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Does DELSU Accept Awaiting Result For Admission? See Answer

Does DELSU (Delta State University) accept “Awaiting Result” for admission? What are the chances of getting admission into DELSU? if I apply through Jamb and am currently awaiting a result; Will I be offered admission if I apply to DELSU with awaiting result?

These are often asked questions by Jamb applicants, particularly those who applied for WAEC and Neco with Jamb the same year and have yet to get results.
Before we answer this question, let’s define what awaiting result implies to many people who are undoubtedly unaware of it.

What is Awaiting Result?

Awaiting result is simply using blank or empty grades for all or some of the required subjects on the JAMB portal when applying for admission. Or the process of applying to a certain school without having an O-Level result or Certificate.


Back to the topic at hand: many people wonder if Delta State University accepts Awaiting Neco Result or WAEC Result because they are unsure if the results will be issued before the school begins offering admission.

Beginning with the 2016/2017 academic year, O-Level results have been included in the admission grading process, with certain points determined based on the scores or grades on one’s WAEC or NECO certificate.
Let us now provide a straightforward answer to the above questions.

Does DELSU Accept Awaiting Result For Admission?

YES, Delta State University accepts students’ applications for Post UTME even when aspirants are still awaiting their results from WAEC, NECO, etc.

Candidates who are awaiting their results can apply for admission to DELSU. However, candidates who applied with an awaiting result must ensure that their WAEC or NECO results are available before the school releases the admission list for the semester in question.


Can someone apply for admission into Delta State University with Awaiting Result?

YES, It’s possible to apply for admission into DELSU with an “Awaiting Result” status.

Candidates seeking Admission with their WAEC or NECO results must have them before the school releases the admission list for the semester in question.

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