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This particular idea came as a result of certain events that has occurred in the past.

These events have made us to probe our brain into finding solutions that can help us in general.

So we came up with the idea of giving the entire public a platform where they can ask VERY IMPORTANT questions.

  • Do you have questions that keeps you awake all night?
  • Do you have relationship issues that causes severe heartache?
  • Do you have stress related questions? Student questions? Emotional questions?ask us

We are here to help you, they say a problem shared is a problem half solved.

And if we don’t have an answer to your question, we definitely have contacts that can.

Simply send your questions to our mail [email protected]

We will not disclose your identity but we will surely provide an answer to your questions nevertheless.

All answers to your questions may come in form of a blog post or an article depending on the medium we see fit.

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  1. Fare says

    Hello, your email address is not going through.

  2. Soraldine Charles says

    Bonjou. Mwen tre fye de travay nou ap fe a , men ki pwosesis pou mwen ta pase pou mwen ka benefisye l silvouple

  3. JACQUELINE says

    How can I get a Schoolarship??

  4. Ade yemi says

    Hello my question all about the UBA prepaid card
    So my intention was to get a dollar prepaid card but until I read your post about the prepaid card
    OKay…can I use a naira prepaid card for dollar payment online.? you know instead of me using a dollar prepaid card for the dollar payment

    1. mydelsu says

      Using a dollar card will be more preferable compared to a Naira from personal experience.

  5. Francis onyedikachi obieshi says

    Please how much is animal science
    course school fees for level 200

  6. Francis onyedikachi obieshi says

    Please how much is delsu animal science course for level 200 students

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