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Trina Biography: Net Worth, Career, Age, & More


Trina Biography: Net Worth, Career, Age, & More

Katrina Laverne Taylor, better known by her stage name Trina, is a talented American singer and rapper who was born on May 25, 1980 in Miami, Florida. She is also known as Trina. She is best known for the song “Da Baddest Bitch,” which was co-written by the rapper Trick Daddy, whose first cousin she is.

Katrina Laverne Taylor, better known by her stage name Trina, is a talented American singer and rapper who was born on May 25, 1980 in Miami, Florida. She is also known as Trina.

She is best known for the song “Da Baddest Bitch,” which was co-written by the rapper Trick Daddy, whose first cousin she is.

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Trina rose to prominence as a result of her work with artists such as Missy Elliott and Ludacris, who appreciated her voice and encouraged her to release an album.

Key TakeAway

  • Full Name: Katrina Laverne Taylor
  • Stage Name: Trina
  • Born: 3 December 1978 (age 43 years old)
  • Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 1.58 m
  • Parents: Malik Wade, Vernessa Taylor
  • Siblings: Wilbrent Bain Jr.
  • Husband • Spouse: Ray Taylor Jr.
  • Boyfriend • Partner: Kenyon Martin (2008-2010), Lil Wayne (2005-2007), Jimmy Smacks, Tory Lanez (2014-2017), French Montana (2012-2014), James Harden (2011-2012), Soulja Boy (2009-2013), Demetrius Flenory (2005), Chad Johnson (2005), Da Brat, Tyga (2004-2005), C-Murder (2002-2003), Missy Elliott (2000-2004), Birdman (1998-2002), Derek Hollywood Harris (1992-1994), Meek Mill, Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Young Buck (2005-2006), Benzino (2004-2005), Jay-Z, Clinton Portis, Warren Sapp (1989-1990)
    Children: Brejah Dolla (rum.)
  • Occupation: Rapper • TV Personality
  • Net Worth: $4 million


Katrina Laverne Taylor Biography

Trina is an American rapper, composer, and television personality. She is widely considered to be one of the most successful female rappers in the annals of hip-hop history. Katrina Laverne Taylor was brought into the world on December 3rd, 1978 in the city of Miami, Florida.

Her mother, Vernessa Taylor, was a former singer, and her father, Malik Wade, was a bass player in a local jazz band when Trina was a child. As a result, Trina spent her childhood in an environment saturated with music.

Trina started rapping when she was 14 years old and subsequently became a member of her first rap group, which was called The Diamond Dolls.

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Her first record, “Da Baddest Bitch,” which she released in 1998, helped her quickly establish a name for herself in the Miami rap scene. Trina gained a reputation as one of hip-most hop’s accomplished female rappers as a direct result of the song’s rapid ascent up the underground music charts.

Trina made her debut with the album titled “Da Baddest Bitch” in 1999, the same year that she landed a record deal with Slip-n-Slide Records. Hit songs from the album included “Pull Over,” “Don’t Trip,” and “No Panties,” among others.

The Recording Industry Association of America bestowed upon it its gold certification (RIAA). Told Y’all and B R Right, both of which featured Ludacris, were both included on Trina’s second studio album, Diamond Princess, which was released in the year 2001. The album achieved the status of Platinum and was put forward for consideration for a Grammy Award.

Since then, Trina has published a number of other albums, had appearances in films and television series, and been honored and recognized with a great deal of success.

She has developed into a well-known hip-hop musician who is recognized all over the world. Trina will turn 43 years old in the year 2020, and she is still making significant advancements in the music industry.


Katrina Laverne Taylor Education

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Trina was born on December 3rd, 1978 in the city of Miami, which is located in Florida. She received her high school education at Miami Northwestern Senior High School, and then continued her education at Miami-Dade Community College, where she majored in criminal justice. She attended Miami International University of Art & Design with the intention of earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.

After being discovered by Slip-n-Slide Records in 1997, Trina began her career as a recording artist and released her debut album the following year. She had previously attended college but left to pursue a career in music; in the year 2000, she issued her first album, titled Da Baddest Bitch. Trina was able to obtain a nomination for a Source Award because to the tremendous popularity of her record.

Trina has released a number of studio albums throughout the course of her career, including Diamond Princess, Glamorest Life, Still da Baddest, Amazin’, and most recently, The One. She has continued to expand upon her success in the music industry.

Trina has received several accolades during her career for her contributions to rap music. These include the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist three times, as well as the BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Award for Most Performed Song. Additionally, Trina has been acknowledged for the humanitarian work she has done and her connection with a variety of organizations.


Katrina Laverne Taylor Career

Originally from Miami, Florida, in the United States, Trina is both a rapper and composer. Pull Over, the lead single from her debut album, Da Baddest Bitch, released in 2000, is the song that brought her the most fame.

Her subsequent album, Diamond Princess, was responsible for the creation of numerous additional successful singles, including “Single Again,” “No Panties,” and “B R Right.” Since then, she has consistently released new songs, the most recent of which being the album Amazin’ in 2011.

In the course of her career, Trina has worked with a number of different musicians, including Ludacris, T-Pain, Flo Rida, Rick Ross, Birdman, and Nicki Minaj, among others. Additionally, she has been seen in a great deal of different music videos. She had an appearance on the television show South Beach Tow the following year (2009).

Throughout the course of her career, Trina has been nominated for and awarded a number of different accolades. She is the recipient of two Source Awards for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist as well as three BET Award nominations for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.

