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Top 20 Colleges for a Cheap Online Degree

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Top 20 Colleges for a Cheap Online Degree

There are a lot of advantages to earning a degree online, such as the flexibility it gives you to work from home and set your own hours, as well as the time and money you’ll save by not having to spend on traveling to and from campus.

The universities that are listed below make affordable online degrees readily available to students who are interested in obtaining a high-quality education at a reduced cost. Students who are looking for inexpensive online degrees should look no further.

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Students can typically continue to work full time and take care of family duties while receiving a degree through online college programs, which is another advantage of taking classes in this format.

Many students find that they learn more effectively when they are able to work on their degrees from the comfort of their own homes. A degree earned at a university with physical locations is just as credible as one earned entirely online.

In point of fact, degrees earned online represent some of the best deals that can currently be found in the field of higher education.

Do Employers like Online Degrees?

One point that is frequently missed is the fact that graduates of degree programs offered online obtain the same degree as students who attended classes on a traditional campus. However, the vast majority of potential employers would not be able to tell the difference.

When examining your qualifications, employers are most frequently concerned with the standing of the educational institution that you attended. Employers might be leery of a title obtained from one of these large title mills that operate for profit, but the majority of employers are not opposed to online titles.

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Investigate the degree to which your institution is connected with the local business sector to increase the likelihood that prospective employers will take the degree you have earned seriously.

Is there any Free Online Colleges?

There are a number of recognized educational institutions, including colleges and universities, that will let you enroll in college classes, and there are even some that would let you acquire a degree for a low or even free cost.
To be accepted into some of these schools, you will need to demonstrate that you have a natural ability in a particular discipline, such as music.
On the other hand, there are institutions that offer programs in religious studies, engineering, and a wide variety of other subjects that could be of interest to you.

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There are a lot of people who donate money to education, and the owners of these online institutions think that everyone should have access to higher education. As a result, free online education is available.
Traditional educational institutions such as MIT, Utah State University, and the University of Massachusetts all provide free online degree programs for its students.

The 20 Top Cheap Online Degrees Ranking Methodology

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University makes our list as one of the best deals for regionally recognized Online college degrees according to U.S. News and World Report.

You’ll have access to real-time financial information, timetables, grades, and more because the school strives to recreate the on-campus experience for online students.

You’ll also interact with classmates in discussion-based courses designed to promote vigorous debate. If you’re a veteran or active-duty service member, Saint Leo has a lot to offer you, from military scholarships to a military-friendly admissions process.

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In fact, the school is proud to be the sixth-largest supplier of higher education to military personnel in the United States. It is one of the online institutions providing a low-cost degree.

Although anybody can enroll at Saint Leo, servicemen and women will appreciate its best online programs for military members (and their families!) in particular.

The Southwest University

The University of the Southwest provides largely asynchronous courses, allowing you to obtain an undergraduate degree on your own schedule. It is one of the online institutions providing a low-cost degree.

Although professors are always available for support, this top online institution also gives learners with critical web-based tutoring and e-learning resources in case they require a little additional aid to succeed.

It should be noted, however, that USW does not offer all of its undergraduate degrees online. Instead, its online offerings are mostly focused on business, psychology, and criminal justice degrees, with a special emphasis on business administration programs.

Davenport College

Providing a high-quality online learning experience is not an afterthought at Davenport. Instead, the school prioritizes offering some of the top online programs for students who value an immersive, community-based experience.

Although most courses are self-paced, you can choose to attend a select live classes to engage with classmates and instructors in a more traditional (though still virtual) setting.

Davenport provides degrees in a wide range of disciplines, from the well-known (such as computer science and marketing) to the more specialized (such as sports management and cyber security).

Davenport offers low-cost online degrees in a range of subjects, allowing every student to select a program that suits his or her career objectives.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods University

If you want to acquire an authorized cheap college degree in a Catholic setting, consider Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. SMWC is founded on a strong Catholic tradition and identity, and all undergraduate students are required to take at least one theology course as part of the core curriculum.

Of course, if you’re truly interested in the subject, you should look at SMWC’s online BA in Theology. This interdisciplinary program provides students with a wide overview of religion throughout history, as well as a particular emphasis on the interaction between Christianity and feminism.

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There are numerous other totally online undergraduate degrees available, ranging from criminology to paralegal studies to professional writing.

SMWC may be a good choice for students looking for an accredited online college that is steeped in the Catholic tradition.

Columbia University

Columbia College has a strong history of welcoming nontraditional students as well as those who have traditionally been underserved in education. It explicitly mentions women and adult students as two groups that it embraced before most colleges.

So it stands to reason that CC would support such a successful distant education program by offering some of the best and most affordable bachelor’s degrees online.

Undergraduates can enroll in up to six eight-week sessions per year, allowing them the freedom to design their own schedule.

