injection molding set-up operator

Injection molding set-up operator at GTI Graph Tech Innovations Ltd.


  • Perform equipment troubleshooting and make any necessary minor changes.
  • Maintain a close eye on, and thorough inspection of, the product’s quality.
    Molding goods out of plastic requires setting up and operating one or more molding machines.
  • In preparation for the shift in production line, adjust the equipment and alter the molds.

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  • To properly combine resin batches for the injection molding process, refer to the formulation card.
  • Maintain records on the system used to regulate inventories
  • Keeping the workspace tidy

Health benefits

  • Dental plan
  • Health care plan

How to apply

If you are Interested in Securing a job as an Injection molding set-up operator at GTI Graph Tech Innovations Ltd, click on the link below to apply

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