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WAR and It’s Legacy

Since the establishment of the world, we have been experiencing peace and not only peace but also wars.

Many nations feel destabilized by these conflicts that it seems hard to come back to terms with its origin.

The world has experienced conflicts that arises from different reasons or perspectives, and there would always be two or more actors to every conflict.

The international community is now awaken to the fact that we now experience more conflicts than ever before and the ones been fought centuries ago still has its effect in our present civilized world.


At times, i ask myself if the parties to every war never had the thought of those who don’t want any conflict.

They still remain the ones to suffer more from it while at the end, the ones who started it, ends it at a table and share the spoil leaving the innocent ones to bear the burden and grief.

Most at times they believe they need to start a war so as to gain peace and respect but some times they create tension and revenge and death from the peace they so much sought for through war.

I looked at world leaders and it seems they find comfort in creating tensions and also wont interfere in some wars if it won’t benefit them.


The world is now emigrating from fighting wars with neighboring countries militarily and prefers placing embargoes on other nations, they spend their time fighting terrorism.

I drafted out about three different types of war and hope to hit on them before laying out the legacy of war itself.

War against terrorism: known as the global war on terrorism which was actually launched by the USA after the September 11 attack by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

This is a war against Islamic fundamentalist armed bodies that is based in Muslim worlds with the most popular groups been Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, ISIS (Islamic State).


Mostly, these groups tend to inflict their wrath on developed countries like the US, France, UK due to their great military presence and influence in Muslim countries that they think violates their extremist belief.

They have also been penetrating into developing countries especially in Africa so as to influence there extremist belief.

Mostly, these groups are alleged to be funded by Countries or nations and also individuals who tend to see benefits from it.

Terrorism and the war against it has claimed a lot of life and also displaced a lot of people which also causes emotional traumas and it amounts to nothing.
war legacy
National Liberation War: This term is mostly used for the fight against colonization. Mostly, this fight occurs in the third world (Africa) against foreign powers and their influence economically.

Presently, some countries still partake in this war especially places like Turkey where the kurds hoped to be free, Gaza (Palestine liberation organization) etc.

Most of the fonts fighting to be free see their belief and culture to be different from that of those who pester them and most times freedom can’t be gained by mere round table interaction but through the use of force which involves sophisticated weapons and this would at the end lead to the loss of life and values as well.

Domestic (mostly tribal) War: This is also known as civil war or intrastate war, a war between organized groups within the same state or country.

Most times, one of the actor or party in the conflict may aim to take control of the country or region, to gain freedom from a region or to enact new policies.

Civil wars are conflict which tend to be highly intensified involving armed forces.

These wars often result in high casualties and degrading of significant resources and most times involves the intervention of foreign powers.

Taking into consideration, the Nigeria civil War which is also know as the Biafran war or Nigeria-Biafran War fought between the Nigerian government and the state of biafra which wants to secede from Nigeria.

The war was fought from 6 July 1967- 15 January 1970. Also the Yoruba-Hausa conflict of 1999 which occurred in Sabo, Sagamu Ogun State.

The current civil war in the world is happening in Syria which has lasted for over 6 years now and still no end to it.

According to findings, Civil wars have brought about the death of over 25 million individuals and displaced million more.

Domestic wars also bring about economic collapse with nations like Angola, Uganda, Somalia, Myanmar, Nigeria (should have gone ahead than the other listed nations but corruption is also a key degradation of its economy) etc all once having a promising economy.
war legacy
Below are the causes of the wars or conflict we experience, and there is also no sign of it slowing down or raising a new generation in a war torn planet of ours.

  • Greed
  • Grievances ( Revenge)
  • Religion
  • Ethnic superiority
  • Ego
  • Tribal belief
  • Bargaining problems
  • Governance
  • Military Superiority
  • Population e.t.c

After talking about all these wars, we really need to look at its legacies. Have never seen wars to be a way of establishing positive influences or bringing good things along its path.

War as we all know tends to bring about;

  • Destruction
  • Famine
  • Death
  • Economic meltdown
  • Poverty
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Diseases
  • Displacement

Others may argue that war at times brings good legacies or effects like a change in government but many knows the end result and those who will be at the receiving end of it are often the civilians who never wished for it.

In over 10 years, up to 2 million of those who died during conflicts are children.

Traumas caused by wars and the suffering of the civilian is a legacy of conflict.

The two party in a conflict tend to target civilian for strategic reasons and mostly use them as human shield.

Wars can leave a better legacy but there would always be a sad tale to tell and tears to share.

The things listed above can never be a good legacy, the aftermath of every conflict won’t bring relief, it will boil on and on.

Nation still feel the impacts of the WWI and WWII, the civil wars in the middle east and third world countries, the battle for freedom.

Since it won’t bring a positive legacy, why not rather find peace through other means than war?

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