If you live near Chico, California, you can choose the “online plus” option, which provides you with in-person access to an adviser who can assist you with academic, financial, and technical problems.

Prescott College

Prescott College has some of the most distinctive approved online programs on this list. The BA in Environmental Studies and Sustainability, for example, allows online students to pursue a career in an essential subject.

The program (which includes Environmental Studies and Sustainable Community Development tracks) does, however, include a brief on-campus residency.

Furthermore, environmental studies majors must do hands-on work in their community to gain essential real-world experience.

Another popular curriculum is the BA in Education and Teacher Preparation, which assists students in obtaining a teaching credential in their native state.

One of Prescott’s top online college degrees is an environmental studies program that includes hands-on experience.

University of Ottawa

All of Ottawa University’s inexpensive online college degrees are 100% online, with no in-person requirements. This makes the school ideal for students with fixed schedules or who are unable to commute.

And don’t worry, you won’t be sacrificing quality for the sake of ease. In fact, Ottawa goes above and beyond to ensure that each student receives adequate individual attention.

For online courses, the institution not only maintains a 4:1 student-faculty ratio, but it also provides specialized academic advisors who can answer any questions you may have.

Your first query may even be about which major to pursue, as Ottawa offers a vast range of programs in practically every academic discipline.

All of Ottawa University’s inexpensive online degrees can be completed entirely online.

University of Southern New Hampshire

It’s no surprise that Southern New Hampshire University is one of the greatest online universities, with over 40 undergraduate programs offered online.

The school’s stature isn’t its only distinguishing feature; it’s also popular with transfer students, who can apply up to 90 undergraduate credits toward their bachelor’s degree.

Because of the wide variety of degrees available, there is something for every student, even those with extremely specific interests in subjects such as Technical Management or Fashion Merchandising.

Furthermore, many of those 40-plus programs provide a variety of sub-tracks and emphasis options to optimize customization for students with narrowly targeted employment goals.

SNHU has an accredited online program to satisfy the needs of almost any student. It is one of the online institutions providing a low-cost degree.

Colorado State University-Global Campus

The CSU-Global has some compelling arguments for providing cheap bachelor’s degrees online. The university’s goals include not only improving the economy (both locally and globally) and reducing student debt, but also elevating the role of critical thinking skills in our society.

The school works toward these objectives by offering flexible, convenient, asynchronous online programs tailored to each student’s specific needs. CSU – Global is also unique in its focus to removing the burden and challenge of college planning.

You can, for example, arrange a free one-on-one tuition planning consultation with a professional advisor, during which they will assess your funds and recommend various financial aid possibilities.

CSU – Global’s ranking as one of the top online universities in the country is aided by a one-on-one tuition planning session for all students.

Central Methodist College

Central Methodist University stands out as one of the finest colleges for completing a cheap online degree, with an average cost of just over $200 per credit.

Another intriguing feature is the school’s limited – but broad – selection of online academic programs, which offers specialist degrees (such as Child Development and Applied Behavior Analysis) that are difficult to get elsewhere.

But, regardless of which degree you choose, you’ll have access to a full set of student resources, including a Veteran Services office, a Writing Center, and a Career Development Center, to help you navigate the path to graduation.

Central Methodist University is one of the greatest places to get a low-cost bachelor’s degree online.

National College

National University may be your best bet if you’re seeking for a very specific recognized online college degree. This institution easily exceeds even the most fierce competitors in any round of “Can I major in…?”

Most online institutions do not offer a BA in Digital Journalism or a BS in Construction Management, but National does! And, because the institution has partnerships with the majority of Colorado’s community colleges, transfer students will find it very easy to gain credit for previous classes.

However, regardless of your background or the degree you wish to pursue, you will experience a strong sense of community and support from the school’s dedicated instructors.

This top online institution in Colorado provides some of the most interesting degree options on this list.

University of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison State University has been fulfilling its aim of offering quality education to working adults for almost 40 years. And by providing incredibly low-cost online programs, the school is able to reach as many students as possible.

Of course, TESU, like all of the greatest online universities, offers a comprehensive range of degree programs in all of the most popular subjects. However, probably the most noteworthy of its programs is the Bachelor of Science in Applied Science and Technology (BSAST).

The BSAST, which is best suited for mid-career adults, is accessible in seven distinct programs, including Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology, Electrical Technology, and the more general Technical Studies.

Any of TESU’s seven low-cost online degrees in applied science would be an excellent choice for a tech-savvy student.

World Campus of Pennsylvania State University

All of Penn State’s recognized online college degrees use an asynchronous course model for convenience. Online instructors, on the other hand, want to make sure their students have ample of opportunity to communicate with their peers.

Many professors include video conferences, online chats, and graded discussions into their coursework to achieve this purpose. But don’t worry if that’s not enough interaction for you; Penn State boasts a plethora of academic societies and student groups in which you can participate – even as an online learner.

