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gst past questions

Delsu Past Questions

GST 111 Past Questions and Answers – Nigerian Peoples Culture and Entrepreneurial Skills

Chapter 1: GST Past Questions and Answers

  1. Anthems specifically celebrate a history personage or event while others exalts the beauty of a nation was propounded by _______________________
    Answer: The Encanta (2009)
  2.  ______________________ sees national anthem as a song that praises a particular country and that is officially accepted as the country’s song.
    Answer: Miriam (mema
  3. National anthem is an arousing song identified with a particular nation was by  ________________________
    Answer: Miriam
  4. National anthem is a patriotic musical composition that evokes and eugolizes the history, tradition of the people and is recognized as by the national government as the official national song was by _________________________
    Answer: Wikipedia
  5. What are the key forms of national anthem?
    Answer: Praise of a nation, officially approved, owned by a nation
  6. The Nigerian national anthem includes the basic and direct some prayer to__________________________
    Answers: Civic duties, God
  7. What is the file of the national anthem?  How many stanzas ?
    Answer: Arise o, Compatriots, Two stanzas
  8. The music was composed by _____________________  in  ____________________________
    Answers: Elide benedict odiase in 1978
  9. The harmony of the Nigeria national anthem was by who?
    Answer: A.K Achinwu
  10. The cheapest of singing the anthem is ___________________________ in nature.
    Answer: Military
  11. Direct impacts of the national anthem include ________________________
    Answer: Nat. identity, Govt. protocol, sign of authority, Oneness, encouragement of desire to serve with the nation
  12. I ndirect impacts of the national anthem includes_____________________________
    Answer: Nurturing, respect and value, re-orientation and unity.
  13. The first stanza of the natiuonal anthem includes______________________________
    Answer: A call to national service
  14. The second _____________________________
    Answer: A prayer to Almighty God
  15. The music of the anthem is _________________________ in structure
    Answer: Strophic ( ie 2 stanzas with the same time )
  16. The ”””””””””””””””””””””” in texture
    Answer: Homophonic
  17. The anthem starts with ________________________________
    Answer: Anacrusis (upbeat)
  18. What is adante?_________________________________
    Answer: Walking pace
  19. What is (a) f (b) mf
    Answer: (a) loud (b) moderately loud (c) soft
  20. The coat of arms was adopted when?
    Answer: May 20, 1960
  21. When was delsu established?
    Answer: 1992
  22. What do these represent (a) river (b) on rig (c) book (d) tusk horns
    Answer: (a) Ethiope (b) crude oil (c) academic (d) royal excellence culture
  23. What is the motto of DELSU?
    Answer: Knowledge, character and service
  24. When did DELSU anthem come on board?
    Answer: February, 2010
  25. The anthem came through the initiative of ____________________ and coordinated by ____________________
    Answer: Eric Aubayi, Emurobome Idolor
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