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4 reasons Why i hate Abraka – Delsu Diary Pt 3

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4 reasons Why i hate Abraka – Delsu Diary Pt 3

Abraka, is one of the 25 Urhobo kingdoms in Delta state, Nigeria.

It is by far one of the main urhobo clans. Abraka is mostly known as a university town and has the main campus of the Delta State University located there.

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It has 2 Beaches (as far as I know), One of those beaches is a personal favorite of mine for its fresh flowing spring water, simply natural.

The beach has sports recreational facilities for outdoor activities like canoeing, fishing, swimming, picnicking, to name a few.

Then there’s the Abraka Turf & Country Club; A private country club that was created to function at the highest levels of luxury and guest satisfaction.

It has taken on a leading role in the nation’s leisure and catering industry, and prides itself on its ability to deliver exquisite services.

Despite the aforementioned goodies, ABRAKA as a city, has been horrible to me on so many levels during my short stay here.

And yes I know it’s not right to judge a place based on a few ‘things’ yet i just have to pen this down.

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Below I elaborated on why I’ve come to love this little ‘place” (sarcastically speaking of cause).

Why i hate Abraka


By cold, I mean it metaphorically and not literally.

Then again, this might just be me and my
area but have you ever looked out your window on a beautiful morning greeted someone and
received a cold sigh in response?

Well I’ve gotten that so much since I got here that it has left me stunned.

lack of manners and good morals in Nigeria in general, is staggering.

Even as far as the little 3 year old, that pay no regards or respect to their elders anymore.

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I’ve been a teacher for a while so I’ve seen my fair share of bratty kids.

Just the other day, I tried giving a hand shake to a child the other day and she told me ‘WAKA’ (a Popular offensive gesture recognized by the indication of all five fingers in a wide spread
forward faced manner).

I asked the mom if she saw what the child did and all she said was ‘sorry’, in the coldest way possible.

2. B.E.D.C.

Don’t get me started on the whole light issue.

Power supply is a problem in most (if not all) parts of Nigeria, but it feels like abraka has it’s special place in the hearts of bedc officials to
not receive power.

And when the light eventually comes, it’s usually low as hell or as high as Everest.

When low, you can’t use it to power on a simple light bulb (I’m looking at you N.U.T.).

Try charging your phone and your charger will pay a quick visit to hell.

Which reminds me, my charger literally caught fire (2 days to Nigeria’s Inrdependence September 29th) due to the power’s extremely high voltage (or high current on layman’s words).

Don’t get me wrong, some days the light is something to write home about, on other major
days (**cough** October 1st 2019**cough**)

it is well, even in the well.


There’s nothing like a free gift of nature.

Water is life, my mom always says.

But it’s only here in abraka that I’ve come across water being sold. (i.e. water for bath and other household use).

What ever happened to good old fashioned well-water?

When we’d walk bare chested with two
paint buckets of water and the ladies would drool (*wink*).

The irony is that I haven’t seen a single well in this community.

Water in abraka is a commodity that is subject to inflation; take my area for instance,

I have to walk a distance to get water, and your standard paint bucket is cheap and understandable.

Only when our boys over at the B.E.D.C. grace us with their presence, the stress is something else.

other times the bucket price goes up due to the use of fuel.

There was a time when it was even hoarded.

HOARDED!!! Like it’s fuel or something. The water issue in abraka is something else.


As everyone is well aware, Abraka has five parts; Oria, Erho, Urhuovie, Umeghe, and Otorho-Abraka.

I’ve been to each of these parts briefly and what I gathered from my stay isn’t a sight for sore eyes.

Countless vices plague this town, cultism, ritualistic killings, armed robbery, and defrauding (popularly known as YAHOO).

The place is so dark, it’s like watching a DCEU
Movie (only a few might get that reference).

There’s a saying that bad manners corrupt good values, One cannot stay in any part of abraka without being influenced by this DARKNESS.

It’s so thick that you can taste it, if you aren’t strong (mentally, spiritually and otherwise) you won’t be able to withstand it.

I would like to refer back to my earlier notion, that this is my view and not ‘ours’, Individual differences That’s it.

It’s so bad that kids who are barely in secondary school with access to a phone, can engage in fraudulent activities and even brag about it to their peers.

I overheard a boy the other day bragging about the number of girls he’s been with, kissed and heaven knows what else and his messed up peers would nurture his ego, boost his morale.

What ever happened to childlike innocence, when kids would cringe when the word ‘kiss’ was

when they’d feel weird when a teacher was giving an explanation on puberty, when it was only after completion of secondary school that a child is allowed access to a phone.

Abraka may be a tourist attraction, possibly even a vacation spot for some but for me I’d rather be anywhere else.

In all the places I’ve been, there’s no place as dark, as immoral, as local, as…something else (lost the word there).

There’s literally no one word I can use to
quantify my dislike for this place.

That’s what the place does to you, it clouds your judgement, it tests your morality, it tries your faith.

Abraka, what a place. I won’t even allow my kids to grow up in such conditions.

Don’t even get me started on the schools, how do people even grow up in this place with a ‘sane’ mindset?

Sigh. It’s a good thing I don’t plan on being here that long, oh wait! I’ve already been here that long.

That’s how bad i view it to be. But hey! that’s just me, what do YOU hate about this special ward in Arkham Asylum? (Another DC nod there).

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