Delsu SUG speaks Concerning Police Harassment

This is to bring to our notice that the SUG executives led by Comrade Ojaide Joshua are on top gear to end the harassment of the men of Nigeria police force on the unwarranted stop and search/following students to their hostels to search their hostels which has led to what we call exhortation/intimidation.

In line with our duty to protect & defend the students, we are ending this by putting a stop to the ugly attitudes from the men of Nigeria Police today.

On this Note, we are begging on all students to always go out with their School Identity card or any other means of identification as a student of Delta State University and always look decent, be polite to them and never negotiate money with them, don’t follow any police team to any unidentified environment.

Once you are arrested, tell them to take you to the Station, once you get to the police station, tell them you want to call your SUG leaders or better still, tell them you want to inform your parents to be aware of your arrest.

Then call our hotline +2347060840364

Don’t be afraid, when you are delayed. Once you are been touched by any of them, be it slap, they will pay for Assault.

Further more, no Students should henceforth take any police team to his/her hostel for a search unless you have been taken to the Station first for investigation.

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Some of these police men may work with your friends by putting evidence in your room, when they see that you will win them in their illegal action after which they have extorted from you.

I repeat, don’t negotiate any monetary amount with any police officer for your release.

I repeat don’t allow them to take you to any unidentified environment, always demand for them to take you to the police station then call us or pretend you want to call your parents for them to be aware of your where about.

Don’t panic., Always go with your school ID card or any other means of identification as a student of Delta State University.

Our hotline +2347060840364

Justice Ajede,
SUG Sec General.

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