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Recreational Tips you need to know

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Recreational Tips you need to know

Recreation is vital for every child’s development, it also benefits people of all ages.

Recreational activities and play in general can add joy to one’s life, relieve stress, improve
learning and connect you to the world around you.

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Play is also said to “make work more productive and pleasurable”.

The day to day hustle and bustle of being a student, teacher or just a plain old regular guy in abraka can be a little hectic at times.

Commitments and other arrangements tend to take our attention, one needs to unwind once in a while, let loose, have a little fun, and so on.

You know how it is. As much as I love “work”, a little fun is healthy, there’s a saying that “life is either a daring
adventure or nothing at all”.

And luckily, abraka like every other place on the globe has a few locations where you can spend your leisure.

You know the saying; “all work and no play makes Jack (or Jane) a dull boy (or girl)” , one needs to be able to find the unique equilibrium between work and play.

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Below are a few choice ways to have a little fun and of course, places where you could ‘play’.


The beach is a fun place where people of all ages can come and have a good time.

Abraka has a few beaches where you could get a little rest, relax and have a little fun after a long tiring

You could meet new people, make some friends, discuss possible business ventures or you could just sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Like the Oaqui once said

“its more fun when you’re not the only one having it”.

Personally, I’m more of a board game type of guy and as it turns out, you can do that at the beach too.

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At the amusement park, there are a lot of activities.

The merry go round, bumper carts, Arcade games, parade games, fun and games all round.

Then there’s the shopping mall, where you can get items at low prices, meet new people, snap a few pictures with friends and family or just window shop.

These locations have so much to them that words alone would not be able to describe how much fun you can have there.

Technically, abraka has neither of this and the closest ones are either at Warri, Sapele, Ughelli or Benin.


The library is a place where lots of books on pretty much everything can be found.

This is a personal favorite of mine, being that this is where I spend or should I say; spent most of my free

Yes I know the point is to get away from the work and unwind but still.

At the library you could ‘Read books’, meet new people, discuss with enlightened folks, get the phone numbers of a few brainy girls *wink*.

The library can be fun too if you think about it, there’s lots of interesting books and articles to be read like “The Sorrows of Satan by Marie Corelli”, “Vendetta by Marie Corelli”, “The last wish by Andrzej Sapkowski” and lots more.

For comic, fantasy and anime lovers, these books can also be found at a ‘well-stocked library’


This is also another fun way to spend your leisure.

You could watch your movie at home, you can buy popcorn from the lady down the street to spice things up a bit but there’s nothing like the experience of sitting among people (known and unknown) in the theatre.

The laughter of the other viewers, the banter from girlfriends and boyfriends, the cheers.

Speaking of cheers, that reminds me of the time when Captain America picked up mjölnir (Thor’s hammer)
and the whole cinema bursts into an epic uproar of cheers while I was seeing Avengers:

End game in the cinema last year (everyone has seen it, so don’t look so confused) Or Iron Man’s
first suit up scene back in 2008 – glorious!!!.

I have like a whole list of memorable cinema moments but let me not bore you with mine; get up, go out and make yours.


Most of us spend all day looking at screens, be it a phone, TV set, computer and so on.

We usually loose track of time once we get glued to one Nigerian, Indian, Spanish or Philippine
program on TV or when you are busy updating and reading status online or when we see a very
interesting article online.

It’s usually very distracting and draining, take a break and go out for a stroll.

Trust me, there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a nice relaxing stroll while enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds in nature.

Take a moment and appreciate all the beautiful things Our Almighty Father has put into creation for our pleasure.

Use your free time to give thanks for these magnificent sights and sounds, use your free time to give thanks for life and the grace to keep living.


When the hassle of life, school or work is weighing you down, get and visit a friend.

There’s a saying that “sometimes having fun with a friend is all the therapy you need”.

We have only a few of those special friends so pay them a home visit once in a while and engage in healthy conversation, some board games or PC games (your pick).

You’ll be amazed at how much it will help you ease up the stress.

Note that the above, like all my writings is not meant to be a general consensus.

I always take Individual difference into consideration and state what I feel is needed.

With that said, try and get out more.

Live a little, laugh a little – it could do you some good.

Life isn’t always tests and exams or in my case work and more work.

Audrey Hepburn was like

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters”

and that’s so true.

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