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why i hate abraka

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4 Reasons Why i hate Abraka – Delsu Diary Pt 2

Abraka is one of the most populated towns in Delta state, probably because the great Delta state University is located there.

Aside the school, the place is one hell of a “nothingville”. It is to some extent a wonderful place though, but don’t get me wrong, I HATE THE PLACE.

In the little years of my existence, there are not so many places that I have lived in, but there’s just one filth of a place that i wouldn’t hesitate running away from if am privileged to have a next life and that place is Abraka.

It is my home town(yea i know that look) but i have a dreadful hatred for the place, not minding it being where i live. Before you judge me, please allow me to take you on a little tour.


1. Water

One reason i hate this town at least this is a bit less personal, is the issue of water.

WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANY BODY SELL A FREE GIFT OF NATURE(now sachet and bottled water, i totally understand), but come on now, bathing, washing and cooking water?

That’s messed up on so many levels i mean that’s dark.


Okay come to think of it, how much water does a person get to buy to build a storey building? okay fine i know most people just dig a well or something else, but don’t these people have a conscience, fuel price goes up and all of a sudden it becomes expensive and if fuel price goes down for some reason, their price doesn’t go down.

One of the ladies i buy from even told me the other day that a meeting was held and the price has been increased, seriously?

When ever I travel home for the long vacation, I make use of water like the free gift that it is, sometimes I have my bath six times in a day, (maybe that’s a little too much for my exaggeration, but its worth it.)

Because right here, oh dear i become a manager of water affairs. I give glory to God if am able to have my bath twice a day. Well it will all end someday.


2. Extended family.

One of the reasons i have so much hate is the fact that most of my extended family reside here.

They are all mean people and being in the same town with them is as good as saying we live in the same house or sleep on the same bed.

Now, i would say the devil is envious of my aunt and her husband because he’s not as much of a bad-ass as they are. Most of the times i bump into them and its always a terrible encounter. Enough about them!

3.Bad roads

Now I know we’ve got bad roads every where, but that of Abraka is extreme.

In fact everything in Abraka is extreme, especially the sun. Probably a lady somewhere is so hot that she threatens it(lol).

Both the roads that lead to Abraka and the ones within it are desperately in need of attention.

Its either the roads are damaged to the extent that vehicles can’t ply them or there’s a whole heap of sharp sand that could sink any vehicle trying to pass through.

Just try and take a stroll down some hidden streets of Abraka, you will testify of what I am telling you.

The so called big men in the town with beautiful mansions along the streets of Abraka have never thought it wise to try and repair the damaged roads or at least fill them with something to make them better.

My street is a sore to the eyes, especially when it rains. I get to swim to work in some really muddy and dirty water that I can’t even see what’s beneath and swim back home.

Funny enough, no bike man would want to go through that route. I was at the market the other day and I heard a lady saying very loudly that if you venture step into those dirty water along the road, that there might be need for you to steam your legs when you get home. Hahaha! I concurred to what she said, because of a truth the market road is trash.

4. Yahoo boys.

I think this should have been the number one reason. Because their own is too much, especially the ones with cars, and the little children who have now become glued to their phones.

Truthfully, I know that times are hard, like seriously but the way they’re taking it now, man!, its on a whole new level.

The first set of yahoo boys are the ones who are quite intelligent and they use their intelligence to defraud people. Because of these guys, the price tags on every single stock in the market has gone up.

Ranging from clothes to food stuffs and so many other things.

Please am going to beg you never to put on a white polo and shorts to the market(I know you’re gonna ask me why), because its going to be assumed that you’re one of those Gboys(they like putting on white polo and very “shooort” shorts).

A shirt of N2,500 automatically becomes N25,000, so please be warned. While I was at work today, there was some sort of out burst between some policemen and yahoo boys.

It was really messed up and I think someone was badly injured. You know how some people usually loose their nuts, well some boys did and were seriously ready to engage in combat with these officers.

I don’t know how it all ended though, the second set are the ones who are really very dumb and they know that they aren’t wise enough to cheat or defraud anybody, and so because of that they end up selling their souls to the devil in order to make some quick cash.

Sometimes it works out for them, and they get what they want.( girls, popularity, cars, you name it). But some of them just run mad.

These guys actually don’t have a conscience anymore. When they set out to carry out their rituals, the town becomes really unsafe for everyone especially women and children.

The third and the most annoying set of them all is that of the teenagers. Now most of them still live with their parents which begs the question, What do they really want?

It has become the order of the day now, and if you’re not a Gboy then you’re odd. There are so many other reasons I’d love to share.

But I’ll stop here for now, kindly share your view in the comment box below.

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  1. Sapa1

    October 7, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    Ah swear

  2. Grace

    October 9, 2019 at 10:42 am

    Lol, this one is strong

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