She has won both of these awards. In addition to this, Vibe Magazine bestowed upon her the publication’s Impact Award in the year 2012.

Trina, who is now 43 years old, is continuing to release songs and perform despite her age.


Teina Life



Katrina Laverne Taylor Awards and Nominations for Awards

Throughout the course of her lengthy career, the American rapper, singer, and actress Trina has been nominated for and awarded a number of prestigious accolades. She is the recipient of several honors, including as the Source Award for Best Female Rap Artist in the year 2000 and the Lady of Rage Award from the VH1 Hip Hop Honors in the year 2006.

In addition, she was considered for five Grammy Awards: Best Rap Solo Performance in 2002 for her song “Here We Go,” Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in 2003 for her song “Foolish,” Best Rap Song in 2010 for her song “My Chick Bad,” Best Rap Performance in 2011 for her song “Look Back at Me,” and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in 2012 for her song “Single Again.”

Trina has been nominated for a number of awards throughout the course of her career. These nominations include the MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Video in 2001 and 2002 as well as the Soul Train Music Award for Best Female R&B/Soul Album in 2003. In addition to the awards that she has actually won, Trina has also received a number of nominations.

It is impossible to dispute Trina’s successes as a rapper, composer, and actor. Throughout her career, she has been honored with a plethora of accolades and nominations in recognition of her accomplishments.


Katrina Laverne Taylor Personal Life

With a career that has spanned over two decades, Trina has solidified her position as one of the female rappers who has had the greatest impact on the industry as a whole. She began her career in music at a young age, when she began creating raps and performed in local talent events. This was the beginning of her musical career.

Her first studio album, titled Da Baddest Bitch, was released in the year 2000 after she was given a recording contract with Slip-N-Slide Records in the year 1998. Commercially, the album was a success, since it debuted inside the Top 100 on the Billboard 200 list.

Since then, Trina has released a total of six additional studio albums and worked with a large number of well-known artists, including Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and Missy Elliott. Additionally, Trina has been featured on tracks by some of the most well-known artists in the hip hop and R&B genres, including Pitbull, T-Pain, and Flo Rida. The One, which is her most recent album, was released in the year 2020.

Trina has been the recipient of a great deal of praise and acclaim during the course of her career. She was awarded the BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist in 2004, and in 2017, she was recognized by VH1 as one of the Greatest Women in Music.

Trina is a successful businesswoman who has established a record company and is involved in a variety of other commercial endeavors. She is still leaving her imprint on the music industry. Many young artists throughout the world who are just starting out look up to her as a role model.

Kenyon Martin (from 2008 till 2010) and Lil Wayne were the two men Trina had been engaged to in the past (2005-2007).

She has dated a variety of celebrities, such as Jimmy Smacks, Tory Lanez (2014-2017), French Montana (2012-2014), James Harden (2011-2012), Soulja Boy (2009-2013), Demetrius Flenory (2005), Chad Johnson (2005), Da Brat, Tyga (2004-2005), C-Murder (2002-2003), Missy Elliott (2000-2004), Birdman (1998-2002), and Derek Hollywood Harris. Her most recent relationship was with (1992-1994).

Meek Mill, Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Young Buck (2005-2006), Benzino (2004-2005), Jay-Z, Clinton Portis, and Warren Sapp have all been mentioned as potential partners for Trina in rumors of past relationships.

There was a time when people thought that Brejah Dolla was Trina’s daughter. Ray Taylor Jr. is her current significant other.



Katrina Laverne Taylor Social Media

Trina has maintained a presence in the music industry continuously since 1998, and during that time, the size of her fan base has expanded enormously. She is an outspoken advocate of female empowerment and representation in the rap game, and she is always pushing boundaries and letting her fans know that she is not going anywhere.

Her influence on social media is immense, and she has millions of followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Her posts are thought-provoking and motivating.

Trina’s social media profiles are often posting uplifting and motivational comments about being positive and having success.

She gives her fans a glimpse into the creative process behind her music by posting inspiring quotations and lyrics from her songs on her social media accounts.

She also shares empowering films and lectures about women on her channel, reminding her audience that they have the ability to be their best selves at all times. Trina recently become an ambassador for numerous non-profit organizations that encourage education for underprivileged youngsters. She does this by utilizing her platform to assist people who are in need of assistance.

Trina’s many social media profiles are always teeming with activity and conversation. Not only does she keep her fans up to date on her most recent projects and planned music releases, but she also communicates with them personally.

Trina never stops expressing her gratitude toward the people who support her by doing things like taking part in question-and-answer sessions or having chats with her audience. By taking such a participatory approach, she gives her devoted followers the impression that she recognizes and appreciates them.

Trina’s Instagram account has over 4.7 million followers, while her Twitter account has over 2.4 million followers combined.

Instagram handle: @tinarockstarr
Twitter handle: @tinarockstarr

Katrina Laverne Taylor Net Worth

Trina is a well-known American rapper and songwriter who has been involved in the entertainment business continuously since the late 1990s. She has put out a total of six studio albums, one of which being her debut, titled Da Baddest Bitch (2000).

Trina is also well-known for the numerous collaborations she has done with other musicians as well as the fact that she was the first female rap artist to get a deal with Atlantic Records. Her excellent career as a musician has resulted in a substantial increase in her net worth.

It is believed that Trina has a net worth of $4 million. Her success in the music industry, as well as her tours, sponsorships, and other commercial endeavors, have contributed to her riches.

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