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30 International Students Scholarships to Study in Portugal

International Scholarships

30 International Students Scholarships to Study in Portugal

Many students have received scholarships to study in Portugal. Do you wish to be a recipient of these scholarships as well? This page covers 30 scholarships for international students to study in Portugal.

When it comes to studying in Portugal, there are numerous factors to consider and examine. From one vantage point, you may experience great weather, stunning beaches and landscapes, delicious cuisine, and fine wines, all of which make Portugal very appealing to many students from all over the world when selecting a host nation for a mobility program or degree.

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Portugal is one of the most intriguing countries on the continent due to its turbulent history and many native ethnicities.

Scholarships are offered for students in Portugal. Scholarships are available for international students to study in Portugal from both the government and higher education institutions.

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The government awards are mostly supported by the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES). The Portuguese Development Institute Apoioao or the Instituto Camoes provide scholarships for international students (Instituto Portugues de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento or the Instituto Camoes). Portugal, as an EU member, participates in all EU-derived scholarships, such as Erasmus Mundus programs, and so on.

Several private and semi-private organizations and institutes in Portugal provide scholarships for education in Portuguese language and culture, sciences, and technology. The following are the several scholarships available in Portugal:

  • Scholarships from the Instituto Camoes for studies in Portuguese language and culture
  • Scholarships for general studies from the Instituto Portugues de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento
  • Scholarship from the Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia for studies in science and technology

Scholarship Types and Granting Organizations

Scholarship based on merit

The Directorate General of Higher Education (DGES) provides merit-based scholarships through public funding for all educational levels and study programs. Application procedure: Students can apply for merit-based scholarships directly at their higher education institution, via the on-campus offices of Social Services, or SAS (Servicios de Acao Social), or the Social Action Office (GAS, or Gabinete de Acao Social).

Post-Graduate Studies Scholarships

Scholarships for postgraduate study are also available to international students, but only for a limited number of academic programs, primarily those relating to Portuguese culture and language, as well as some highly specialized professions.

The Instituto Camoes manages these scholarships on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The government has formed alliances with numerous international higher education institutions to provide scholarships for post-graduate programs, mostly in advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, engineering design, transportation, and sustainable energy.

Furthermore, the Foundation for Research and Technology (Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia) annually awards approximately 1,000 scholarships for post-graduate courses in science and technology.

The foundation provides a stipend that ranges from €750 to €2,500 per year, depending on the study level and other factors.

Scholarship Conditions

Scholarship conditions differ based on the degree of study and the sponsoring institution. A few general scholarship conditions/requirements:

Visa Obligation

Students from the EU/EEA do not require a visa to attend a Portuguese higher education institution. International students do need a visa, which they can obtain via the Portuguese consulate in their home country.

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Qualification Acceptance

International students must have their qualifications recognized in order to be admitted to their desired study program.

Medical Insurance

To receive healthcare benefits, EU students must provide the European Health Card. International students must have private insurance; however, insurance is included in the scholarship for students from developing countries.

International Student Scholarships Government Scholarships
The Portuguese government provides a one-month scholarship for education study. The Instituto Camoes provides scholarships in Portuguese language and culture. This scholarship is for a period of 12 months.

In addition, an 8-month scholarship is available to students studying Portuguese at an international university. A monthly stipend of €450 is provided, with an additional -euro-375- provided in the first month. Candidates must be under 45 years old and accepted by the university.

The Portuguese Institute for Development Assistance (Instituto Portugues de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento) provides scholarships to students from historic Portuguese foreign territories who wish to study in Portugal. These scholarships cover tuition, a monthly stipend, course materials, and living expenses.

Higher Education Institution Scholarships

Individual higher education institutions provide scholarships and financial aid to students based on merit or need. EU students are eligible for financial assistance. International students must contact the college to determine their eligibility for financial assistance.

As a result, the World Scholarship Forum has compiled a list of UNDERGRADUATES, GRADUATES, PHD, and RESEARCH scholarships for Portuguese students to study at home and abroad.

Chancellor’s Scholarships for Portuguese Students at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom

The University of Sussex is seeking applications from international students for 25 postgraduate (taught) degree grants. International (non-UK/EU) students can apply for scholarships. This fellowship is intended to help high-achieving, highly motivated international research scholars at the University of Sussex.

BAJS Postgraduate Studentships in the UK for Portuguese Students

BAJS, the British Association for Japanese Studies, is seeking submissions from overseas students who are or will be pursuing dissertation/research in the subject of Japanese Studies. Postgraduate or prospective postgraduate students of all nationalities are eligible for the studentships. At the time of application, applicants must have been accepted into a full-time or part-time course at a UK university.

Ph.D. Studentship in Digital Humanities at Swansea University in the United Kingdom,

This studentship is solely available to UK/EU students. Swansea University is a public research university in Swansea, Wales, England. It was established as University College of Swansea in 1920, as the fourth college of the University of Wales, and became the first campus university in the United Kingdom in 1948.

Undergraduate Scholarships at Kingston University for Portuguese Students in the United Kingdom

Every year, Kingston University UK awards £200,000 in Undergraduate Scholarships to international students, with each scholarship costing £4,000 each year of study. For each year of a three-year degree, the scholarships are available to prospective full-time undergraduate students in any discipline.

Engineering International Scholarships at the University of Sheffield

Engineering International Scholarships are available to all international undergraduate students beginning their studies at the Faculty of Engineering in September 2021. Each scholarship is worth £2,500 each year.

Santander Masters Scholarships (SANT-M) are available at King’s College London in the United Kingdom.

King’s College London is a public research university in London, England, and one of the original constituent colleges of the federal University of London. Santander Scholarships will be available to students interested in pursuing a one-year full-time Taught Masters Programme at King’s College London.

International Fellowships in the United Kingdom for Robert and Lisa Sainsbury

The Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellowships enable recipients to work in an academic atmosphere suitable to the completion of a publication project. The Institute is offering one Fellowship for a maximum of one year and two or three short-term Fellowships for a period of three months to half a year each to scholars with a Ph.D. from a North American, Asian, or European university or who are currently employed by an academic institution or museum.

Google Digital News Journalist Fellowships at the Reuters Institute in the United Kingdom

The institute provides students and researchers with advanced educational and research environments that will enable them to confront current issues and focus on knowledge as a primary driving factor for progress.

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The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism represents the University of Oxford’s commitment to establishing a worldwide research center for comparative journalism studies. The Institute’s mission is to be the foremost forum for productive dialogue between scholars from all disciplines and journalists.

Scholarship for Developing Countries from the Aga Khan Foundation (Masters & Ph.D.)

Each year, the Aga Khan Foundation awards a limited number of postgraduate scholarships to outstanding students from disadvantaged countries who have no other means of funding their studies. Scholarships are provided on a 50% grant: 50% loan basis once a year in June or July through a competitive application process.

The Foundation prioritizes requests for Master’s level courses, but is also willing to accept applications for Ph.D. programs when doctoral degrees are required for the student’s professional ambitions.

Bradford University of Bradford Postgraduate Bursary Program in the United Kingdom

The University of Bradford is a public, plate glass university in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Applicants must be applying for full-time study at any level of degree program, such as undergraduate or postgraduate taught (not research). The scholarship’s goal is to assist and promote academically capable students of any nationality.

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