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Awoko: Everything You Need to Know

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Awoko: Everything You Need to Know

Night time study sessions in Delta State University popularly known as ‘Awoko‘ is a nice little way of getting some study time at night.

Most times, Awoko is done in preparation for exams or tests depending on the student. This activity usually takes place at night.

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I’ve been to this night study sessions a few times, back in my days as a student of Delsu. But not for the reasons you might think.

What is Awoko?

delsu awoko night study reading

Photo Credit: Okwuchi Chikodi

Awoko simply means over night reading, it is a period of time set aside by students to study and read throughout the night.

The main difference between awoko and the night reading we all know about is that, awoko is done within the school premises while normal night reading can be done from the comfort of your room.

Many students assume awoko to be night reading but it differs due to the location it is been carried out.

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For most students, studying late at night poses no threat while for others, it usually has an adverse effect.

Why Awoko?

This is one very vital question to ask yourself before ever going on any Awoko session.

There is no point deceiving yourself if you know you are not a “night kind of person”.

Many students who take part in this night study sessions often have a reason to go with their decision.

I will try my best to pen down as much reason there is.

  • Further Research and Study: Many students take part in Awoko to research more on topics a Lecturer did not fully explain, they try to dig in and cover up much grounds in order to gain more insights and understanding. This truly helps students especially if a student understands him/herself to be a slow learner but mind you, Awoko is not for everybody.
  • Time Management: There’s a likelihood that students will want to rest during the day, due to the stress they might have encountered from attending lectures and other school and social activities. Therefore, they usually think it wise to dedicate their night hours to intensive study.
  • Night Readers: Some students believe they assimilate more at night compared to day time. With less distraction, peace and quiet; studying at night can be a great advantage to improve a student’s concentration and focus.
  • Peer Pressure: This is one great reason for awoko, seeing your fellow students read and study can serve as a great boost for other students who are not really bookworms.
  • Avoid Distractions: The comfort of your hostel or room can be a source of distraction to your study or reading time. I know many students who confessed to sleeping off while reading due to the fact that they were reading on their bed. There are other forms of distractions such as noisy hostels, mobile phone distraction (many wise students leave their phones behind when going for Awoko), and many more that I might not be able to remember at the moment.
  • Longer Reading Hours: This might not be true for some students; nevertheless some students are in agreement that they tend to read for longer hours during awoko when compared to reading from the comfort of their rooms.

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Basic Requirements for Awoko

Getting prepared for awoko is a serious business, to some extent it can predict how effective the whole of your night study will be.

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It’s funny I named this sub heading “Basic requirements” but if you have ever gone for awoko unprepared, then you will understand that if you go unprepared it will be a total waste of time altogether.

So let me take this opportunity to prepare you for the almighty awoko especially if you are a novice in this field.

  1. Sweater: A well known fact about Abraka is that, everything is always extreme. The heat of the Sun during the day is super hot talk more of the cold at night, it’s on another level. Even if it seems as if its not going to be cold at night, don’t be deceived; Abraka’s weather changes faster than the temperament of a pregnant woman. I think the comparison was a little too extreme but I am sure you got my point. Grab a Sweater not just any sweater but a thick one.
  2. Trouser: To some extent, wearing a trouser will support your sweater in preventing cold and another reason for wearing a trouser is to prevent mosquito bites. Yes, the type of mosquitoes inside the school is terrifying. They don’t just suck and go but they will make sure you scratch your body throughout the whole night.
  3. Socks: This is an additional protection with regards to your sweater and trouser. It also helps to keep cold and mosquitoes away.
  4. Reading Lamp or Torch: This is a major gadget that all awokites must have. Although some lecture halls usually have light but always go with a back up, so you don’t find yourself in the shoes of the “five foolish virgins”. Make sure to go with a charged reading lamp or torch.
  5. Mouth warmers: These are supposedly your best friends they will make your awoko experience not so lonely. When I say mouth warmers am referring to sweets, chewing gums, biscuits, fries etc in fact anything edible can be very helpful. The constant movement of your mouth will help take away sleep and keep your mouth busy. They are far better than chewing non-edible things. Most students find pen covers very tasteful, lol me for one I’m not so innocent of this act I must confess.
  6. Books and Reading Materials: After all these preparations and you forget the actual content for your awoko, you will have no one to blame but yourself. Remember to go along with every reading material you will need, even the materials you feel like you might need. Please go with it, when the study gets intense which will surely happen you will be grateful you did.

I think I should stop here now, before it gets too long and boring. Nevertheless what is your view on Awoko? Is there something I must have missed, let me know in the comment box below.

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  1. Jhenziejay

    October 7, 2019 at 7:59 pm

    Smiles…I think I would give it a trial…
    I hope I dont sleep tho

  2. Sapa1

    October 7, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    I can relate

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