Must Read: SUG update on #Coronavirus

Measures to be taken to guard against the coronavirus pandemic is almost in every available media, but the Student Union Government will not assume that every Delsuites know about these measures.

The Union believe that you all have traveled to your various cities, homes and villages in every part of the country, and there is a possibility that some of you will stay in rural areas where there is little or no information on these measures. We have therefore attached stickers to this broadcast, that you all can use to educate the rural dwellers where you live, for the common goal of prevention; For If they are not acquainted with these measures, you are also not safe.

Preventive measures coronavirusAs schools have been shut down, we also strongly advise that you inform your parents to avoid the temptation of sending your younger ones to academic tutorials. Everyone should remain at home, till the virus is medically declared eradicated. The Lagos State Government has inculcate educational broadcasting to teach pupils academic subjects via radio and television, so there won’t be any need to expose wards to public gathering. We believe other states will do same.

Lastly, if you feel unwell, please contact the available health centres in your state of residence, or place a call to the following numbers as provided by the Delta State University, Abraka. 07064178022, 07039507835, 08168399051, 08033378749. Your health and that of your extended family is of top priority to us.

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