In addition, the institution offers a carefully curated set of FAQs to assist dispel any worries you may have regarding remote education.

Students at Penn State’s premier online institution can participate in a variety of academic groups and societies.

Western Governors University (WGU)

WGU has a well-deserved reputation as one of the country’s top online universities, particularly for seasoned adults and dedicated workers. These students will appreciate WGU’s distinct approach to education, which honors individuals who take learning seriously.

For one thing, the school focuses its degrees on real-world capabilities rather than credit hours, recognizing success based on actual information obtained rather than time spent in a classroom.

Furthermore, rather than charging tuition per credit, it charges a flat amount every six months – regardless of how many courses you complete – which might save you a lot of money if you work swiftly and competently.

WGU provides the opportunity for motivated students who work swiftly to acquire an affordable bachelor’s degree online in a reasonably short period of time.

University of Maryland, College Park

University of Maryland-University College realizes that not all students perform well on traditional exams, it does not use traditional exams to assess learning.

Instead, most classes will need you to produce a paper or a project as you pursue your recognized cheap online degree. It is also one of the universities providing an inexpensive online degree.

To satisfy individual demands, the school also provides rolling admission, frequent session start dates, and a unique hybrid option.

Because many of UMUC’s satellite campuses are located on military bases across the country, this hybrid option (in which you take some classes online and others in-person) may be a suitable fit for active military personnel.

With UMUC’s hybrid program, you can achieve a top online college degree while also taking a few classes in person.

Franklin College

Many students, understandably, mention convenience as a major reason in their decision to pursue a cheap bachelor’s degree online. Franklin University claims that there are numerous other advantages to attending its online institution. It is one of the online institutions providing a low-cost degree.

For example, the school sees online learning’s flexibility as an opportunity to tailor education to a wide range of learning styles. Furthermore, asynchronous courses are perfect for determined students who need to get things done swiftly.

But, whatever your motive for obtaining an online degree, Franklin is certain to have a program that will fit your requirements. This online college provides undergraduate degrees in practically every subject, from nursing to business to public relations.

Franklin’s low-cost online courses span from the standard (accounting, business) to the more innovative (health management, web development).

Mary Baldwin College

Mary Baldwin University may be a good fit for students who have taken previous college courses. Not only can you transfer up to 90 semester hours to this top online college, but you can also gain credit for professional experience by completing a Prior Learning Portfolio or taking a CLEP test.

If you’re concerned about the cost of your education, you’ll enjoy the targeted scholarships offered to both adult and online students.

Merit-based rewards (which should be especially beneficial to students who perform in their online courses) as well as program-specific scholarships are available. You could even be able to acquire money to study abroad in another nation!

Mary Baldwin University provides a profusion of scholarships to assist with the expense of its top online college degrees. It is also one of the colleges for a low-cost online degree.

Excelsior University

Excelsior College has something for every student, including those with unusual hobbies, with over 30 cheap online degrees. The institution, for example, provides an astonishing spectrum of public service degrees, ranging from a BS in National Security to a BS in Military Leadership.

Both activities, in particular, may be of interest to active military and veterans, and Excelsior is pleased to serve these communities. Indeed, a dedicated Center for Military and Veteran Education houses a plethora of information aimed at assisting members of the armed forces and their families in affording higher education and locating military-friendly programs.

Excelsior is an excellent online bachelor’s degree program for service personnel and their families.

Granite State University

Granite Institution is a reasonably priced online college. Granite State College, as a largely online school, employs professors that understand how to present high-quality curriculum from a distance. However, this does not preclude you from incorporating face-to-face learning while pursuing a recognized bachelor’s degree online.

You can balance your online classes with visits to the school’s Concord, New Hampshire, campus, which offers both hybrid and blended class choices. Some classes even include field-based learning, which combines virtual sessions with hands-on training and in-person excursions.

But, aside from those specifics, all of GSU’s bachelor’s degrees end in either a capstone or teaching experience, where you’ll be able to apply your knowledge and prepare for the next step in your career.

You may tailor Granite State’s top online programs to your schedule and learning preferences with hybrid, blended, and field-based choices.

University of Bellevue

This university is one of the Cheap Online Degree Colleges. At Bellevue University, students can tailor any of the top online programs to their specific requirements and learning styles.

You can, for example, select between a cohort-based model (in which you take the majority of your classes with the same students) and a more traditional structure, in which participants vary from class to class.

Furthermore, Bellevue offers supplemental videos and tutorials to support your study, as well as online tutoring for individuals who require extra assistance.

And these alternatives are in addition to an extraordinarily diverse selection of programs: Bellevue University is one of the most comprehensive online bachelor’s degree programs on this list, with approximately 40 options.

You can tailor your best inexpensive online degree from Bellevue to your specific needs.

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