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The Types of Teachers that are Now in the System

Education as a course of study has its pecks. And no, you don’t always end up being a teacher –
even though technically that’s what you’re studying to be.

The teaching profession is a reputable one; you get to meet, interact and impact knowledge
into various individuals.

You get to be in a position where what you ‘give’ can either make or break the said individuals.

Teaching is a joy in the truest sense but sadly like all “good things”, it has been distorted.


Spend some time with me while I talk a little about what’s left in our teaching profession.

1. Unqualified Teachers
Most teachers these days do not go into the profession with the mind set of “Teaching” per
say but rather to get their wage at the end of the month.

It’s so bad now that any random Joe with a school certificate can just walk up to any random school, apply and get a job as a teacher.

it’s that easy now!! and It’s messed up, if you ask me.


This brings to mind an encounter of mine that happened a few years back.

My boss employed a new female teacher to teach basic science and computer science for the junior secondary classes.

I’ve been absent for most of her classes but for some reason I chose to stay for this particular one, because I knew something felt off, so I stayed while she taught my class.
The following ensued;

Teacher: Today’s topic is Eclipse (pronounced Eh-lips by her). And we have two types of Eh-lips,
Moon and sun Eh-lips. Repeat after me!!


Class: Moon and sun eclipse

Teacher: no, not eclipse but Eh-lips. It is not an English word, but rather I’m not sure the

Class: (looking at each other dumbfounded) but ma?

Teacher: let’s continue. When the sun eclipse happens it can be noticed from inside the earth.
And moon eclipse can be seen from outside the earth, in space.

Random student: ma, are we inside the Earth?

Teacher: Yes, we are inside the earth. (Draws a weird looking circle and puts a dot in the middle and calls it ‘the earth and us’ respectively)

The above bantering goes on for some time and I was just speechless, so I decided to float a helpful suggestion.

I called her aside and spoke to her calmly and took a glance at the lesson note she was using.

Surprisingly, the note was correct and for some unspoken reason she was wrong.

After correcting her, she was pissed and I was shocked.

The fault kinda goes to my boss for not properly vetting her before she let her loose on the kids.

And that’s the case with most private schools these days, there’s no more zeal to learn and with all things being equal there is no more zeal to teach.

Hence, why we have these types of teachers.


This particular type is as old as time.

Favouritism, unfairness and all its related terms as
always been in the teaching profession.

Only few genuine teachers who truly values what he/she may be impacting will be able to over come these things.

Most teachers pick favorites amongst their kids, for being really brilliant or courageous or shy or hot.

yeah, it gets weird that way. And when there’s favouritism, unfairness sets in.

If a teacher’s favourite child errs, they may get little to no reprimand but when it’s a random student, they get it excessive.

There was a child in a school I once taught at. He was always a ‘straight A’ pupil but the child
became overconfident and started slacking off.

When results came, he performed poorly so my
boss at the time altered the child’s result to put him ahead of other kids who earned the marks.

That’s just so wrong.


These ones are looking for ways to extort the learners for their own gain; be it by finance, food
supply or special favors *winks*.

The list goes on for a while.

These type of teachers will fail you on purpose and ask you for ‘a little something to alter your
loss’ (shamelessly I might add).

Note that only a few fall prey to these tactics.

If they were indeed impacting knowledge all of these commodities would fall into your laps without even

Like a lady who gave a hefty sum when her boy aced the PSLCE or a dad who got a laptop for his daughter when his daughter passed her GCE, to name but a few.

Note that in the above I am not diminishing the job of a teacher but rather showing you a few of the things that teaching has become.

A lot of courses in education exist to give students an understanding of how teaching should
be done.

Don’t go into this field if you know you’re going to ruin some random person’s future.

Many education study courses include work placements in various fields to help you get a feel
of what it would be like to use your knowledge and skillset in different situations or conditions.

Being a teacher is one of the best jobs in the world, but a certain few are tarnishing the name of reputable teachers of all time, but hey!

That’s just my opinion, you might yours.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jhenziejay

    January 16, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    Nice nice..the hungry teachers part tho..Funny but True

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