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Global Excellence Scholarship at Loughborough University 2024

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Global Excellence Scholarship at Loughborough University 2024

Hey there! If you’re an ambitious international student looking to pursue your academic dreams at a world-class university, you’ll definitely want to hear about the Global Excellence Scholarship at Loughborough University.

This prestigious scholarship program is designed to attract and support the brightest minds from around the globe, providing them with an opportunity to excel in their chosen field of study while experiencing the vibrant campus life at one of the UK’s top universities.

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With a focus on academic merit and potential, the Global Excellence Scholarship at Loughborough University offers a generous financial aid package that can help you achieve your goals without the burden of excessive tuition fees.

About Loughborough University

Loughborough University is a top-ranked UK institution renowned for its academic excellence across diverse disciplines. Founded in 1909, it combines cutting-edge research with innovative teaching methods and industry collaborations.

The university’s stunning 440-acre campus provides world-class facilities, modern accommodations, and a vibrant student community.

With a global outlook, Loughborough attracts students from over 100 countries, fostering a rich cultural experience. Its focus on practical learning, extracurricular opportunities, and a supportive environment prepares graduates for rewarding careers worldwide.

Loughborough University’s Global Excellence Scholarship

At Loughborough University London, they believe that their students have the power to solve the world’s most pressing challenges and problems.

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The Global Excellence Scholarship is a testament to their commitment to fostering positive change.

This scholarship is designed to support innovators and disruptive thinkers who are passionate about creating genuine and lasting change, whether it’s through starting a business, becoming an activist, taking on a campaign, or developing their own social enterprise.

The prestigious Global Excellence Scholarship is now open for applications, offering a staggering 90% tuition fee discount for any full-time master’s program at the university’s London campus.

Global Excellence Scholarship Overview

  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Organization: Loughborough University, London
  • Program Name: Global Excellence Scholarship
  • Fields of Study: Climate Change, Vibrant and Inclusive Communities, Sport, Health and Wellbeing
  • Eligible Courses: All full-time taught master’s programs
  • Type: Scholarship
  • Gender Eligibility: All genders
  • Funding Type: Tuition Fee Waiver
  • Award Amount: 90% tuition fee discount
  • Duration: For the duration of the master’s program
  • Application Process: Online application
  • Eligible Nationalities: International students (non-EU/UK)

Eligibility Criteria

If you can demonstrate disruptive thinking and a commitment to change in one of Loughborough University London’s three strategic themes – Climate Change, Vibrant and Inclusive Communities, or Sport, Health and Wellbeing – this scholarship could be your gateway to success.

You don’t need a polished pitch or a fully formed idea; all you need are the academic qualities and personal attributes to bring new perspectives to the university’s community.

To be eligible for the Global Excellence Scholarship, you must already be an offer holder for a full-time master’s program at Loughborough University in London.

Unfortunately, this scholarship is not open to applicants for courses on the university’s East Midlands Campus.

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How to Apply

The application process is highly competitive, and the award will be given at the discretion of the Dean with the support of the Senior Leadership Team.

Applicants must complete an application form outlining how they meet the criteria, and shortlisted candidates may be required to participate in a video interview.

Application Timeline

  • Application Deadline: July 31
  • Shortlisted candidates contacted and required to attend a Video Interview: on August 5
  • Video interviews: August 6
  • Awarded candidate notified: August 9

Important Note

It’s important to note that this scholarship has replaced Loughborough University London’s previous Deans Award for Enterprise scholarship, so make sure to review the criteria before applying.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to pursue your academic goals, challenge the status quo, and make a lasting impact on the world.

Apply for the Global Excellence Scholarship at Loughborough University in London today!

Apply Now

FAQs: Global Excellence Scholarship at Loughborough University

Global Excellence Scholarship

What is the Global Excellence Scholarship?

The Global Excellence Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship program offered by Loughborough University in the UK. It is designed to attract and support talented international students from around the world, providing them with financial assistance and an opportunity to pursue their academic goals at one of the top universities in the country.

Who is eligible for the Global Excellence Scholarship?

The scholarship is open to international students (non-EU/UK) who have received an offer to study a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught program at Loughborough University. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding academic merit and potential, as well as a strong commitment to their chosen field of study.

How much does the Global Excellence Scholarship cover?

The scholarship provides a generous tuition fee discount, with the exact amount varying depending on the level of study and other factors. For example, undergraduate recipients may receive a 25% tuition fee discount, while postgraduate recipients may receive a 35% discount.

How do I apply for the Global Excellence Scholarship?

There is no separate application process for the Global Excellence Scholarship. All eligible international students who have received an offer from Loughborough University will automatically be considered for the scholarship based on their academic achievements and potential.

What are the selection criteria for the Global Excellence Scholarship?

The selection process is highly competitive and based on academic excellence, as demonstrated by factors such as previous academic records, test scores, personal statements, and references. Applicants may also be required to attend an interview or provide additional supporting documents.

Can the Global Excellence Scholarship be combined with other funding sources?

Yes, in most cases, the Global Excellence Scholarship can be combined with other sources of funding, such as external scholarships, grants, or loans. However, it is important to check the specific terms and conditions of each funding source to ensure compatibility.

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Final Thoughts

So if you’re ready to take your academic journey to new heights, don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity provided by the Global Excellence Scholarship at Loughborough University.

This scholarship isn’t just about financial support; it’s a chance to join a diverse community of high-achievers, push the boundaries of your potential, and gain a world-class education that will open doors to a future filled with endless possibilities.

Why settle for anything less when you can aim for global excellence at Loughborough?

Take the first step today and embark on an unforgettable experience that will shape your life in ways you never imagined.

The world is waiting for the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers; will you be one of them?

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