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Purplespeedy TikTok Biography: Career and Net Worth, & More

Peace Pever Anpee, better known by her stage name Purplespeedy, is a phenomenal influencer, dancer, and content producer. She is also a celebrity on TikTok. During the shutdown in December 2020 caused by the Corona Virus Pandemic, PurpleSpeedy became a member of the TikToker community.

The Life Story of Purplespeedy

Peace Pever Anpee, better known by her stage name Purplespeedy, is a phenomenal influencer, dancer, and content producer. She is also a celebrity on TikTok. During the shutdown in December 2020 caused by the Corona Virus Pandemic, PurpleSpeedy became a member of the TikToker community.

The Real Name of Purplespeedy

Her true name is Peace Pever Anpee, and she is a multitalented content producer on the video-sharing site TikTok. She is most well-known for her appearances on the platform as a dancer wearing a purple outfit.


Because of her fixation with the color “Purple” and the fact that she never stops singing the tune “Purple Is Royalty,” she is also known as “Royal Speedy” or “Purple Speedy,” and both of these names have contributed to her rise to fame.

Purple swift was first bred in the North Central area of Nigeria, more specifically in Gboko, which is in the state of Benue and is renowned as the “food basket” of the country. The TIV for Peace Pever Anpee is Peace Pever Anpee.


Education in a flash of purple



Purple Speedy spent her elementary school years at Gboko, her birthplace and the place where she spent the most of her childhood. She completed her secondary schooling in Gboko at WM Bristow Secondary School, which is also located in the city, and there she took and passed the WAEC examination necessary for graduation.

She is now pursuing a degree in Guidance and Counseling at the Nasarawa state university in Keffi (Nsuk), where she is a student. Her goal is to graduate with the degree soon.

Because of the strike being led by ASUU, she, along with many other students in Nigeria, is forced to remain at home. This is really unfortunate for her.



Key TakeAway

  • Real Name: Peace Pever Anpee
  • Nickname: Purple Speedy TikTok
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Date Of Birth: 10th December, 1998
  • Profession: Dancer/Influencer
  • Boyfriend: Crispdal (Chinye Elijah)
  • Ex-Boyfriend: Itz_fynext TikTok
  • Siblings: Faith Pever and Glory Pever
  • Height/Weight: 5 ft 8″/57kg
  • Parents: Mr Peter Terhile Pever-Ge And Mrs Ishughun Pever
  • State Of Origin: Benue State
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Religion: Christian
  • Ethnicity: African
  • TikTok @Purplespeedy
  • Twitter @purplespeedy
  • Instagram @official_purplespeedy
  • Net Worth $50,000



Purplespeedy Boyfriend is a compilation of videos created by Purplespeedy and Crispdal.


She is rumored to be in a love connection with another TikTok Star whose true name is Chinye Elijah but who is simply known as Crispdal. Chinye Elijah goes by the name Crispdal.

Even though this information has not been verified by the parties concerned and is still considered to be a rumor, the general public believes that she is involved in a romantic connection with Crispdal.

It is believed that she is no longer romantically involved with fellow TikTok singer Itz fynext, with whom she was formerly involved in a love relationship.




Purplespeedy Tiktok Career

How She Shot to Internet Stardom Thanks to TikTok After an outbreak of COVID-19 in December 2020, the whole world was placed under a lockdown. During this time, Purple Speedy found the TikTok app and decided to test it out.

Even though her post received practically no attention or likes, she was forced to take some time away from the media and eventually made a triumphant comeback to TikTok in January 2021.

Around this time, she also started attending classes. Even after starting classes again, she never skipped a beat when it came to creating and sharing stuff on her TikTok account.

The young woman began her career in content production and dancing/whyning as a TikToker. It was there that she met her coach, Itz fynext TikTok, who was purportedly her lover.

It was a stroke of good luck for her because she went to the same university as Itz fynext. They started off by filming a few dance films on school grounds, but now they regularly film dozens of dance videos on TikTok in every accessible location at school during their free time.

Through her verified TikTok account, Peace Pever Anpee began to gain admirers and fame in the music industry. Despite this, her videos were quite popular on the social media app, which resulted in a significant increase in the number of others pretending to be her.

In 2021, Peace Pever Anpee went from having fewer than ten followers before the year started to having more than 200 thousand by the time it was through.

Given her status as a Media Influencer, it is only natural for her to maintain an active presence across a variety of social networks, including but not limited to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.


Net Worth of Purplespeedy

It is believed that she has a net worth of $50,000 due to the lucrative ambassadorial partnerships she secures online and the payment she receives for her work as a content generator.


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