like a minor argument, it soon dissolved into an all out brawl.

Buttons were pressed (mostly by the dude cutting in line), punches were thrown, body parts were hurt, nozzles were jacked but more importantly, fuel and precious time was wasted but mostly the

The pump attendant tried to stop the dispute but took a gallon to the head for his troubles
and well…he joined in pummeling the dude who cut in line.

During the brawl, chaos broke out, some were supporting, others were separating while I took advantage of the situation to move
ahead in line.

Hey, it wasn’t my fault everyone forgot the purpose of waiting in line.

After the dispute was settled, another attendant was assigned to us and everyone (up to me anyway) was
able to get fuel.

In life, stress is something that you’ll always encounter, be careful how you address people
you never know when you’ll end up with someone’s fist in your face.

2. Tomas

Here fuel is always available, the only time this station isn’t open is when there’s no fuel.

The little time I’ve noticed, this station never hoards fuel, they sell at an affordable price, they have
cute and impressionable ‘female’ sales attendants.

Like oando, they are smart when rendering their service.

The only thing I’ve taken note of is the
fact that the attendants (mostly young girls) engage in frivolous and isle gossip on rare times at
the detriment of the customer.

I was trying to buy fuel the other day and the girls were deep in their conversation.

If I recall correctly, they were talking about big brother Naija (pepper Dem).

About how Florence was a sl*t, how Tasha wasn’t intelligent, how Mark was a married man and about Ike’s lovable accent (yeah I don’t know their name OKAY), that they totally tuned me out.

Until I tapped her on the shoulder, to alert her of my presence it was like she was in some sort of trance.

Once she came out of it, she quickly apologized and sold for me.

3. Foste

Truthfully, the only time I’ve set foot in this fueling station is when none of the first two are
selling (or 3 if you count the one opposite Oando whose name I still don’t remember).

The service is above average on most days, slow and dull on others.

The few times I purchased from them weren’t exactly fine memories.

The pumps were really tight and you can barely see five litres of fuel in your four litre gallon.

Yeah, buy here! only when absolutely necessary.

I have one beautiful memory of this place and it’s worth noting because you don’t get to see this quite often.

I bought fuel from this place and used my debit card to make the payment.

After the POS machine was used, it seemed there was no network to carry out the transaction and I was debited twice.

The manager was alerted to the issue and he came up to me, apologized for the inconvenience gave the sum I was debited and told me I won’t be charged for
the fuel whether or not the funds revert to me.

Note, I didn’t even make noise about the issue, the man was just a really kind hearted gentleman.

The funds were reverted later that day, so I got double my money’s worth and didn’t pay for the fuel, dope right?

Yeah, I didn’t believe the scene as well but stuffs happens and we give thanks all the same.

These are a few of my experiences, A wise man once said “Experiences shape the man you
become”. Or was it “Experiences make or break you” ? All the same, Ponder on that.

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