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How to apply as a Construction Estimator at Nusens in Canada

Job Description

Nusens is a multi-trade contractor, not a general contractor. As we are the sole providers of all of our services.

we are in need of estimators that have experience across a diverse range of fields in order to produce material and labour take-offs. Masonry, concrete work, carpentry, structural work, various types of abatement programmes, waterproofing, and interior drywall repairs are all part of our service offerings.

People that are self-motivated are essential to the success of this highly dynamic workplace.


We do not believe in or employ the practice of micromanagement, and we do not desire employees who demand it.

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  • managing the process of contracting, which includes preparing estimates and bids of potential costs of materials, labour, and equipment for the Senior Estimator to review;
  • In addition, attendance at and participation in tender meetings, advice on tendering methods, examination and analysis of tenders, and creation of job tenders are required.
  • Performing site visits to validate the extent of the work and holding meetings to conduct an initial review of the scope of the job;
  • Create and maintain a directory of the companies that provide goods and services;
  • Maintain liaison and communication with the engineering and architectural firms, property owners, and construction companies;
    submitting proposals and keeping track of their status;
  • Collaborate closely with the staff of the project;
  • Establish a construction timetable in concert with the Employer, third-party vendors, and other suppliers;
  • During working hours, any necessary travel will be completed in a corporate vehicle, a vehicle that the company has hired or leased, or in a vehicle that the company has purchased;
  • The employer is solely responsible for any and all costs associated with the employee’s use of fuel while on the job;

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  • A minimum of two years’ worth of experience working in the construction business in Canada. On-site experience, estimating skills, or project management are all viable options here.
  • It is imperative that candidates demonstrate a comprehensive comprehension of, as well as the capacity to communicate in, the English language, as this is our top evaluation priority.
  • Experience in cultivating and maintaining relationships with clients through the use of direct actions. A character trait that is more passive in nature will, sadly, not mesh well with the culture of our company.
  • A comprehension of the designs and the interpretation of the specifications
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office that is both comprehensive and fluent, as well as expertise dealing with spreadsheets.
  • A familiarity with the Mac operating system.
  • License to drive in Ontario category G that is current and has a low number of moving violations.
  • An advantage is a graduate degree in construction management or estimating from a reputable engineering, architectural, or construction programme.
  • Experience working in construction that is related is a plus.

You will be provided with a case study that will require you to produce the following:

  • A detailed pricing breakdown in Excel, covering the costs of labour, materials, and equipment.
  • A Microsoft Word document that includes annotated drawings and photographs that describes the extent of the task.

How to Apply

For more information on how to apply, you can visit the link below

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