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#Coronavirus: Stay at home, Delsu SUG urges Delsuite

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#Coronavirus: Stay at home, Delsu SUG urges Delsuite

The Student Union Government is by this broadcast, informing every Delsuite that the Delta State Government has placed a restriction on movement of people, goods and services into, within and out of all parts of Delta State, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

We urge Delsuites to heed to this directive to the thinnest detail, as the action is for the good of Delta State, of which our great university belong. The full directive by the Governor of Delta State is attached to this broadcast, for your information and expected obedience.

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Let good hygiene and social distancing continue. If I stay at my home, and you stay at your home, and they all stay at their homes, the virus will go back to its home. Happy New Month Great Brains. Welcome to April.

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