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Delsu E-learning: The Pros and Cons

Delsu e-Learning: It would seem the world is in all sorts of dismay as the virus rampages on, people have been infected in over 165 countries and still counting.

Social distancing, masks and so on are now the new order of the day. Hence. there’s a lot of events that have been put on hold, others postponed indefinitely.

Luckily for us, majority of the current population can boast of owning or having access to atleast one kind of smart device; be it a laptop, a smart tv, an Android or even iOS.

Which is why online learning platforms are the latest trend, amongst other things.


Distance education or distance learning is a concept that has gained a lot of recognition over the years.

This distance e-learning programs are meant to assist every student who claim to be unable to attend classes in the school campus.

Learning directives, assignments and so on are given through the online learning platform or by video conference, as the case may be.

During this time, it is understandable why the internet is the only solution to keep the educational system from completely collapsing but like all other things, there’s still a lot to be said about it.


The administration of Delta State University (DELSU) instructed course coordinators to create WhatsApp groups (or use already established ones) in which their lecturers are to be added.

Lectures are being given in these whatsapp group or online conferences, be it audio or video format.

Assignments are to be submitted so on and so forth. I’m pretty sure the e-portal is already up and running.

For some, this might be a breathe of fresh air, for others it’s just not necessary, some students don’t want more work and then there’s Bob.


Before I start nitpicking, below are a few of the benefits students can gain from distance learning.

Essentially, it all comes down to flexibility and Convenience.

  • Since learning takes place online and at the comfort of your home, it’s extremely convenient and refreshing.
  • There’s no need for students to spend money on transport fares. To school, from school, within campus… You know how it is.
  • It allows you enough time to go through what has been given as many times as you want.
  • And greatly enhances your researching skills.

Then there’s the disadvantages;

  1. Many students might not be able to afford such means of learning. We may live in a technological age but surprisingly, there are still parts of this country without good internet connection or people with access to a mobile device.
  2. There’s this thing called social interaction, you don’t get that when you’re learning through a screen.
    You might chat up your course mates but it won’t be the same as in person. It makes Learning feel isolated.
    You can’t ask Emma if it is better to rotoscope or make the whole thing computer generated or John asking if you should use pastel or charcoal. You can’t compare and contrast.
  3. There’s a very high probability that you might get distracted, this is Nigeria after all. Which reminds me, I was live with a student of mine. She was racking her brain trying to solve an equation I gave to her the previous day and right then and then, her mom yelled, “Ijeoma come and get me something from the store down the street ” which I clearly heard and I excused her, we disconnected and resumed about 40minutes later, she had my answer. I proceeded with our class and again her mother calls.

    This went on again three other times and I just asked her to rest for the day to pick it up during the next class. There are other scenarios, Picture this, you just signed in or you’re 10 minutes in to the WhatsApp video conference and boom, Dad needs your help with the car ASAP or Mom needs you to clear something up. It’s stressful.

  4. Poor network connectivity is another thing or worse Lack of internet access. This may not be a major threat but still, you don’t get “bad network” when Mr. Efosa is giving a lecture live and in person now, do you?
  5. Depending on what form the online platform may take, there’s usually no immediate feedback; not like when you’re asked a question in the classroom and you respond or you ask a question and get a response.
    Most of the lecturers after receiving your emails (or however your assignments and other papers are turned in) wait till their convenience to review it before replying; heck, some might not even go through it.
  6. Be it 3G or 4G data speed, online learning is usually very expensive. Data isn’t cheap as you already well know, especially if the lectures are video conferences.

Despite all this, distance learning and social distancing are still the best we can do. With time we’ll get used to it and when things get back to normal, we might even prefer to learn from home rather than go to class.

Sadly, the rate at which the virus is spreading is not something to write home about with over 2.7million cases worldwide and counting, we just might stick to distance learning for a while.

As you well know, the Educational sector isn’t the only thing that’s affected, sport events have been prosponed, movies are not being released, the banking procedures are hectic, effects of the lockdown are glaringly obvious, more people are seeking work and transport inconveniences

Movies Are Not Being Released!!!, there was even a tissue paper shortage at Walmart or somewhere some time back.

Just relax everyone, things will get better. It’s all part of the journey, the experience. I’d like you to take this time to reflect upon your life and existence in general, we may be home now but everything happens for a reason.

One should not fail to come out of this pandemic stronger than ever and not worse than before.

Remember to Stay home; go out only when necessary, stay safe, study, pray and hope for the best.

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