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Job as a Health care planner at Global – Senior Care Ltd in Canada

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It is never simple or pleasant to have to move out of the familiar surroundings of one’s own home and into a nursing home or other institution that provides long-term care owing to the consequences of age or after being discharged from the hospital.

We base the provision of our home care services in Calgary on the principles of love and compassion, and we make it our mission to produce a Happy Care Experience for you or your loved one each and every time we offer care.

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Our strategy for providing home health care is based not just on providing high-quality care, but also on providing treatment that is individualized to each patient’s needs and that is within the patient’s financial means.

Because of this, many of our care-extra ordinaires come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and speak a variety of different languages in order to effectively communicate with you so that your home is as comfortable as it possibly can be.

We understand the importance of respecting your cultural and religious backgrounds, and we do so because we know how important it is to do so.

Brief Description

Languages; English


Education; Bachelor’s degree

Experience; 3 years to less than 5 years

Work setting; Non-governmental organization, Urban area

Location; North Vancouver, BC


Salary; 35.00 to 50.00 hourly for 30 to 40 hours per week

Terms of employment; Permanent employment (Full time)


  • It is your responsibility to advise senior managers and officials.
  • Database upkeep, management, and management, specifically pertaining to health information
  • Compile and conduct an analysis of the statistical data that has been provided by both public and private health care institutions and organizations
  • Create some reports.
  • Staff should be recruited and hired.
  • Duties include monitoring health care initiatives.
  • Provide members, members of the media, and the broader public with information regarding the viewpoints of an organization or association.
  • Meetings and conferences need to be organized.
  • Carry out the interviews.

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  • Serve as a liaison inside the organization between the staff and management with matters pertaining to wellbeing.
  • Develop and carry out initiatives or activities pertaining to health and wellness
  • Analyze current tendencies and emerging challenges pertaining to health.
  • Evaluation and analysis of health-related projects and activities should be carried out.
  • Workshops should be coordinated.
  • Projects involving multiple disciplines should be coordinated.


  • Research and development of public policy
  • Management of programs or operations, whichever comes first.
  • Relations with the public and/or communications
  • Administration of health care
  • Encouragement of good health

Possible screening questions

  • Are you free to begin work on the date that has been publicized?
  • Do you currently possess the legal authorization necessary to work in Canada?
  • If you were offered this position, would you be willing to relocate?
  • Do you currently live in close proximity to the location that has been advertised?
  • Have you worked in a similar capacity in the past in this sector of the economy?
  • Can you tell me about the highest level of education that you have earned?

How to Apply

If you are interested in Securing the job offer as a Health care planner at Global – Senior Care Ltd in Canada, click the link below to apply by email.

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