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Cheapest Data Subscription for Android, IOS, PC users for January 2020

We are seven days already into the year 2020 and I’m sure most of us are already speculating on the cheapest data plan for the month of January 2020.

As usual, I’ll be exposing some cheap internet data subscription which you might not be aware of and also showing you the best data plans for huge downloads, if you are a heavy data consumer.

Let’s get down to business already, these are cheap data subscriptions you can make use of, for the month of January 2020.

Cheap Glo Data Subscription

Cheap glo data subscriptionTruth be told, Glo subscribers are really enjoying massive data plans for really low amount.

If you are a Glo user and you are not on the Glo Yakata tariff, you have simply been wasting money.

In the Glo Yakata tariff, you will enjoy insane and ridiculous massive data and airtime bonus.

For example, if you recharge N2500 you will get up to N8000 free airtime to make calls to all other networks and you will also enjoy about 14GB of Data and many more awoof.


Or let’s say you recharge N3000 worth of airtime and you subscribe with it, you will get up to 16GB worth of data which is valid for a month plus up to N10500 free airtime to call any network of your choice and many more awoofs.

All New Glo sim cards are automatically on the Yakata tariff Plan, you can as well migrate to the Yakata tariff with your old Glo sim cards.

The only thing that should be stopping you right now is if there is no Glo network in your area.

  • Tips: Dial *220# to migrate, dial *220*2# to check your Glo Yakata Bonus Balance and dial *127*0# to check your data balance.

MTN 2GB + 2GB (4GB) for N500

Cheap mtn data subscriptionThis plan usually gives you 2GB and an extra 2GB to surf the net and also download, i advise this plan specifically for heavy data users.


Though the extra 2GB seems to be invisible on old MTN sim cards as soon as you hit 2GB then they will start deducting from your normal 2GB Data bundle.

Although I don’t advise you try it on an old MTN sim.

As already mentioned, both old and new MTN customers can subscribe to this plan.

Please note, its a 2 day plan suitable for downloads.

How to get 4gb for N500

  • Simply dial *131*1*1*5# or follow the procedure below
  • Dial *131#
  • Reply the commander with 1 (Data Plans).
  • Reply the command with 1 (Daily Data Plans).
  • Reply the command with 5 (N500 for 2GB 2-day Plan)

Airtel My Offer

Cheap airtel data subscriptionAirtel “my offer” tends to give cheap data plans, it differs from sim to sim anyway.

Each Airtel Sim card is eligible to a particular special data plan, you may be lucky to get huge data deals for really low amounts.

You should give it a trial, simply dial *141# and reply the command with 1.

You will most likely get;

  • 1GB for N300 (Daily)
  • 2GB for N500 (Daily)
  • 1.5GB for N500 (14days)
  • 3GB for N1000 (30days)
  • 6GB for N1,500 (30days)
  • 9GB for N2,000 (30days)
  • 16GB for N3,000 (30days)

Remember I said it differs from sim to sim, give it a trial and choose whatever package deals that suits you.

  • Dial *140# to check your Data balance.

9mobile 2GB + free social media access for N500

Cheap 9mobile etisalat data subscription9mobile has always been crawling to meet up with expectations, anyway if you are a 9mobile subscriber you will be interested in this offer.

You can get 2GB of data and also free access to your social media platforms by simply dialing *200*3*1#

Weekly Subscription Plans for Heavy data Consumers

If you are one of those many heavy data consumers that tends to purchase data on a weekly basis, then i think you should consider these Superb weekly subscription plans.

You can enjoy 6GB for N1500 on both MTN and Airtel Sim cards, the good news is that it doesn’t zap like the monthly data subscriptions.

6GB MTN weekly Data plan

You can subscribe to the MTN 6GB weekly Data plan by

  • Simply dialing *131#
  • Reply the command with 1 (Data Plan)
  • Reply the command with 2 (Weekly Data Plan)
  • Reply the command with 5 (N1,500 for 6GB)

6GB Airtel Weekly Data Plan

You can subscribe to the Airtel 6GB weekly Data plan by

  • Simply dialing *141#
  • Reply the command with 2 (Buy Data bundle)
  • Reply the command with 2 (Weekly Data bundle)
  • Reply the command with 3 (N1,500/6GB/7days)

7GB 9mobile Weekly Data Plan

To subscribe to the 9mobile 7GB weekly data plan simply dial *200*3*1#

Cheapest Data Plans

You can also get some mind blowing and ridiculously cheap data plans but these plans often come with eligibility issues.

You can give them a trial, who knows you might just be lucky.

MTN 1GB for N200 and 4GB for N1000 simply dial *131*65#

Airtel 1GB for N200 and 4GB for N1000
simply dial *141*241# and select your desired package.


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